On this July 4th I need to share a story that epitomizes the gallantry, bravery, integrity, mindset and heart-set of who Tom Brokaw refers to in his best-selling book as The Greatest Generation. Psychologists tell us that we are defined by our significant emotional experiences, and this generation was identified through military service and defined by how they responded to the call to duty for honor and country when America came under fire in World War II.

5 Tips For Social Entrepreneurs {Dan Clark Interview Re-published from Forbes}

I continuously prepare myself to speak. The deeper my message, the higher the value and proportionate remuneration for services. I constantly research cutting edge results, interview revolutionary leaders whose thinking is disruptive and provocative, hang out with superstars who have “done it,” and then prove my research true through personal experiences. Amazing how easy and rewarding it is to monetize my findings through speaking engagements, selling my books and recorded programs, and enrolling organizational leaders, employees, and participant students who are also compelled to live a significant life into various experiential course curricula.

The Greatest Generation Will Always Inspire Us – Happy Veteran’s Day!

My dear friend, hero and father-in-law is Donald C. Sansom. He graduated high school at the age of seventeen and on his eighteenth birthday, February 25, 1943, he enlisted in the United States Army Air Corps. America was in the middle of World War II, and Don wanted to do his part and serve his country. On April 7, Don left on a troop train headed for preflight officer training school in Santa Ana, California. That December, Don graduated third in his class of 130 servicemen, and at eighteen years of age, he was the youngest second lieutenant in the US Army Air Corps.