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    Where Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker and High Performance Business Coach Dan Clark – ignites your people with transformational energy – sharing a breathtaking five hour adventure to the edge of space – and insane ‘Top Gun’ flight with the Thunderbirds – to redefine what’s possible and construct an up leveled culture:


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    a 'Hybrid'

    the Consummate
    Motivational Teacher / Leadership Practitioner

    Where Dan Clark – former multi-Sport Champion, Personal Development Guru and International Team Building Strategist – teaches the Steps of Resiliency he followed to recover from a paralyzing injury that cut short his football career – which are the keys to breaking through limiting beliefs, adapting to change, tapping into unrealized potential and achieving significance at home, at work, at play – by:

    “Dan Clark is one of the great teachers of our time and is a world-class talent on taking people from where they are to where they want to be. Having Dan as our closing main platform speaker at MDRT speaks volumes of the high respect we have for this man and his message. Being around Dan increases your personal power, productivity and passion for living.”
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    Philip E. Harriman
    President – Million Dollar Round Table
    Dan's virtual training went well above our expectations. Dan is a master trainer! His energy and ability to connect with us was impactful. We lost nothing in translation by shifting our intended live training to Dan's Zoom training. It was three hours long and we could have gone all day! We can't thank you enough for inspiring our team and taking us to new heights!
    Coca Cola Bottling and Distribution

    “To Bring Individuals and Organizations to the Intersection of Pensive Curiosity, Universal Law, Passionate Why and Peak Performance – where Core Values and Conviction give you Courage to Transform Your Success into Significance and Achieve the Full Measure of Your Creation – So You Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You”

    Dan’s Keynote Speeches, Leadership Training & Team Coaching

    Construct An Up-Leveled Culture That Transforms Your Success Into Significance

    By Exalting Core Beliefs, Elevating Organizational Expectations

    & Electrifying Personal Performance

    So People Choose You,

    Not Just Somebody Who Does What You Do!

    – NASA


    – Armed Forces Entertainment

    – Marriott Hotels





    “HILARIOUS SHOWMAN!” – Armed Forces Entertainment


    “CLIENT HAS HIRED DAN CLARK 26 YEARS IN A ROW!” – S. Stewart Meetings 



    the Dan Clark Experience

    As an ‘OG’ in Self Mastery, CEO of a multi-million dollar Global Communications Company and World Renown Story Seller – Dan shares the secrets to Building an Iconic Brand of Distinction – based on who you are and why you do what you do – where winning is personal and integrity, loyalty, respect, duty, honor and excellence are the promise – so: 


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    Best One Ever

    Six Reasons Why

    Dan Clark Will Make Your Next Meeting The Best One Ever

    Delivers A Powerful Message

    “I am a fan of Dan Clark. Every time we’ve shared the stage together, it is his devotion to service and unwavering belief in the value of putting others before our selves that attracts me to his powerful message.”

    – Simon Sinek, TED Speaker, Author

    Creates Championship Culture

    As a CEO, award winning athlete and coach, Dan’s time-tested system will turn around any underperforming company – galvanize merger / acquisition entities into a ‘one heart, one team’ culture – and transform last place teams into world champions!  

    Through research & a pre-conference phone call to get to know your business, purpose & people, Dan matches his experience to your needs to craft the perfect Opening Keynote that sets the high energy expectation & tone for the rest of your conference – or the perfect Closing Keynote that consolidates what to do next!

    Top Ten Speaker in the World

    “Dan Clark is one of the Top Ten Motivational Speakers in the World – Best Selling Author, Athlete, Adventurer, Actor, Singer/Songwriter, Philanthropist – he’s everything – funny, inspirational and changing the world one story at a time!”

    Larry King Legendary CNN, Radio Host

    NSA - Professional Speakers Hall of Fame

    Dan has spoken to thousands of audiences, in 73 countries, to most of the Fortune 500, Super Bowl Champions, United Nations & to our Combat Troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Asia & Africa.

    In our remote economy with many working from home, Dan’s life changing messages also Strengthen the Family – which translates into Improved Morale, Deeper Loyalty and Increased Productivity at work! 

    New York Times Best Selling Author / #1 on Amazon

    Dan has written 37 books – is a primary contributing author to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series & has appeared on 500 TV/radio shows including Oprah, Glenn Beck & NPR.

    Certified Speaking Professional

    Dan was sponsored by his mentor Zig Ziglar into the National Speakers Assoc – earned its highest ‘CSP’ Designation – one of 250 worldwide inducted into the Hall of Fame!

    PPDC 10 | Public Service

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    Significant Transformation

    Why Choose Dan Clark?
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    Who is Dan Clark?
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    While some speakers sell a ‘feeling’ with the promise of a memory that only changes the meeting
    – Dan invites you to invest in his message that gives your people a new unstoppable ‘identity’
    – guiding attendees through his evolutionary 3 Step A.R.T. process focused on:
    Awareness – Clarity of Self, Enlightened Mindset, Higher Expectations
    Refinement – Clarity of Purpose, Electrified Heart-Set, Deeper Emotion
    Transformation – Obligated to Action, Elevated Skill Set, Lasting Results!


    “Dan Clark was the opening general session keynote speaker at our Toastmasters International Virtual Convention 2020 to more than 38,000 people from across the globe who registered and tuned into Dan’s amazing speech. Because I knew communicating and connecting to a remote audience takes a special skill set, I was critiquing and looking for flaws. But there were no flaws! Dan was remarkable, funny and engaging as the first ‘Virtual Presenter’ I have ever seen where I forgot it was online.”
    Ed Tate
    CSP – Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking

    Brendon Burchard

    Elite high performance coach and online trainer

    Mark Victor Hansen

    Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul


    Exclusive Wealth Development Co.
    • positive review  Heard Dan speak yesterday at an event and to say it was the greatest speech I’d ever heard live would be an understatement! Incredibly gifted speaker!

      thumb Danny-Ashley Thomas
      March 26, 2021

      positive review  Saw you speak at posh’s uncon! You were my absolute favorite!! You spoke to my heart and soul, deeply!! Take care!!

      thumb Toni Jones
      August 1, 2020

      positive review  A generous and gracious man with the ability to make you laugh and then make you cry and then move you to action in less than 2 minutes!

      thumb Michelle Spear
      June 9, 2019
    • positive review  Dan gave a FANTASTIC training today! He's a great combo of entertaining and funny along with strong principles and character as he teaches very helpful concepts and tools! I was touched by his sincerity and genuine caring. I highly recommend him!

      thumb Becky Edwards
      January 31, 2019

      positive review  He gave a Speech at NSA Las Vegas. It was full of humor, education and good vibes, coming from a wise human being. He said many things. But, one stayed in my mine: " You can't buy Gentlemen." Thank you Dan

      thumb Maria Speaks Love
      September 28, 2018

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    Joel Brown
    Joel Brown
    You will not find a better Key Note Speaker for an event that you are holding, than Dan Clark. Dan is a master storyteller, with a lifetime of experiences that will resonate with all audience's. Don't hesitate, book Dan today.
    Jerry Hilecher
    Jerry Hilecher
    I have had the good fortune to have participated in two of Dan Clark's events and i can put my impression of him into one word, "Passionate". Dan Expressed Passion in every aspect of the program starting with the Pre-Event interview where Dan spent over an hour and a half, learning as much about our organization as possible. I immediately felt that he cared not only about our event but each person that he interviewed and what qualities that we were looking for. The event itself was amazing, where Dan drew upon the Pillars of Success that we were looking for. He had an amazing recall of names and instances that we discussed at the Pre-Interview without even looking at notes. During the event, i got the distinct feeling that he was looking and talking directly TO ME, not at me. I even got the impression that he was an expert in my field, just by how he incorporated various terms that were unique to my industry. I have witnessed many speaking events around the country and none have had the lasting impact that i have received from Dan. Jerry Hilecher: President and CEO of Gateway Telnet and Past World Singles Champion on the Professional Racquetball Tour.
    james carroll
    james carroll
    Dan, is a phenomenal inspiring speaker!
    Chris Kramer
    Chris Kramer
    Mark Hasara
    Mark Hasara
    Kathryn Christensen
    Kathryn Christensen
    Dan has an amazing ability to connect. His warmth and candor combined with his knowledge and professionalism are refreshing. He genuinely cares and it shows in all he does. An absolute pleasure to be a part of his audience!!

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