Achieving financial success through sustained Significant Selling and Marketing is accomplished through a simple but powerful process. When sales professionals have a step-by-step process they meticulously follow, they have a 93% chance of closing the sale. Without it, closing ratios drop to 42%.

My “P6” sales system equation is:
Professional Performance + Persuasive Perception + Personality Positioning = Significant Sales

In the corporate, sports and education world, people are hired for preparation and paid for performance, but promoted on potential. The one activity all worlds share is selling.

Developing and maintaining “Skills” is a daily mission. The dictionary defines Skills as: specific proficiencies, talents, techniques, abilities and traits that are acquired and improved through training, that help you reach your full potential and set you apart from others.

Becoming completely literate in your Professional Performance skills means you understand every fact, figure, product feature, service benefit, pricing structure and relevant piece of information required for you to do your job.

Having significant Professional skills means you are an expert in every one of your products and services, well-educated on the most popular products and services of your top three competitors, know everything about the history of your industry, the history of your organization and the reasons your company culture is unique and special.

Having Performance skills means you have worked hard to be on the starting team by improving your Professional skills so you can do what you are paid to do.

On a scale of one to ten (1 being the worst/10 being the best) rate your Professional Performance skills, and list one thing you need to do to make each one stronger:
Your Knowledge of Every Product Feature
Your Knowledge of Every Service Benefit
Your Knowledge of Every Pricing Structure
Your Expertise on the Most Popular Products and Services of your Top Three Competitors
Your Knowledge of the History of Your Industry
Your Knowledge of the History of Your Organization with its Past and Present Leaders
Specific Reasons your Company Culture is Unique and Special

Once you review your knowledge of your product and company, you can work at becoming the expert in your industry. This is an ongoing endeavor as every business is constantly changing and evolving. Strengthening your Professional Performance Skills will put you at the top of your game!


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