close up of footprints in the sand on the beach at sunset

Maybe your idea of becoming a successful leader involves attracting a multitude of followers, people you can lead to a specific destination. But a significant leader doesn’t create followers, they create great leaders.

Significant leadership involves a focus on the journey and acknowledging the efforts made by your team. A significant leader doesn’t coach results, but coaches behavior through attitude, expectations and practice until they become brilliant at the basics.

I’ve worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of potential leaders, training them to understand the difference between being a leader obsessed with position and power, and a leader who motivates others using high values and strong ethics.

Professional speaker Naomi Rhode once told me she and her husband were walking along the beach when she paused to look back to see how far they’d come. She noticed their footprints in the sand and pointed out to her husband, “Think about how many times we have left our footprints in the lives of others.”

Suddenly, the ocean rushed in and washed away the footprints, leaving no sign they’d ever been there. Naomi asked her husband, “How can we leave a lasting impression on people that will not be washed away with time?”

Her husband replied, “Just walk on higher ground.”

As a leadership trainer, that’s exactly what I do. I teach leaders to walk on higher ground in order to leave a lasting impression on the people they interact with. True leaders leave footprints that don’t wash away with time and continue to leave an impression long after they are gone.

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