The Art of Significance

Achieving the Level Beyond Success

How to Get What You Want And Want What You Get?

In our rapidly changing world where most leaders focus on what makes our generations different, Dan focuses on the 12 Highest Universal Laws that never change, which make us all the same: Obedience, Perseverance, Stretching, Trust, Truth, Winning, Doing Right, Harmony, Acceptance, Being Needed, Covenants, Forgiveness.

Using his three-step A.R.T. process, Dan takes attendees on an intellectual and emotional roller coaster ride that increases:

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Mindset Take-A-Ways: Reason leads to conclusions, but it is emotion that leads to action.

The Art of Significance

Dan’s Keynote incorporates his time tested principles found in his best-selling book The Art of Significance Achieving The Level Beyond Success.

How many outwardly successful people still feel empty inside? How many of us build our careers and personal lives around getting more money, bigger houses, cooler toys, and fancier job titles. What’s it all worth in the end?

Learn how to create powerful and positive momentum shifts in your personal and professional lives.

Dan teaches that successful people get what they want, Significant people want what they get. In business, there is a giant difference between what customers want and what most organizations offer. Hire Dan to transform your life, your team, your organization, today!

“I wish there was something better than “excellent” to choose to describe Dan. Dan’s comments and scores are outstanding, and his 4.95 out of 5 rating was the highest scoring session at our Global Sales Summit! After giving Dan two standing ovations, our customers gushed his praises stating, ‘Dan was clearly the best session at this Cisco Summit, gave us the take-aways we will remember, and added the passion to business we all need; need more speakers like Dan Clark!”

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