Everyone should believe in Santa Claus. My children were raised on the wonderful Christmas story of the Polar Express, where no matter what happens in your life, if you continue to believe in Santa you will always hear the sleigh bell. To this day if you ask any of my children if they believe, (and now they are adults) they will emphatically tell you “yes!” Regardless of our ages or level of education, Santa exists as certainly as love and compassionate service, charitable giving and devotion exist, which are responsible for life’s greatest joys. Santa exists as certainly as creativity and imagination exist which transform our thoughts from probability to possibility.

It’s been said that nothing enhances authority more than silence: integrity counts, candor counts, honor counts. So it is with Santa. He exists as certainly as Disneyland existed in the mind of Walt Disney. When Walt died prior to the opening of Disney World, a journalist commented to his brother Roy, “It’s a shame Walt didn’t live long enough to see the completion of his incredible amusement park.” Roy replied, “You are wrong, sir. My brother did see it finished. Seeing isn’t believing – believing is seeing!” Yes, there really is a Santa Claus. Otherwise, we should have no fulfillment in any aspect of our lives, except in sense and sight. And if you never see Santa coming down your chimney, what does that prove? The most authentic and real things in the world are those that neither children, nor men and women can physically see. They must be visualized and felt.–#‎DanClark #‎Significance


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