Learn • Laugh • Cry • Grow • Remember

U2 Spy Plane

Power in Perspective

Hungry Deer

Getting What You Need

The Orderly Universe

Organized through Obedience

Parable of the Kite

Practical Application

The Art of Significance

The Twelve Universal Laws

Confirmation Bias

Controlling Hearts and Minds


Beautiful Perseverance

Puppies for Sale

Empathetic Understanding

The Circus

Give Without Receiving

Power of a Dream



Who Are You?

International Relevancy

Customized Connection

Work - Life Balance

Think Like a Juggler

Mach II with My Hair on Fire!

Emotional Intelligence

Stretch Beyond Change

Continuous Improvement

Muhammad Ali

Eliminate Complacency


Leave a Legacy



Dan’s Recovery from Paralysis

Finding your ‘Why’

Love to be Needed

Suicide Prevention

Broken Doll

Unconditional Support

Where Are You?

Foundational Beliefs

King Louis XVI

Obligate to Excellence

Passion, Creativity, Imagination

Musical Mentoring

Increase Feedback

Breakfast of Champions

Rescue at Sea

Rise to the Occasion

Go Where They Are

Use your Influence

What Goes Around

Make an Impact


Honoring Assistants

Raise the Bar

Maximizing Potential

Two ‘I’s’ in Winning

The Ten Commitments

Mindset Matters

The Making of a Champion

Flight Attendant

Exceeding Expectations


You are the Brand

Seat to Soldier

Service Before Self

What Matters Most

Eliminate Distractions

One Bite At A Time

Power of Focus

When No One Is Watching

Consistent Integrity

Safe at Home, Work, Play

State of Mind – Way of Life

Basketball Mom

Physical Support

Mathematical Love

Living the Lessons

To Country Club Managers Assoc National Convention

Customized Keynote (120 min)

For Teenagers at National 4H Congress

Customized Keynote (60 min)

Coaching Trainers at Dental Intel

Customized Seminar (90 min)

Who Is Dan Clark?

Been There, Done That – with Everybody

Adventure Into Space

Why Choose Dan?

Customized Versatility

Short TV Documentary

Dan’s Journey to the Hall of Fame

Larry King Intro

Dan at a Glance

Meeting Planners

Fairytale Animation

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