A mom never stops being a mom. Whether they’re holding their sweet little newborn for the first time, walking a nervous 5-year-old to kindergarten, or crying tears of joy as her child graduates from college, mothers are always cheering us on.

Even more so are the mothers whose sons and daughters serve in the military. As their children leave to fight overseas and are stationed in far-off locations, these mothers experience an overwhelming amount of pride but also a constant dread and worry for the safety of their loved ones.

When I traveled with American Idol star David Archuleta, nationally known comedian Jason Hewlett and musical director Dean Kaelin to Afghanistan to entertain our military personnel, it was apparent we were in a treacherous situation. Danger was ever present and one could never relax or be off guard.

As a civilian, I watched these brave soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines, who exemplified courage, honor, integrity, loyalty and duty, and thought about the mothers who taught these young men and women about patriotism and commitment and excellence. My heart went out to those mothers waiting back home, praying for their child’s safe return.

My thoughts then turned to the soldiers who make the ultimate sacrifice for our country; who come back to their families in flag-draped caskets with military honors. I thought about the broken-hearted mothers who would give anything to hold their child again. I truly believe there will be a time when those mothers will be reunited with their loved ones.

When we’re safe in our homes, we often forget there are men and women willing to put themselves in harm’s way to protect everything America stands for. As mothers across the country wake up this Sunday to breakfast in bed, roses and heartfelt cards, I hope we all take a moment to send the mothers of military personnel a heartfelt appreciation and recognize them for the heroes they’ve raised—and the heroes they are.


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