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One of the very best and most sought-after Motivational Speakers, Keynote Speakers, Executive Coaches and Life Coaches of our time, Dan Clark, has done numerous unique and insightful things that make him an expert Executive Coach, Life Coach and Keynote Speaker on success, inspiration, motivation, resiliency, adapting to change, leadership, growth mindset, team building, competitive selling, customer experience, safety, law of attraction, storytelling and much more.

Success to Significance

  1. As a Motivational Speaker Dan Clark reminds us in his Keynote Speeches and Executive Coaching sessions that knowledge is power, but it has no heart. We don’t learn to know – we learn to do. Reason leads to conclusions, but it is emotion that leads to action!

    – There are many worthwhile and valuable lessons to learn and governing principles to live by that Dan Clark shares in his Motivational speeches – taken from his best-selling book: The Art of Significance-Achieving The Level Beyond Success!

  2. The Art of Significance serves as a personal Life Coach as it illuminates the Twelve Highest Universal Laws that include: Practice Obedience, Exercise Perseverance, Proactively Stretch, Trust, Seek Whole Truth, Focus on Winning, Do Right, Experience Harmony, Accept, Love and Be Needed, Establish Covenants and Forgive.
  3. Dan Clark Motivational Speaker philosophies and Keynote Speaker teachings are grounded in timeless truths that make him the consummate Executive Coach such as:

    – Successful people think that wealth flows to them to get what they want – while significant individuals know that wealth flows through them, so they want what they get, knowing you can get anything in life that you want when you are willing to help enough other people get what they want.

    – Dan Clark Keynote Speaker teaches that successful people believe patience is a virtue, while significant people understand that any virtue taken to the extreme can become a vice.

    – Dan Clark Motivational Speaker teaches that patience allows us to never begin while perseverance is the highest law of endurance.

    Dan Clark Motivational Speaker teaches his Laws and governing principles by drawing on his extraordinary adventures that include:

  4. U2 Spy Plane-Power in Perspective
  5. Flying fighter jets with the Air Force Thunderbirds
  6. Racing automobiles at Nurburgring
  7. Serving on the Olympic Committee and carrying the Torch in the 2002 Winter Games
  8. Winning the Hamilton Island Sailing Regatta in Australia
  9. Serving as a Pentagon Appointee on the Air Force Chief of Staff National Civic Leaders Board

    Dan Clark Keynote Speaker teaches the Practical Application of his Twelve Highest Universal Laws using his unique storytelling ability sharing experiences he calls:

    – Hungry Deer-Getting What you Need

    – Confirmation Bias-Controlling Hearts and Minds

    – The Orderly Universe-Organized through Obedience

    – Parable of the Kite – which is the Practical Application of how the order in the universe applies to us in our earthly endeavors to insure that we achieve personal greatness through Obedience and engaging in the three interdependent interactive elements: Exercising Freewill Agency, Realizing the Opposition in all Things, and letting our Conscience be our Guide.

Motivation – Dan Clark Inspirational

Inspiration – Dan Clark Motivational

Executive Coach, Life Coach, Leadership Expert


What Does A Motivational Speaker Leadership Expert Do That Other Keynote Speakers and Executive Coaches Don’t Do?

Surveys show that most people hate their jobs. They only look forward to Friday, instead of Monday – thinking they are paid by the hour, when in reality we are all paid for the value we bring to that hour! What would happen to productivity and profitability if everybody in the organization loved their jobs? And would this increase in morale and motivation spill over into creating a happier home life, establishing more meaningful trusting relationships at work, at school and at play and inspire an up-leveled desire to volunteer to serve the underserved in our communities?

Dan Clark Motivational Speaker shares the survey results showing  that most of us don’t remember facts and figures and the information crammed into a power point presentation – we remember the interpretation of the facts and figures and need to know how it applies to our lives and relationships.

The Art of Significance

Consequently, we need inspirational people in our lives to keep us motivated – knowing that inspired people don’t have to be motivated. In a corporate setting we accomplish this by organizing and conducting regularly scheduled meetings with a Motivational Speaker Keynote Speaker who is a tremendous storyteller, engaging the participants with humor and emotional inspirational stories that help them identify their ‘why’ and make sure their ‘why’ is bigger than their ‘why not!’ All of which are taken from Motivational Speaker Dan Clark’s bestselling book The Art of Significance-Achieving The level Beyond Success.

Finding the Right Motivational Speaker Keynote Speaker

Most significantly, you know you have found the ‘right’ Motivational Speaker and a true professional Keynote Speaker when he/she becomes an Executive Coach and Life Coach who customizes their speech to meet the specific needs of the Meeting Planner so as to truly connect with each audience member in a relevant way.

When we reach a crossroads in life, we constantly look for others to inspire and challenge us to dare to go outside our comfort zones and reach our highest potential. We seek out inspirational stories from people who have overcome monumental obstacles and have utilized their negative life experiences to fuel them to set new goals and become the very best versions of themselves. And because we want to be just like them, the right Motivational Speaker is a Keynote Speaker who inspires us to believe we can also do what they have done!

The ’right’ Motivational Speaker will show and teach their audience proven ideas on making changes in their workplace and personal lives. The ‘right’ Motivational Speaker makes it easy for the audience to grasp new concepts and to put them into practice.

The ‘right’ Motivational Speaker is the Keynote Speaker who wants to make a real and lasting impact on the organization and its employees by teaching them the steps of Resiliency and how to be self-motivated to find the opportunities in change. The ‘right’ Motivational Speaker is the Keynote Speaker who helps the employees with goal setting so they share the same vision as their company by putting a plan in place to assist both the company and the employees achieve greatness.

Workshops, Consulting, and Additional Training

The Motivational Speaker Executive Coach will sometimes be asked to do follow-up speeches with some additional consulting work for groups to implement plans he/she has set up for the company and conduct workshops to ensure the recommended changes will be implemented and stay in place.

Finding and Hiring the Right Speaker

While it can be a real challenge to find the ‘right’ Motivational Speaker to serve you as the powerful, energetic opening Keynote Speaker, it is always well worth it as he/she sets the tone for the entire conference! Don’t sell yourself short by hiring a Speaker who is not a seasoned professional or who merely shows up and delivers a memorized speech! Hiring the wrong Speaker can be a catastrophic disaster! If money becomes the topic of conversation, the presentation is weak and the relationship is non trusting!

In Summary:

Dan the Business Coach

Don’t you agree that your people deserve the very best Motivational Speaker and Opening and Closing Keynote Speaker on the planet? When you hire Dan Clark you get a CEO, Husband, Father, University Professor & Professional Speaker who has been inducted into the National Speakers Hall of Fame and has achieved the highest earned designation: ‘CSP’ Certified Speaking Professional – who is a master storyteller & standup comedian!

Dan Clark Motivational Speaker Keynote Speaker doesn’t just teach what he knows – he teaches what he’s done, who he is, what he lives – football, racing, space, fighter jets, music, movies, writing, team building, mentoring – transforming organizations into an up-leveled culture of Significant Partner Leaders who:

  • Make Winning Personal
  • Lead With & Without a Title, knowing:
  • Every culture is created between the strongest belief, highest expectation & best behavior the leader lives by – & the weakest belief, lowest expectation & worst behavior the leader tolerates

You can check Dan’s Availability or set up a free 15-minute consultation call at:

Email: booking@danclark.com

Website: danclark.com

Instagram & Facebook: danclarkspeak


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