Three Elements That Move You Toward Significance

There are three things that, when brought together, create magic: passion, imagination and creativity.
With passion, you don’t just hear, you listen; you don’t have sex, you make love; you don’t just touch, you feel. You laugh longer, cry harder and connect deeper. Passion is an internal drive that inspires you to be fully alive!

The Heights of Significance

Of all the billions of people living on this planet, the vast majority are striving for success. They work hard, they put in the time and many of them have obtained a level that the world would regard as “successful.” But what does that mean? Does success mean just finding and obtaining wealth and status?

My definition of success is getting what you want and finding happiness on a superficial level. Success is achieving goals without having much purpose behind those goals. Success is creating the life you want, but leaving no legacy.