Transference of Trust

The Art of Significant Selling

How to Get People to Choose You, Instead of Just Somebody Who Does What You Do

Dan’s time-tested P8X Sales System perfects Performance Skills, Persuasive Skills and Positioning Skills with the reminder ‘you can get anything in life you want, when you are willing to help enough other people get what they want.’ As in medicine, where prescription before diagnosis is malpractice, the Art of Significant Selling is also about asking the right questions to properly diagnose the prospect’s pain and providing the healing solution.

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Mindset Take-A-Ways: Under pressure you don’t rise to the occasion – you fall to the level of your preparation and training. That’s why you train and practice so hard!

As a business philosopher Dan extracts his tips and tools from this book, Transference of Trust: The Art of Significant Selling and integrates them into his keynote.

Do you want to boost your closing rate to 93%?
Are you finding it difficult to push past rejection to finally make the sale?

Dan shares his secrets on how you can make yourself so compelling to be around, so fascinating to talk to and so prepared that your prospects will invite you into their inner circle enough times to close the sale.

After this Keynote attendees will understand what Dan means by – Sales is the ‘transference of trust’ – Integrity is the commerce of transaction – Loyalty is the result of consistent predictability.

Learn Dan’s perseverance techniques and become a champion closer!

“Wow! Dan was absolutely wonderful! One of the very best speakers we have ever had at our National Convention. Dan was by far the favorite speaker of the convention and his long standing ovation showed how well he was received! Dan really did his homework and tailored his presentation exactly as we requested. His take on increasing sales and delivering an amazing customer experience was fresh and innovative. Dan was a breeze to work with and made me look like a hero!!!”

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