What’s the secret to raising significant children?

Is there a specific way we should raise them? Are there certain life lessons they should go through on their own or experiences we should prepare them for?

What can a parent do to ensure that their child is strong enough to go through life, deal with everyday troubles, and still come out strong?

How do we build strong children when there is so much negativity in the world at the moment?

How do we even maintain a positive perspective with all that is going on?

These are scary thoughts to have!

When my wife was pregnant with our first child, we paid attention to Proverbs: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

So we wrote our ‘Clark Credo’ to do our best to develop our children’s self-esteem and inner strength.

Raising our Children Using the Clark Credo

When we had our first-born was a son, every night before we clicked off the light, I leaned into his bassinette and then crib, got eye contact, and repeated the ‘Credo’ in the third person:

‘You’re smart, talented, and you never say never. You’re ….’ As he started to talk, every night I asked him, ‘who are you?’ and he would quote back word verbatim the ‘Credo’ in the first person: ‘I’m smart, talented, and I never say never. I….’

As our other three children came into the world, my wife and I repeated the same educational process. Now our four children are adults and can still recite the ‘Credo.’

They are teaching it to their children as they come into this negative world. Proudly, each of our children is positive, humble, polite, respectful, kind, generous, ambitious, hard-working, law-abiding, God-loving human beings who continue to make responsible hub h decisions that make them very successful and live with significance!



I’m smart, talented, and I never say never.
I’m wanted, important, loveable, capable, and I can succeed
I love music, I’m a great athlete, and I’ll get good grades in school.

I’m strong, confident, and know:
The only person I need to be better than is the person I was yesterday.

I never say ‘I can’t. I always say, ‘I can, I will.’
If I get knocked down or fall, I just get back up and go again
If I spill or make a mistake, I just clean it up, learn why and say: ‘no big deal.’

I love God, and He loves me, so I treat others how I want to be treated,
So when they’re away from me, they always say:
‘I like me best when I’m with you – I want to see you again.’


You Can, and You Will

The Clark Credo is a great tool that can guide you on the right path of raising significant children – and you can also use it to light a fire within yourself! We all need a little bit of guidance during these difficult times – and it doesn’t hurt to give yourself a little reminder that you are smart, talented, and can get through anything.

With our children in front of us, showing us that they can live strong, confident, and genuine lives, we can all rest assured that in the end, everything will be okay.

Do you struggle with the thought of raising significant children? Do you need a life coach to help guide you in the right direction, whatever direction that might be? Get in touch with me today to learn more about the beautiful lessons we can learn from our country, lives, and experiences.

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