Afghanistan 3I am now in Bagram Afghanistan. We arrived last night. An incredible three hour flight along the Iranian border and over Pakistan. Very cool. I sat in the cockpit of the C-17 and used the Night Vision Goggles to see the ground activity better. Amazing. No worries, but the bad guys lauched a motor attack on the airfield just after we landed. Cool. It was far enough away that we were not in harms way.

We perform a special show for the guards at the prison tonight. It should be awesome!

Our sleeping quarters are very small. My roommatAfghanistan 2e is David Archuleta with a community hallway bathroom and shower that we share with ten other military leaders.

The coolest thing of all is that the Navy Seal Compound is just across the road from our quarters, and this is where Seal Team 6 stayed, briefed, prepared and departed from to kill Osama Bin Laden!!

Tomorrow we fly on a chinook helicopter to a remote FOB. This is the long skinny twin engine helo that was used in the failed rescue attempt in the movie Lone Survivor.

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