Learning how to speak effectively is much more than standing in front of thousands of people, sharing stories, inspiring them to take action or motivating them to get out of their comfort zones. We use public speaking every day, with every single person we interact with.

Whether you’re an emerging leader, a seasoned executive or you’re just starting the climb on your professional ladder, learning public speaking skills will take your career to a higher level!

I first started speaking more than 30 years ago, sharing my story of overcoming a paralyzing injury that forced me to give up one dream, but as it turns out, that injury created a connection between me and the people I shared my journey with—and it started me on the road to the dream life I’m living now. As I continued to share my story, learn valuable lessons and interact with people from around the globe, I learned that professional speaking skills can change your life.

Here are just a few ways that learning how to speak effectively can give you a leg up on your competition:
• You learn to hold interesting conversations
• Your language becomes more focused and engaging
• You improve your ability to sell yourself or your product
• You create persuasive sales presentations
• You create your own story that resonates with listeners
• You learn when it’s better to shut your mouth and open your ears
• You overcome the fear associated with speaking to superiors, audiences or even family members
• You learn how to insert humor into conversations
• You improve your ability to make eye contact and use body language to create connection with your listeners
• You learn how to speak to a boss, whether it’s asking for a raise, a promotion or sharing an idea
• Your interactions go from successful to significant

I’ve taught hundreds of people how to use the skills of public speaking in their everyday lives. I’ve written speeches for athletes, celebrities and high-level executives. I also know that sometimes what we really want seems impossibly out of reach, and even ridiculous to expect, so we never act.

We never dare to ask the universe to help us accomplish our goals and take a chance to create a better tomorrow. So nothing changes. Learning the secrets to speaking helps us plot a different course, a course where we understand our voice and our story. Once you learn those processes and procedures, your speaking ability will open new doors for you that you never believed possible.

Whether it’s getting paid to speak, asking for a referral, developing a marketing strategy, learning communication skills that build your business or understanding the fundamentals of quality conversations, public speaking skills will be used for the rest of your life.

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