When it’s Time to Hire a Keynote Speaker – Things You Should Consider

You’ve got a big event coming up, and you need to hire a keynote speaker that will inspire your organization. Now what? The good news is that there are many excellent speakers to choose from. Or maybe that is not such good news.  There are many stars in the universe; it is hard to see which one is the very best. Your choice to hire a keynote speaker can be guided by considering several things.

Different types of Professional Speakers

Each of these different speakers will bring a distinct flavor to your event. When you hire a keynote speaker, it is essential to consider the effect they will have on your audience. Do you want a:

  • Motivational Speaker- a speaker intent on motivating their audience to greater heights by giving a pep talk to promote growth and positive actions.
  • Inspirational Speaker- a speaker who lifts from an introspective or emotional point of view towards improvement. They encourage peak performance and change.
  • Corporate Speaker- speakers specializing in focused presentations that inform team members or help solve a corporate problem.
  • Marketing Speaker- speakers focus on marketing the company and helping employees do the same.
  • Futurist or Trend Expert- speakers who are experts in teaching about innovations, technology, the workplace, and any industry you can imagine.

What is the Desired Outcome for Your Event:

danAs you plan your event, remember that often conferences make a ‘promise’ to attendees that they will come away from the event with a certain amount of knowledge or growth, or even entertainment.  The choice to hire a keynote speaker is essential, as it is the Speaker who delivers on the promise made in event promotion.

There is a great deal of variety available among speakers, and they can significantly affect your event. When do you consider the event program ask yourself what the most appropriate choice is and what results in you would like to achieve- what is the promise you have made? The option to hire a keynote speaker will change the entire event based on who you hire.

Do you need to hire a keynote speaker? Who will educate the organization about industry innovation and trends? Do you want to motivate your audience towards increased production in the workplace? Are you trying to promote unity within the company? Perhaps your goal is to promote awareness of corporate culture or change or to fuel growth and change within individuals. Even if you intend to entertain, there is a way to hire a keynote speaker that is a perfect fit for your needs.


Event Foundations: Decisions to be Made

Dan CalrkBefore you are ready to hire a keynote speaker, there are many decisions to make about what kind of event you’re going to plan. This is the foundation you are building the entire event on.  You and your team of decisions makers will need to consider several things:

  • When is the event that you need to hire a keynote speaker for?
  • Where is the location, meaning the city and state?
  • What is the venue, how big of an audience can you have?
  • What is the budget for the event and to hire a keynote speaker?
  • What are the demographics of your audience? Is this an industry-specific, a hobby or particular interest, or a demographic-specific event (like a women’s conference)

Other considerations before you hire a keynote speaker include the type of presentation. Will this be:

  • A master class
  • An after-dinner presentation
  • Seminar
  • An Inspirational Morning Kick-Off
  • A Workshop

Each of these presentation forms will provide a different format for speakers and will influence who you hire.

How To Find and Hire a Keynote Speaker-Where to Look and Who To Talk To

Where do you begin your search for a speaker?  Think about similar events you have been to or have been a part of the planning process. Talk to your friends, family, and business associates who have been to conventions or events they enjoyed or inspired by.  They can give you great ideas. There are also speakers’ bureaus that will help you hire a keynote speaker for your event.

The Hiring Keynote Conversation

crowdNow that you have laid the event foundation and built a framework, it is time to hire a keynote speaker to complete your event.  When you contact a speaker, several points need to be included in your conversation.  You will need to establish the purpose and vision of the event you are planning.  Explain the audience demographics.  It is appropriate to ask a speaker about their experience with your particular topic and audience.  When you hire a keynote speaker, you can use this article’s information to support you in your decision-making



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