Secret to Sales

How Reverend Billy Graham Taught Me The Secret to Sales and Marketing

One of the great experiences in my career was being asked by entertainer singer/songwriter Kenny Loggins to host his “Unity Shoppe Telethon” in Santa Barbara, California. We were on the air for 12 hours and raised $725,000 with studio guests that included actors Jeff Bridges, Kevin Costner and Rob Lowe, recording artist David Crosby, Billboard Songwriter Hall of Famer Jeff Barry, super model Cheryl Tiegs, STP racing mogul/philanthropist Andy Granatelli, and many more!

Trust others as if life depends on it — because it does

Trust is the most important ingredient in every relationship. It’s the most difficult element to develop, the easiest to lose, and the toughest to ever regain.

Trust is the critical first step to building a winning team and launching and sustaining a profitable business. Without trust, every relationship is shallow and fleeting. Because we are human beings living in a global society, trust is our most important connector.

Under Pressure

To begin with, we must understand three important laws of life. First, pressure is not something that is naturally there. It’s created when we question our own ability. When we know what we can do there is never any question. If you are unprepared for a school exam you feel pressure, but if you know you know the answers because you have studied and practiced, there is no question and no pressure