Dan Clark – Motivational Speaker Keynote Speaker Executive Coach, recently stated that he is ‘more than excited’ to return to his speaking engagements and other parts of his life now that some of the COVID-19 restrictions he was following have been lifted.
Inspiring attendees through face-to-face human interaction and in-person emotional connections is what he lives for!


Dan Clark – Motivational Speaker truly has lived an extraordinary life, learning the steps of resiliency and the critical necessity of identifying his ‘why’ at the tender age of eight when he was hospitalized and forced to battle back from a malignant cancer in his throat. At 12 years old Dan starred in a CBS weekly television series called ’47 Happiness Way’ and was the voice of a cartoon character.

Keynote Speaker Dan ClarkDan Clark’s credibility as a Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Life Coach and Mentor started to build in high school where Dan’s work ethic made him an All-American Football player and All-Star baseball pitcher, a Golden Gloves Boxing champion, alpine ski racing champion, moto-cross champion and track star.

Dan received a full-ride athletic scholarship to lay football and baseball at the University of Utah, where Dan was a projected #1 Draft Choice into the National Football League by the Oakland Raiders until he suffered a paralyzing injury that cut short his career.

As Dan recovered from the long fourteen-month paralysis he was asked to speak that he parlayed into a full-time professional speaking career, which has taken him to 71 countries, on 6 continents, speaking to most of the Fortune 500 companies!

A highlight for Dan Clark Motivational Speaker Keynote Speaker has been speaking to and coaching military commanders and their troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Europe, Japan, Korea, Ethiopia, and Djibouti Africa and in every Major Command in the U.S. Dan’s served as a Pentagon appointee on the National Civic Leaders Board with the Chief of Staff of the Air Force. For his relentless service to our military and their families, in 2016 Dan received the Distinguished Service Medal – the highest military-civilian award presented to him by the United States Secretary of Defense – and in 2017 Dan was honored with the American Spirit Award presented by the U.S. Air Force.


In 1982, Dan was named An Outstanding Young Man of America and turned his passion, creativity, and obsession for achieving personal excellence to becoming a Gold Record songwriter and recording artist, philanthropist, and one of the most sought-after speakers on the platform today. In 2005, Dan Clark – Motivational Speaker was inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame and has been named one of the Top Ten Motivational Speakers in the World!

Dan Clark’s message is always fresh because he is, uniquely qualifying him to be an Executive Coach, Life Coach, and extraordinary Keynote Speaker, always enrolling in the next adventure that gives him exciting stories to tell and relevant life lessons to teach from experiences such as soaring to the edge of space in a U2 Spy Plane (where for five hours, at sixteen miles above the earth’s surface, Dan witnessed the breathtaking curvature of the earth. Dan has also flown all of the bombers and most of the fighter jets in the U.S. Air Force, raced dog sleds in the arctic (spending the night in an igloo at 60 degrees below zero), camels in Egypt and elephants in Thailand, and has won an America’s Cup Class sailboat race off the coast of Cabo San Lucas. Most significantly, Dan Clark has lived a prioritized balanced life as a Motivational Speaker Keynote Speaker and was named 2012 Utah Father of the Year!


Dan Clark is a New York Times Best-Selling Author of 35 books, and a primary contributing author to the Chicken Soup For The Soul series. Dan clearly is one of the greatest storytellers on the planet and one of the most popular and beloved authors of all time. Writing and telling inspirational stories is just one of the many talents of Dan Clark – Motivational Speaker, Executive Coach, the Author.

Dan has been published in more than 40 million books in 40 languages worldwide. His story “Puppies for Sale” was made into an award-winning film at Paramount Studios starring Jack Lemmon.

Barnes and Noble describe Dan Clark Motivational Speaker Keynote Speaker as a Hall of Fame Speaker (CPAE), Executive Coach, Life Coach, Mentor, University Professor and Author of books on The Art of Significance, and Significant Leadership, Growth Mindset, Building Winning Teams, Competitive Selling, Public Speaking, Storytelling, Parenting, and Humor.


Dan Clark – Motivational Speaker book The Art of Significance – Achieving the Level Beyond Success contains his unique message that Successful people get what they think they want at the moment – where Significant individuals want what they get, so they don’t die with their dreams, goals, and music still in them!


  • Getting High – How to Really Do It (1983) 5 printings
  • The Missing Link
    (Published by Humansphere Canada 1985)
  • One Minute Messages (1986) 5 reprintings
  • Born to Succeed
    (Published by Teen Life Center 1988)
  • Chicken Soup for the College Soul
    (Co-Author Published by Health Communications 1999)
  • Puppies for Sale Illustrated Children’s Classic
    (Published by Dalmation Press 1999)
  • The Most Popular Stories by Dan Clark in Chicken Soup for the Soul (2004)
  • Titles Published by Cedar Fort 2007-08:

– Forgotten Fundamentals: The Answers are in the Box
– The Funniest Things Happen When You Look for Laughs
– Lyrical Poetry
– The Thrill of Teaching
– Rainbows Follow Rain
– The Privilege of the Platform
– Wisdom, Rhymes, and Wizardry
– Soul Food Volume I
– Soul Food Volume 2

  • The Art of Significance: Achieving the Level Beyond Success
    (Published by Penguin Random House 2013)
  • AOS Leadership Course Study Guide
  • Soul Food: The Complete Dan Clark Story Collection
    (Published by Health Communications 2014)
  • Titles Published by Izzard Ink 2016-17:

– Influential Impact: The Art of Significant Leadership
– Making of a Champion: The Art of Significant Team Building
– Transference of Trust: The Art of Significant Selling
– The Art of Significant Public Speaking & Storytelling
– The Art of Raising Significant Children
– Dan Clark Humor File
– Dan Clark’s Treasury of Quotes, Lyrics & Poems

In Summary,

Dan Clark Motivational Speaker Keynote Speaker who doesn’t just practice what he preaches – he preaches only what he practices! Who does more than speak – Dan puts on an unforgettable show!

You can check Dan’s Availability or set up a free 15-minute consultation call at:


Email: booking@danclark.com

Website: danclark.com

Instagram & Facebook: danclarkspeak


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