Motivational Speaker – Dan Clark is one of the most well-loved, seasoned, and respected Motivational Speakers of our time. He motivates and changes people on an emotional level to help them make personal changes in their lives by realizing the ‘Answers are In the Box! What is required to take ourselves and our organizations to the next level is already inside of us!

Because most people call setbacks and stumbling blocks problems, which sound overwhelming, Dan teaches his audience members to call them ‘challenges,’ turning them into comebacks and stepping stones. Dan helps his audiences find the opportunity for change as the consummate motivational speaker, sharing powerful anecdotes such as Adversity introduces us to ourselves – no one will ever know how strong we are until being strong is our only choice!   

What Are the Requirements to Become a Motivational Speaker?

In most training meetings, seminars, and skill set development courses, there is an educational requirement – a specific diploma/degree that qualifies the instructor to teach the information. However, to become a motivational speaker is only about having enough real-life experiences so he/she can speak as an eyewitness and as one having authority because the speaker has done what they are inspiring and teaching others to do!

What is the Mindset of a Motivational Speaker?

To be a Motivational Speaker, you must understand that Knowledge is power, but it has no heart. We don’t learn to know – we learn to do. All the information in the world is not going to make a person successful. It’s like the guy who has three PhDs: one in philosophy, one in psychology, one in sociology – he doesn’t have a job, but at least he can explain why! Reason leads to conclusions, but it is an emotion that leads to action!Dan by plane

What are the Three Questions every Audience Member Seeks the Answers to?

  • Why Should I Listen To You? Have you done it? Are you currently doing it? It’s the Credibility piece.
  • Can I Do It Too? With my past and my limitations, weaknesses, and strengths? It’s the Possibility piece.
  • How Do I Do It? How Do I Get From Where I Am To Where I Want To Be? It’s the Usability piece.

Four Reasons Why You Should Become a Motivational Speaker:

  • Imagine working on just one skill, after you have mastered it, you have improved by 100%
  • Warren Buffet said “Mastering public speaking is the single biggest thing you can to do advance your career”
  • TED talk curator Chris Anderton said “As a leader, advocate, influencer, Public speaking is the key to unlock all empathy, stirring excitement, promoting insight and knowledge, while sharing a common dream”
  • Steve Jobs was known for saying “The most powerful person in the world is a stroy teller”
  • Our Biggest fear is not public speaking, but public speaking well!

What is it Like to Be a Motivational Speaker?

An individual who is a Motivational Speaker is constantly searching for the new extreme adventure and hottest interview with a celebrity, author, athlete, entertainer, and CEO, so the speaker’s message is always fresh because he/she is! A Motivational speaker is the perfect opening or closing keynote speaker who brings energy and inspirational, entertaining, emotionally stirring content that kicks off the meeting with a bang – or closes the session with a challenge! It’s exhilarating and rewarding to be a Motivational Speaker because you are continuously evaluating your life, taking yourself to the next level physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, financially. In your family and extracting from your experiences the life lessons, you can share with your audiences to show them that they can become more successful and significant! 

Because a Motivational Speaker is an Inspirational Speaker and Consultant/Executive Coach/Mentor – who is in more demand than an educational, informative lecturing orator – he/she is highly sought after to speak in a variety of venues to audiences of all ages and interests including school convocations/assemblies, faculty meetings, significant corporate events, private company retreats, convention ballrooms and in enormous arenas for public rallies.

A Motivational Speaker, also known as an Inspirational Speaker, has a reputation as an expert on the subject being discussed and will encourage the audience to look at things from a different perspective and become more attentive to their talents and abilities.

How Do I Start a Speaking career?

Dan RecordingAsk yourself three key questions. The answers I call ‘The Three Ms’:

1). MESSAGE. What would you drive 5 hours to say to somebody for free? If you would not do this, then you will never become a motivational speaker. Speaking has to be more than a job – it must be a ‘calling!’ A more profound ancillary question is: if you had one hour to live, what would be your last lecture – what is your most potent message ‘right now that you want to leave the world.

2). MARKET. Who would benefit from your ‘Last Lecture’ Message?

3). MARKETING. Where do these people meet? In what venues do they gather – when, how often?

Most speeches will incorporate a catchy beginning, an engaging middle, and an impactful ending. Sometimes witty statements or funny incidents are added.

In Summary,

A powerful, effective, transformative Motivational Speaker inspires and guides listeners to find purpose and meaning in their life while overcoming Adversity, which teaches people how and why to take action and see the world from a new perspective.

So… why wait?

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