Keynote Speaker

What Is A Keynote Speaker?

What Is A Keynote Speaker –  A Keynote Speaker has a very distinct and unique skillset that allows him/her to connect with each audience member in an authentic intimate way with facts, humor and emotion. Because we never remember facts and figures nor the information crammed onto a slide deck, the consummate Keynote Speaker seldom uses power point (which other speakers use as a crutch because they are unprepared and need to narrate the slides), does not stand behind a podium, and is a polished and compelling storyteller! (more…)

Dan Clark

Keynote Speaker and Coach, Dan Clark

Dan Clark, Motivational Speaker Keynote Speaker –

One of the very best and most sought-after Motivational Speakers, Keynote Speakers, Executive Coaches and Life Coaches of our time, Dan Clark, has done numerous unique and insightful things that make him an expert Executive Coach, Life Coach and Keynote Speaker on success, inspiration, motivation, resiliency, adapting to change, leadership, growth mindset, team building, competitive selling, customer experience, safety, law of attraction, storytelling and much more.