I’ve talked to groups all around the globe for 30 years. I’ve met with CEOS, world leaders, Olympic athletes, award-winning musicians and actors, and I’ve talked to them about what makes them feel successful.

It’s amazing to me how much I learn from these trailblazing leaders, but one thing that has resonated with me through the years is how you can be successful without being significant, and vice versa, how you can live a significant life without being considered a “success” by the world’s estimation.

So, what’s the difference between success and significance? I’m glad you asked!

Success is achieving goals and finding “happiness” on a very shallow level. You leave no legacy. You make no difference in the grand scheme of things. You might be a successful writer, and sell thousands of books, but does what you write touch your readers’ hearts and souls?

That’s where significance comes in. I define significance as a higher level of fulfillment that far surpasses mere success. Being significant means taking your talents, your very personal gifts, and expanding those to create a vision that changes that world.

As a motivational speaker, if I’m only concerned that what I’m saying impresses my audience, I’ve completely missed the mark. To be significant, my talk needs to inspire, not impress, my listeners and create a spark in them that reminds them of their significance.

Significant leaders never stop learning. They are on an unending quest for intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth. In order to do that, they need to connect with the world around them, and not in a “Look at me!” type of connection. It’s a “Look at you!” connection that encourages people to see the amazing beings they truly are.

In my latest book, “The Art of Significance,” I introduce and explain what I call the Twelve Laws of Significance to help readers retrain their minds to reflect their reason for living on this planet. It’s a journey that goes beyond what the world considers “successful” goals. It teaches you to live authentically, creating genuine connections and leaving a legacy of balance, harmony and peace.

Too often, people never reach their true potential. I’d like to change that. I hope you come along for the ride. Love you all!


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