I Am the Greatest

Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., as Muhammad Ali was once known, was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on January 17, 1942. During Ali’s youth, Louisville was a city of segregated public facilities, the Kentucky Derby, and other symbols of the Southern white aristocracy. African Americans were the servants and poor working class. The grandest dreams available to them were being a preacher or a teacher in an all-black church or school.

Nancy Reagan

Today was an emotional day for me as we laid to rest one of the great human beings of the twentieth century. Mrs. Nancy Reagan invited me into her inner circle as a main speaker who created and conducted high school and junior high school assembly programs throughout the U.S. Every “First Lady” develops a priority platform, and because we had a huge drug challenge, coupled with an out of control teenage suicide epidemic, Mrs. Reagan titled her program: “Just Say No.”