The Heights of Significance

Of all the billions of people living on this planet, the vast majority are striving for success. They work hard, they put in the time and many of them have obtained a level that the world would regard as “successful.” But what does that mean? Does success mean just finding and obtaining wealth and status?

My definition of success is getting what you want and finding happiness on a superficial level. Success is achieving goals without having much purpose behind those goals. Success is creating the life you want, but leaving no legacy.

The Bellman

My dad battled a rare cancer for more than 6 years that affected his intestines, stomach and liver. As Dad’s last day approached, I wanted to be by his side when he took his last breath. But that didn’t happen.

I was in Seattle for a speaking engagement, staying at the Seattle Airport Marriott Hotel. I’d shaved and showered, and put on my coat and tie when the phone rang. Thinking it was my ride to the convention, I picked up the phone and said, “I’ll be right there.” Fifteen seconds of silence later, my younger brother’s voice pierced the quiet. “Danny?” Shocked, I answered, “Paul? What’s up?”

My A.R.T. Philosophy

How often do we sit around, waiting for our life to happen? How much time do we waste because we haven’t taken control of our own destiny?

I’ve had the privilege of meeting with some of the greatest leaders of our time. Not one of them took a passive approach at their goals and dreams. Every single one of them took the reins to drive themselves to the top of their industries, and the top of their game.