The Art of Virtual Keynotes

Is your organization paralyzed and fueled by relentless uncertainty?

Although Dan’s Virtual Keynote and Trainings are remotely delivered to accommodate our ‘remote economy,’ they will change your perspective from pandemic to an opportunity to ‘Pause’ and ‘Purge’ by helping your people ‘Evaluate’ your former reality, ‘Eliminate’ negative influence and ‘Elevate’ your performance by redefining what’s possible.

Dan guarantees that your ‘virtual time’ together will be personable, meaningful and exactly what your people need to keep them fired up, accountable, feeling needed, and committed to your organization as loyal teammates. While most are trying to change the economy and stop the storm, Dan will change and strengthen your people and help them prepare for the rainbow!

Dan's virtual training went well above our expectations. Dan is a master trainer! His energy and ability to connect with us was impactful. We lost nothing in translation by shifting our intended live training to Dan's Zoom training. It was three hours long and we could have gone all day! We can't thank you enough for inspiring our team and taking us to new heights!
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The Art of Virtual Keynotes

Situational Leadership

Experiencing the same Passion, Energy and Education of an In-Person Event in the Comfort of your Own Home

Dedicated to Preserving the ‘Live Experience’ in a Real Time Online Broadcast

In an unprecedented time and ‘Remote Economy’ full of constant change, ‘Situational Leadership’ equips you to remain courageous and consistent in the way you deal with change.

With so many people working from home, it’s not only critical that you continue to interact as teammates, but that you also hear from your leaders and from Dan with his formulas focused on Breaking through Limiting Beliefs, Agility and Performance Under Pressure.

Expert in Resiliency

Dan is an expert in resiliency, who recovered from a paralyzing injury that cut short his football career – and a television personality skilled in communicating through a camera – which means he delivers this ‘Virtual Keynote’ in the same thought-provoking, humorous and emotionally engaging way he does in a live event.

Dan will customize this ‘Remote Leadership Experience,’ with his usual pre-conference call to learn about your organization, people and purpose – and discuss which of Dan’s Speech Topics you want him to mix and match.

Attendees Will Learn

In a crisis, no one ever hits ‘rock bottom’ – we hit the rock foundational beliefs on which we were raised. When our organization is devastated – it hits the base line governing principles on which it was built.

Dan will guide participants through an evaluation to ensure their beliefs are strong enough to respond to rapid change.

Under pressure you don’t rise to the occasion – you fall to the level of your training and preparation.

Dan will teach participants the three steps to create a competitive advantage so they leave with the innovative tools required to do what others are not willing to do!

Mindset Take-aways: Crisis does not make or break the person – it simply reveals the true character within.

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