Finding The Four Aces

The Art of Significant Network Marketing

How to Get What You Want by Helping Others Get What They Want

A deck of face cards has 52 cards in it. When playing any poker game, no other card has a higher ranking than an ace and no other hand beats four aces. What would happen to your circle of influence if it was filled with aces and you had four aces as your business partners?

It’s no secret that building a significant Direct Sales company and Multi-Level Marketing organization is the epitome of pursuing and living the American Dream! By learning the tools and techniques of Relationship Selling, anyone can achieve financial freedom fueled by the opportunity to live a life unlimited.

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Mindset Take-A-Ways: Formal education will make you a living – self education will make you a fortune!

Drawing from his book The Art of Significant Network Marketing, Dan’s has interviewed twelve of the top performers in the most successful Multi-level Marketing Companies in the world and shares their secrets and systems in his Keynote.

Dan teaches his time-tested formula to create yourself into an ‘ace’ as the best version of yourself and the proven process on how to attract other ‘aces’ to join you in business and in life!

Discover how to unlock your own ambition, succeed at becoming your own boss by implementing Dan’s unique strategies.

You’ll learn relationship management and how to build your business by excelling at direct sales, creating a strong referral system and building a team through trust and loyalty.

Leave with the tools to become the entrepreneur you were born to be!

“Dan knocked it out of the park with a long standing ovation! As an international organization that has produced countless conventions over the years, who has hired many of the biggest name speakers in the world, Dan took our meetings to a new level as I received more positive comments about his speech than any other guest speaker we have ever had. It was right on the money. Dan played a huge part in making this a very successful event and we will definitely use him again in our most important meetings!”

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