“Too many live their lives hoping to be happy, but because they only hope, they never really are.” –Dan Clark

How often do we sit around, waiting for our life to happen? How much time do we waste because we haven’t taken control of our own destiny?

I’ve had the privilege of meeting with some of the greatest leaders of our time. Not one of them took a passive approach at their goals and dreams. Every single one of them took the reins to drive themselves to the top of their industries, and the top of their game.

I’ve worked with Hall of Fame basketball legend Magic Johnson numerous times and have watched him transform his life from professional athlete to a leader who makes a significant impact on the world.

After meeting these top-notch people, I created my A.R.T. Philosophy that I’d like to share with you because it will change your life.

AWARENESS: Every significant leader understands their strengths and weaknesses. They’ve developed the superpower ability of being self-aware to recognize what motivates them, and what they need to do to get the job done. Self-awareness is a skill that can take a mediocre performer to the next level—all by just paying attention to core attitudes. Everything required to take someone to the next level is already there. Awareness is about identifying your passion, purpose, and creativity, and channeling that energy toward a goal.

REFINEMENT: Self-improvement comes from redefining what’s possible by replacing limiting beliefs with positive action. Creating a platform that isn’t obsessed with position or power creates leaders motivated by purpose, values, morals and ethics. Moving forward with clarity, competence, consistency, commitment and cooperation can change lives. It takes a truly great leader to reach a level of refinement, but we all have the capacity to become great leaders.

TRANSFORMATION: Once we become self-aware and start the refinement process, dramatic changes begin to occur. We find ourselves surrounded by positive people; people with big ideas and optimistic attitudes. We discover untapped abilities to motivate others, create a legacy of service and lead high-performing teams to even higher achievements. Transformation doesn’t happen suddenly. It’s the small steps we take each day on our journey that leads us to a strong, fulfilling and significant life.

There’s always time to change the direction of your life. You are capable of more than you can possibly understand.


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