Motivational Speaking allows you to inspire and transform people’s lives. Unlocking its potential requires that you become conversant with the art of motivation and public speaking.

Dan Clark, one of the best motivational speakers, aims to drive change in people and does this by helping them realize that the ‘Answers are in the Box.’ He thinks that what is required to take us and our businesses to the next level is already within us.

The respected, seasoned, and well-loved motivational speaker teaches people to refer to stumbling blocks and setbacks as challenges and helps you learn to turn them into stepping stones and comebacks. He also helps his audience find any opportunities for change and shares powerful anecdotes such as you will know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice!

Now you might be asking yourself questions such as “How do I begin a motivational speaking career?” or “What is it like engaging in motivational speaking?” In this post, we answer these questions and delve a bit more into motivational speaking.

How do I begin my motivational speaking career?Public Speaking
Familiarize yourself with the science of motivation and improve your public speaking skills

Before you embark on a motivational speaking journey, you need to familiarize yourself with motivation. And rely on books and any available resources to understand this. Also, learn the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, whereby the latter comes from within. And the former from a motivational talk.

If you, as a speaker, hook your audience with a captivating opening and keep the momentum throughout, you may leave them with intrinsic motivation.

Study any materials on the science of motivation since the more knowledge and expertise you gain, the better your skills ta motivational speaking.

To improve your public speaking skills, you need to read as many materials as you can. And do a lot of practice. That may include assuming you are giving speeches to an audience and taking note of your facial expressions.

You may also practice recording yourself and studying the speech afterward. That allows you to analyze your tone, body language and identify and fix any errors. You may also consider joining public speaking groups to get constructive criticism and feedback that will help you improve your skills.

Identify your audience and come up with a core message.

Dan ClarkNo matter how skilled you are at motivational speaking, you will not appeal to everyone! When you narrow down to a specific group of individuals, you are most likely to leave an impact on them. You need to identify who you want to motivate or who would benefit from your message. Where and when they meet. And how often you are likely to find them in the location. With this understanding, you get to come up with a core message that will inspire your audience.

Think about your story since it forms the foundation for every speech you relay. Remember, the best ones have a catching beginning to attract the audience’s attention, have an engaging middle to encourage them to want more, and an impactful ending that leaves them motivated.

You may even incorporate funny incidents and witty statements to make your speech more exciting. Whomever the audience, you want to remain effective, powerful, and transformative. And inspire your listeners to find purpose and meaning in their lives. And how to overcome adversity by taking action and seeing the world from a different perspective.

Learn from professional motivational speakers and understand the business side of motivational speaking

Emulating some of the best motivational speakers such as Dan Clark is one of the surest ways to be successful. To get the most out of their skill and wisdom, pay attention to their speeches. And identify the parts that captured your attention the most and why.

The essence is not to find someone to copy. But pick a few tricks here and there to create your authentic style. Additionally, bear in mind that you are the product of your own business. That means that it is entirely up to you to create marketing materials that encourage people to book you for motivational speaking sessions.

It is up to you to prospects leads and closes those sales. That means that you have to create the best platforms, such as podcasts, to showcase your skills, expertise, and professionalism.

You have to show your audience how you are an expert on the subject discussion and encourage them to view things from another perspective. Since you’re gifted in motivational speaking, you want to teach your listeners to become better attentive to their abilities and talents. 

Practice and seek out motivational speaking opportunities

To perfect your motivational speaking skills, you need to begin looking for speaking opportunities. Sometimes you will have to offer your services for free to get these gigs.

Once you gain the experience and working on your brand, you will get seen, and people will begin to book you for motivational speaking, even for low fees. Eventually, you work yourself up the ladder and become one the best in motivational speaking.  

Remember, knowing how to go about motivational speaking is just a drop in the equation. Understand how to come up with a motivational speech. And how to write and relay it on your own.

What would you travel a day to say to someone for free? If you cannot figure this out, then you will never become a pro in motivational speaking.

Motivational speaking has to be a calling and not just a channel to make an income. You have to think about what you’d love the world to remember you for and ensure to leave an impact on your listeners.Dan Clark

Three reasons to become a motivational speaker

  • Personal fulfillment- Motivational speaking is a win-win. That is because you improve the quality of life and career of your listener. And improve yours at the same time. It can be very fulfilling to you knowing that you have left a positive impact on people and left them to apply the concepts learned in their lives and business.
  • Exposure- Motivational speaking means that in front of people and have people listening to you most of the time. That naturally leads to opportunities and the chance to get seen by other professionals. If you are not physically speaking to people, your products may be on platforms such as podcasts. That means that you are likely to achieve celebrity status over time and more career opportunities.
  • Financial gain- Motivational speaking is a career like any other. That means that you are capable of earning a lot, depending on your audience. Dan Clark is one of the most notable examples of how far motivational speaking can take your career to the bank.

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