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the Art and Science of Public Speaking

Speak Like a Pro Master Class

If you believe you have a powerful message you want to share with the world?

If you feel you’ve been called to fulfill a greater purpose in life?

If you want to become a better communicator, sales professional and ‘life of the party’ storyteller?

If you are a speaker who wants to get paid or a Hall of Fame speaker who wants to take it to the next level – this course is for you!

Welcome to my Speak Like a Pro online Master Class on the Art and Science of Public Speaking. I’m fired up that you selected me to be your personal coach!

Steve Jobs said, “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller who unlocks a shared dream.” Warren Buffet said, “Mastering public speaking is the #1 skill to boost a career and raise your personal value by 50%.”

While most Public Speaking Bootcamps focus on how to design a website and a marketing brochure, develop promotional materials and teach attendees how to ‘win’ more stages – this online Master Class teaches:

Dan believes that the number one fear of speaking isn’t speaking in public…. 
The number one fear of people is not to speak ‘well’ in public!

When your public image matters, your ability to articulate your message is key! Whether it’s a Keynote speech or a TED talk, join the list of celebrities and many elite clients worldwide who have overcome their fears and enlisted Dan Clark’s expertise to write their killer speech! 

Dan is an accomplished speaker and writer specializing in helping influential A-listers and everyday movers & shakers find their voices. A well-written speech should sound like the person who’s giving it. That’s Dan’s gift! 

Dan will help you identify your signature story and bring your ideas to life using passion, creativity, conviction, humor and style beginning with the first sentence. Guide your audience to buy into your brand methods or ideals and engage them into action. Become that speaker. Become a more effective leader and set yourself above your peers! 

Dan has helped many influencers and celebrities craft their speeches. Influencers such as; Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Derek Hough, Paula Abdul, Anthony Robles, Diamond Dallas Page, Donny Osmond, Marie Osmond, Hank Haney, Dale Murphy, David Archuleta, professional athletes, C-Suite executives and many more.

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Bill Schiffenhauer

U.S. Olympic Silver Medalist

Ron Saltmarsh

Jeff Flamm

Eddie Johnson

Record Setting Athlete

Gary Robinson

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