Become More Accepting, Less Judgmental

Our ability to lead significant lives depends on how we interpret others and their actions. We are all different—biologically, culturally, ethnically—and we all grow and change at different stages. It is our goal to be able to suspend judgement, going beyond mere tolerance, to attain and express true, mindfulness acceptance of others, just as they are.

Significant leaders welcome and value uniqueness and diversity. Their stance of openness is grounded in a deep acceptance of their own authentic selves and allows them to inspire, teach and lead others in a way to leave a lasting legacy.

Best Person You Can Be

Learning to Be the Best Person You Can Be

Knowing who you truly are and being the best you can be means understanding that you’d make a lousy somebody else. The human spirit is a powerful force and is controlled by our ability to face our fears, struggle and make it through life’s storms. For this reason, our self-worth should always be the sum total of our thoughts, not the result of a miscalculation and multiplying of our insecurities.

Why are you where you are? Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why should you give it everything you’ve got, when less would be sufficient? Why does positive thinking matter?

Mastering our lives

Becoming Master Artists in our Lives

It’s been decades since a college football injury left me paralyzed both physically and emotionally. That dream-shattering day sent my lifelong goals crashing down around me. My heart was broken, my dreams were shattered and life as I knew it was impossible.

Looking back now, I regard my injury as one of the best things that ever happened to me. No, the best thing wasn’t the accident but what I learned about myself and who I became while I worked through the setback and heartbreak.