My A.R.T. Philosophy

How often do we sit around, waiting for our life to happen? How much time do we waste because we haven’t taken control of our own destiny?

I’ve had the privilege of meeting with some of the greatest leaders of our time. Not one of them took a passive approach at their goals and dreams. Every single one of them took the reins to drive themselves to the top of their industries, and the top of their game.

Happy Mother’s Day To Military Moms

A mom never stops being a mom. Whether they’re holding their sweet little newborn for the first time, walking a nervous 5-year-old to kindergarten, or crying tears of joy as her child graduates from college, mothers are always cheering us on.

Even more so are the mothers whose sons and daughters serve in the military. As their children leave to fight overseas and are stationed in far-off locations, these mothers experience an overwhelming amount of pride but also a constant dread and worry for the safety of their loved ones.