Mastering our lives

Becoming Master Artists in our Lives

It’s been decades since a college football injury left me paralyzed both physically and emotionally. That dream-shattering day sent my lifelong goals crashing down around me. My heart was broken, my dreams were shattered and life as I knew it was impossible.

Looking back now, I regard my injury as one of the best things that ever happened to me. No, the best thing wasn’t the accident but what I learned about myself and who I became while I worked through the setback and heartbreak.


On this July 4th I need to share a story that epitomizes the gallantry, bravery, integrity, mindset and heart-set of who Tom Brokaw refers to in his best-selling book as The Greatest Generation. Psychologists tell us that we are defined by our significant emotional experiences, and this generation was identified through military service and defined by how they responded to the call to duty for honor and country when America came under fire in World War II.