I’m so excited to offer an opportunity to anyone who ever wanted to learn how to speak effectively in front of a crowd, to learn how to find and tell your stories, and to learn how to bring an audience to laughter and tears. I don’t teach this public workshop very often, so I hope you’re in a position to take advantage of this offer!

On Friday, Sept. 8, I’m holding an exclusive, one-day only Public Speaking Workshop at the Salt Mine Productive Workspace in Sandy, Utah (7984 S. 1300 E.) to teach people how to craft an effective speech, master the art of storytelling, customize content, polish speaking skills and make public speaking a profession.

This workshop is for emerging leaders and seasoned executives who realize that to be given more responsibility, a promotion or a raise, they must take themselves to the highest level of sophisticated communication. This event is also for every published author and current writer who need to become extraordinary speakers, which accelerates their opportunities to sell their books.

I have written speeches for, or coached, numerous celebrities, athletes, business leaders and entertainers including Derek Hough, Paula Abdul, Hank Haney (Tiger Woods golf coach), Marie Osmond, Diamond Dallas Page, Emmitt Smith, Jason Hewlett, James Iron Cowboy Lawrence, Coach Larry Gelwix, Mark Eaton, Thurl Bailey and Scott Mitchel. I also wrote the ESPY Award acceptance speech for Anthony Robles.

After spending more than 30 years on the speaker’s circuit, I have seen how learning this particular skill can change someone’s life. I am honored and blessed to share my passion with you and help you develop your own voice and stories. You will emerge a better communicator and a fearless speaker.

More information and tickets are available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-dan-clark-school-of-public-speaking-an-exclusive-one-day-boot-camp-tickets-36550032130?ref=ebtn


“Our time together has enabled me to really make a breakthrough. Your words have been life changing and your approach enabled me to understand the technical and spiritual side of public speaking.”
~ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

“My long-time friend Danny Clark is one of the greatest motivational speakers in the world, in my opinion. He’s also a great speechwriter to the stars—including me. You’ve gotta check him out.”
~ Donny Osmond


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