Dan’s Quotes

“The illiterate of the future are not those who can’t read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, relearn, re-wire, re-engineer and re-energize their minds and bodies to take action on what they’ve relearned.” - Dan Clark
(Learning, Pursuit, Accomplishment)

“The funniest things happen when you look for laughs.” - Dan Clark
(Faith, Laughter)

“No one said life would be easy. They only said it would be worth it. Success is hard. Being significant is even harder. But the hard is what makes life great. If it was easy, everybody would achieve it.” - Dan Clark
(Success, Perseverance)

“A mentor is a master teacher, who teaches with the mindset of a coach who understands that the only place from which a person can grow is where he or she is. So they go where we are physically and emotionally because it is only there where they can gently invite us to learn and improve.”
(Leadership, Teaching)

“No matter what your past has been, you have a spotless future.” - Dan Clark
(Courage, Faith)

“People who think the glass is half empty or half full, are missing the point. It’s refillable.”
(Positive thinking, Motivation)

“Life is more than thinking positively or negatively. It’s all about moving forward. No matter what, you know ‘enough’ right now and have ‘enough’ skill right now to do something positive and productive, right now.” - Dan Clark
(Positive thinking)

“It’s easier to act your way into positive thinking than to think your way into positive action. Thinking doesn’t fill up the glass - pouring does.” - Dan Clark
(Taking action)

“Authentic enduring happiness, self-actualization, and a life of significance are never found in a destination, but in the journey.” - Dan Clark
(Faith, Happiness, Journey)

“It’s not the sugar that makes the tea sweet - it’s the stirring – the process of taking action.” - Dan Clark

“Under pressure, you don’t step up your game - you succumb to the level of your preparation and practice.” – Dan Clark

“Pressure is not something that is naturally there. It’s created when you question your own ability. When you know what you’ve been trained to do, there is never any question. So if you ever decide to give up, you will quit during practice and not in a game. That’s why you train and practice so hard.” – Dan Clark

“Life is hard, but adversity introduces you to yourself, and makes you either bitter or better.” - Dan Clark
(Perseverance, Adversity, Strength)

“When something is important to you, you will always find a way. When it’s not, you will always find an excuse.” - Dan Clark
(Motivation, Perseverance)

“No pain, no gain really means no heart, no chance.” - Dan Clark
(Determination, Drive, Motivation)

“Exhaustion is acceptable; falling is acceptable; puking is acceptable; crawling is acceptable; blood, sweat and tears are acceptable; heartache and discouragement are acceptable; and whining, complaining, blaming and quitting are not.” - Dan Clark

“Wanting to win doesn’t make you a winner. Refusing to fail does.” - Dan Clark

“FEAR doesn’t mean: ‘Forget Everything And Run’ – FEAR means: ‘Face Everything And Rise’ – knowing courage is when you are scared to death, but you saddle up anyway.” - Dan Clark
(Determination, Faith)

“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.” - Dan Clark
(Faith, Strength)

“Sweat more in peace so you’ll bleed less in war.” - Dan Clark
(Perseverance, Preparation)

“You develop your character, which creates your behavior, and your behavior determines your destiny. Therefore, it is never enough to say ‘I will do my best.’ You must succeed in doing that which is necessary.” - Dan Clark
(Resolve, Success)

“We attract what we believe we deserve. Which means we should make a list of things that we deserve in our personal development, health and fitness, intimate relationships, and financial freedom. Then make a list of things we do every day. Compare the lists. Adjust accordingly.” - Dan Clark

“Some people spend their entire lives wishing for amazing things they will never get, while others focus just on doing amazing things with whatever they have.” - Dan Clark
(Inspiration, Empowering)

“There is a huge difference between training to fight and training to win.” - Dan Clark

“Possible begins by dreaming the impossible dream.” - Dan Clark

“The goal is not to live forever. The goal is to create something that will.” - Dan Clark
(Aspiration, Success)

“Without darkness, we don’t appreciate light; Without falsehood, we cannot cherish truth; Without justice, there can be no mercy; Without death, life is not sacred and honored.” - Dan Clark

“We were given an inherent ability at birth to discern right from wrong, truth from falsehood, and good from evil. We call this intuition, our conscience. Because each of us is born with a conscience, our conscience will never fail us. Only our desire to follow it decreases as we continue to make bad choices and do the wrong thing.” - Dan Clark

“When our why is not our own, our how will always be half-hearted and incomplete.” - Dan Clark

“Successful people get what they want, because they begin with the end in mind.” - Dan Clark
(Ambition, Purpose, Drive)

“If we want/need to live a life of significance, we begin with the 'why' in mind, which moves our focus to a journey of important achievement, where we manage expectations and reward effort.”

“Goals are only an excuse for the game - we play the game between the goals.” - Dan Clark
(Journey, Goals)

“True happiness and authentic lasting fulfilment come primarily from the journey.” - Dan Clark
(Determination, Journey, Happiness)

“When we begin with the why in mind, we are continually reminded that we are spiritual beings having a physical mortal experience.” - Dan Clark
(Mortality, Spirituality)

“If in fact there is a final judgement when we die, we will not be evaluated and rewarded for the sum total of our good acts and the accumulation of multiple destinations and ends in mind. Rather, we will be blessed and rewarded for who and what we have become because of the journey.”
(Journey, Purpose)

“The main thing is to make the main thing the main thing, and not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” - Dan Clark
(Action, Resolve, Learning)

“If you continue to live in the past, your life will be history. You must create your future from your future. When Edison invented the light bulb, he didn’t start by trying to improve the candle.”
(Pursuit, Future)

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. Pain either hurts you or helps you change and improve. The difference manifests itself when you understand the difference between the person and the performance.” - Dan Clark
(Learning, Personal development, Strength)

“Failure is an event - not a person. Which means stress is not what happens to you. It's your reaction or response to what happens.” - Dan Clark
(Preparation, Persistence, Perseverance, Determination)

“When we believe things happen 'to' us, we react, which is negative and uncontrolled. When we believe everything happens 'for' us, to build our character and give us experience, we respond, which is positive and something we choose to control.” - Dan Clark
(Control, Taking action, Courage)

“It's not what happens that makes or breaks you. It's what you do with what happens to you that defines who you are.” - Dan Clark
(Character, Acceptance, Perseverance)

“Master martial artist Bruce Lee said, ‘The power of the cup is in its emptiness.’ In other words, if the cup is full it has no more room for anything.” - Dan Clark
(Personal development, Growth, Dedication, Pursuit)

“If we feel we ‘have arrived’ and have nothing more to learn and no more room to become a better human being, better father, better spouse, manager, leader, coach, worker, neighbor or friend, we are stuck in the drowning waters of diminishing return.” - Dan Clark
(Surrender, Indifference)

“What we need to do is fill our cup, then drink it almost dry, and fill it up again, always learning, and sharing a drink with those who need one along the way, and filling it up again and again.”
(Learning, Sharing, Understanding)

“The un-teachable man is prideful, thinks he knows it all and believes ‘what you see is what you get,’ with no need to change. He is a prisoner in his own mind and body, sentenced to being taught only by his own experiences, which can reach no further than his own pain.”
(Pride, Complacency)

“The teachable man is meek and humble, realizing things don’t happen to him, they happen for him, knowing change is nothing more than self-improvement. - Dan Clark
(Self-improvement, Learning, Understanding)

“We become the average of the five people we associate with the most. Which means we must be willing to pay any price and travel any distance to associate with extraordinary human beings.”
(Pursuit, Journey)

“It is not enough to say I will do my best. We must succeed in doing that which is necessary. What is necessary is determined by why we do it.” - Dan Clark
(Purpose, Success, Determination)

“Once we answer why, figuring out the how-to is simple. Not easy, usually hard, but always simple. If it were easy everybody would do it.” - Dan Clark
(Understanding, Ambition, Confidence)

“Doing the necessary hard things is what makes our lives significant.” - Dan Clark
(Willpower, Bravery)

“We must seek wisdom, not just information. Wisdom is applied knowledge. All the information in the world isn't going to make a person successful.” - Dan Clark
(Wisdom, Search, Journey, Success)

“Knowledge without wisdom which by definition is applied knowledge and the practical application of relevant information is useless.” - Dan Clark
(Knowledge, Wisdom, Search, Application)

“At the end of every day, reason leads to conclusions, but it is emotion that leads to action.”
(Motivation, Courage, Purpose)

“Whenever we feel the "heat" in a test to see what we are made of, only when we look ourselves in the eye with the "man-in-the-mirror" reflecting back at us are we ready to mold and shape the man we are into the something-more-man that we need to be.” - Dan Clark

“We can't afford to learn just from our own experiences. We must shorten our learning curve and learn from other's mistakes, victories and defeats.” - Dan Clark
(Success, Failure, Journey, Learning)

“When we know what and why a champion thinks the way he thinks, and how, where and when he prepares, we too can become champions!” - Dan Clark
(Learning, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding)

“Miserable being finds other miserable being - then they are happy.” - Dan Clark
(Acceptance, Companionship)

“Don't regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many; Don't fear death - fear that you never really lived at all; Don't live in the past - it makes you depressed; Don't live in the future - it makes you anxious. Live only in the present - it creates peace”. - Dan Clark
(Self-reflection, Contemplation, Peace)

“Every morning make a list of things that make you happy; Then make a list of things you do every day; Compare the lists; Adjust accordingly. And remember: We Attract What We Believe We Deserve.” - Dan Clark
(Happiness, Self-improvement, Purpose, Determination)

“If you're not failing a few times, it means you're not pushing yourself hard enough. You were born to succeed. Will you or won't you?” - Dan Clark
(Success, Aspiration, Ambition, Desire)

“Learners retain: 10 percent of what they read; 20 percent of what they hear; 30 percent of what they see; 50 percent of what they see and hear; 70 percent of what they write and say; 90 percent of what they write, say, and do. Stop, look, listen, copy it down, share it, and do it!” - Dan Clark
(Journey, Sharing, Contemplation, Learning)

“You can't 'try' to do anything. Either you do it or you don't. The world is not interested in the storms you encountered, but did you bring in the ship!” - Dan Clark
(Determination, Resolve, Action, Results)

“That which is governed by law is also protected and preserved by law, and in order for the law to work in our lives, we must choose to act accordingly.” - Dan Clark
(Spirituality, Wisdom, Knowledge)

“There is a difference between temporary defeat and failure; when plans fail we substitute other plans but do not change our purpose.” - Dan Clark
(Purpose, Passion, Determination)

“Attitude is everything. When your attitude is right, your abilities will always catch up.” - Dan Clark
(Perseverance, Success, Action, Results)

“You know you are on the journey of significance when pain is acceptable, exhaustion is acceptable, falling is acceptable, crawling is acceptable, puking is acceptable, blood, sweat and tears are acceptable, heartache, and disappointment, discouragement and sadness are acceptable, and whining, complaining, blaming, and quitting are not!” - Dan Clark
(Journey, Discouragement, Determination)

“Patience is not always a virtue. Any virtue taken to the extreme can become a vice.” - Dan Clark
(Balance, Personal development)

“Patience enables you to live life with a victim mentality of 'whoa me. This is the hand I've been dealt and the cross I must bare, so I will mindlessly wait my turn because it's meant to be.' Perseverance empowers you to intentionally 'take your turn' and never let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” - Dan Clark
(Perseverance, Empowerment, Action)

“Although 'endure to the end' is scriptural, it negatively implies we are sentenced to a guaranteed, miserable, gruelling, laborious life of constant struggle, forced to walk a hot and dusty road with the wind in our faces as a test to see if our problems will keep us from being who we are supposed to be as we strive to achieve a predestined goal.” - Dan Clark
(Pursuit, Adversity)

“Perseverance positively implies we are given challenges, with the attitude that 'the best is yet to be,' as an opportunity to continuously become everything we were foreordained to continuously become as we strive to enjoy the journey.” - Dan Clark
(Opportunities, Perseverance, Journey, Happiness)

“You can never know what you’re made of until you’re tested.” - Dan Clark
(Courage, Success, Happiness)

“What happens to you is not nearly as important as how you respond. Bitter or better is up to you.”
(Taking action, Persistence, Determination)

“Perseverance is adding value to value. We don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step. We need only see and feel the value of taking the next step, realizing courage is staying one step ahead of fear.” - Dan Clark
(Courage, Faith, Wisdom)

“Regardless if we are leisurely strolling in the park, competing in the Olympic Games, climbing Mt. Everest, or striving to be significant, one step at a time is good walking, one step at a time is good running, one step at a time is good climbing, one day at a time is good living!” - Dan Clark
(Motivation, Determination, Success)

“The only thing you are not in charge of is whether or not you are in charge.” - Dan Clark

“When you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired, or Sad, you cannot think clearly, listen intently, feel passionately, or have energy to endure. Replace hunger with nutritious food; replace anger with forgiveness; loneliness with service; tiredness with exercise and rest; and sadness with a personal dream.” - Dan Clark
(Pursuit, Challenge, Kindness, Positive thinking)

“You shouldn’t be so quick to claim your limitations when perhaps you’ve never truly tested them.”
(Self-development, Self-improvement, Resolve)

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have - even if it’s being strong at only one thing.” - Dan Clark
(Strength, Adversity, Willpower)

“What’s holding you back? The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually fear you will make one. The start is what stops most people; it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” - Dan Clark
(Fear, Courage, Faith)

“When you take a chance on doing just once what others say you can’t do, you will never pay attention to their limitations again.” - Dan Clark
(Limitations, Determination, Success)

“Don't be afraid to fail and confess. If you fail more than most even try and learn why, you'll fail your way to success.” - Dan Clark
(Journey, Success, Knowledge)

“Intentionally search beyond change.” - Dan Clark
(Learning, Pursuit, Growth)

“Human beings are hard-wired for progress, not to morph into something we are not, but to become more of who we already are.” - Dan Clark
(Progress, Growth, Self-reflection)

“CHANGE: Come Have Another New Growth Experience. FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real.” - Dan Clark
(Change, Fear, Limitations)

“To create a culture of excellence and build a winning team, your continuous commitment to personal development must be equal to or greater than your commitment to professional development.” - Dan Clark
(Personal development, Growth, Commitment, Determination)

“The only place from which people can grow is where they are.” - Dan Clark

“To inspire others to reach their full potential in attitude and execution, you must go to where they are physically and emotionally. Only there can you gently invite them to stretch and improve.”
(Understanding, Sharing, Empowering)

“Change from the outside in is reactive and creates pressure and stress. Change from the inside out is proactive and creates power, which is not change at all. It is 'stretching' and self-development and continuous personal and organizational improvement - not because it is expected by others, but because it is demanded of ourselves.” - Dan Clark
(Personal growth, Self-improvement)

“Too many hate their jobs and only look forward to Friday instead of Monday. They think they are paid by the hour, when in reality we are paid for the value we bring to that hour.” - Dan Clark

“Creating personal value comes when you do what others are not willing to do. No, you don’t want to do it either, but you do it any way!” - Dan Clark
(Willpower, Determination, Success)

“Too many think nobility comes by being superior to some other person, when true nobility comes only in being superior to your previous self by never letting what you cannot do interfere with what you can do, and taking charge of your destiny one moment at a time.” - Dan Clark
(Action, Results, Success)

“Every time you stay out late; every time you sleep in; every time you miss a workout; every time you don’t give 100% . . . you make it that much easier for someone to beat you - not because he/she is bigger, faster, stronger, smarter - but because you have already beaten yourself.” - Dan Clark
(Commitment, Willpower, Strength, Pursuit)

“I turned 60 years old. Had I known I would live this long I would have taken better care of myself. Consequently, I will probably only live a maximum of 20 more years and take my last breath at age 80, hopefully without my music still stuck inside me. Not a bad run, no complaints, hopefully with very few regrets.” - Dan Clark
(Success, Journey, Happiness)

“The urgent reality? Our days on earth are numbered and I don't know how much time I have left. Today I've never been this old before, and today I'll never be this young again. So right now and every right now matters.” - Dan Clark
(Positive thinking, Motivation, Inspiration)

“I can't always control what happens, but I can always control what happens next.” - Dan Clark
(Acceptance, Faith, Positive thinking)

“Self is not discovered, self is created and I have the potential and capacity to become who and what I want, need, and deserve to be, knowing the best is yet to be.” - Dan Clark
(Personal development, Success)

“I can't save time or store it. I must use it or lose it, spend it or let it spend me, wear out or rust out. The past is gone, the future has not come - all I have is right now to be everything I was born to be.” - Dan Clark
(Inspiration, Motivation, Determination)

“If I spend my time trying to be somebody else, who is going to be me? I will make a lousy somebody else.” - Dan Clark

“Today is the first day of the rest of my life!” - Dan Clark
(Positive thinking, Happiness, Inspiration, Opportunities)

“Trust predictability beyond hope and faith.” - Dan Clark
(Trust, Hope, Faith)

“Faith without work is not faith at all, and consistent repetition of an attitude and course of action in the past and present suggests we can expect it to continue in the future.” - Dan Clark
(Knowledge, Wisdom, Application, Action)

“The relationships you have with others are only as healthy, trustworthy, reliable, loving and loyal as you are.” - Dan Clark

“Wealth flows through you, not to you. Which means you can get anything in life that you want, if you are willing to help enough other people get what they want.” - Dan Clark
(Leadership, Motivation)

“In fiction we find the predictable boring. In real life we find the unpredictable terrify¬ing. This is why you can only be unpredictable once.” - Dan Clark
(Empowerment, Motivation)

“It’s better to have a reliable and predictable enemy than an unpredictable friend – at least we know where we are with them.” - Dan Clark

“Too many live their lives hoping to be happy. But because they only hope, they never really are. They are waiting for someone to ask them to the senior prom, and have never taken the time to learn how to dance.” - Dan Clark
(Waiting, Hope, Fear)

“Crisis does not make or break the man or woman. It just reveals the true character within.” - Dan Clark
(Character, Strength, Hardship, Resolve)

“It's not what happens to you that defines who you are. It's what you do with what happens to you that defines who you are.” - Dan Clark
(Strength, Character, Self-reflection)

“The bottom line definition of sales is 'the transference of trust.' This explains why if money is the major topic of conversation, it means the presentation is weak and the relationship is non-existent.”

“Trust is logical and short term, requiring constant verification where you assess the probabilities of gain and loss, calculate expected utility based on past performance data, and conclude that the person in question will behave in a predictable manner. Distrust is emotional and long term, in that 'I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you.” - Dan Clark
(Trust, Distrust, Perception, Deception)

“Treat me right the first time because I can't guarantee you a next time. It's impossible to keep me once you've lost my trust.” - Dan Clark
(Kindness, Thoughtfulness, Understanding)

“If you pursue happiness it will elude you. But if you focus on your family, the needs of others, your work, meeting new people, and transforming your life from successful to significance, happiness will find you.” - Dan Clark
(Love, Determination, Positive thinking, Action)

“Hope is walking through a destructive fire; Faith is leaping over the fire; Trusting Predictability is learning from others so you can either avoid the fire, or use it in a positive constructive way to make you and your circumstances better.” - Dan Clark
(Predictability, Opportunities, Success)

“Everybody can find strength to take just one more step.” - Dan Clark
(Strength, Determination, Resolve)

“Everybody can climb the highest mountain one step at a time.” - Dan Clark
(Persistence, Perseverance, Journey)

“Know the whole truth beyond believing what you think.” - Dan Clark
(Knowledge, Learning, Faith)

“Behind every reality is a specific cause. Often the cause is so far removed from the effect that the circumstance can be explained only as luck or coincidence.” - Dan Clark

“Everything in life is capable of proof by seeking Whole Truth. The entire and complete truth is what sets us free.” - Dan Clark
(Truth, Pursuit)

“Some things are true whether you believe them or not; everybody is entitled to an opinion, but nobody is entitled to the wrong facts; and you shouldn’t believe everything you think.”
(Wisdom, Understanding)

“Believing is nothing more than a badge pinned on your lapel. Knowing is a deep and abiding unshakeable conviction in your spirit.” - Dan Clark
(Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding)

“Those with the courage to explore the structure of the universe, even where it differs profoundly from their wishes and prejudices, will penetrate its deepest mysteries.” - Dan Clark
(Courage, Progress, Pursuit)

“It’s much better not to know than to have answers that are wrong. Those afraid of the universe as it really is will prefer the fleeting comforts of superstition. They avoid rather than confront the world.” - Dan Clark
(Searching, Personal development, Knowledge)

“You can have understanding without knowledge, but having knowledge without understanding is worthless.” - Dan Clark
(Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom)

“Understanding our knowledge is the why to taking action. Don’t just hear me out - listen. Don’t just understand what I’m saying - I yearn to be understood.” - Dan Clark
(Understanding, Wisdom, Learning)

“Focus on winning beyond team. Individual hustle, sacrifice, willingness to prepare to win, organizational unity, and execution are all driven by purpose and achieving desired results.”
(Purpose, Determination, Results)

“You know you’re a champion when losing hurts worse than winning feels good.” - Dan Clark
(Personal Growth, Confidence, Wisdom)

“There is nothing more insignificant than the half-time score.” - Dan Clark
(Action, Pursuit, Results)

“Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. So you can't quit - it's a league rule.” - Dan Clark
(Success, Failure, Learning)

“To be disciplined, healthy, and extraordinarily significant, you must associate with the disciplined, healthy, and extraordinarily significant.”- Dan Clark
(Progress, Determination, Discipline)

“If you are not training and pushing yourself to your ultimate capacity and potential as a human being, someone else, somewhere else, is. When you meet him he will win.” - Dan Clark
(Discipline, Ambition, Desire, Purpose)

“Teamwork is the complete conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there.”
(Teamwork, Learning, Preparation)

“When the water in the lake rises, all the boats rise together.” - Dan Clark
(Teamwork, Resolve, Strength)

“Teams function as a musical ensemble - if you are an oboe player, you don't give up being the very best oboe player to be in the orchestra - you simply need to learn to play as part of an ensemble.”
(Passion, Challenge, Learning)

“Teamwork is like jazz music - you gotta know when it's your turn to solo, and your turn to accompany.” - Dan Clark

“Teams are only a reflection of the people on the team. When enough of the people think and act alike a culture is naturally created. Culture is formed and maintained by the purpose and reason you exist as an enterprise, and is the primary driving force of performance.” - Dan Clark
(Teamwork, Success)

“Winning isn't always beating your opponent – but in beating your own past best personal performance!” - Dan Clark
(Victory, Success, Motivation)

“Do right beyond seeking to be the best.” - Dan Clark
(Personal growth)

“Great is not always good enough, and best is only relevant depending on what you are comparing it with.” - Dan Clark
(Challenges, Self-reflection, Wisdom)

“The main thing is to make the main thing the main thing.” - Dan Clark
(Determination, Willpower)

“Everybody born into the world comes with an inherent ability to discern truth from error and determine right from wrong.” - Dan Clark
(Truth, Determination, Judgement)

“It's better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent.” - Dan Clark

“It's better to build a fence at the edge of the cliff than to park an ambulance at its base.” - Dan Clark
(Planning, Preparation, Action)

“It’s easier to act your way into positive thinking than to think your way into positive action. It's not mind over matter, but matter over mind. Action is what stimulates the brain, releases the endorphins and creates the good feeling.” - Dan Clark
(Action, Positive thinking)

“The things you hate to hear the most are usually the things you need to hear the most. What you are afraid to do is a clear indicator of the next thing you need to do.” - Dan Clark
(Overcoming Fear)

“Within ten years after the best selling book, 'Good To Great' was released in 2001, 50% of the companies showcased as 'great' were defunct, bankrupt and non-existence. This means 'great' is not good enough, and best is only relevant depending on what you compare it against.” - Dan Clark

“When the things you think about are different than the things you do, you will never be happy.”


“If you do today what others won't, you will accomplish tomorrow what other's can't, and turn your setbacks into come backs and your stumbling blocks into stepping stones.” - Dan Clark
(Overcoming obstacles, Accomplishment)

“Experience harmony beyond forcing balance. You see things as you are – not as they are. When you get yourself right, the world is right.” - Dan Clark

“Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” - Dan Clark
(Resolve, Determination, Positive thinking)

“We don't see things as they are - we see things as we are. If two people are watching the same snowstorm, and one negatively complains, 'what a horrible day,' while the other excitedly suggests, 'Let's go snowboarding,' the weather did not change. When you get yourself right, the world is right.” - Dan Clark

“What's the difference between a successful person who gets what he/she wants, and a significant individual who wants what he/she gets? The answer is the same for all: Passion, Creativity and Imagination.” - Dan Clark
(Passion, Creativity, Success)

“Multitaskers are simply lousy at a lot of things. It is more effective and efficient to be a 'juggler,' knowing you can only control the ball in your hand. Once you have tossed up the ball you have relinquished control, eliminating any reason to worry, which saves your energy until you catch it again to influence its performance.” - Dan Clark

“Those who transform themselves and their organizations from successful to significant don’t just converse - they connect; they don’t just see - they feel; they don’t just hear - they listen; they don’t just think - they believe. They know happiness is not found at the destination, but in the journey.”
(Journey, Leadership, Drive)

“When you identify yourself in terms of what you do instead of who you are, you become a human doing instead of a human being, which is unacceptable when significance is really what you seek.”
(Understanding, Enlightenment)

“There is a giant difference between being depressed and being disappointed - a huge difference between being depressed and being discouraged. There are people who have a chemical imbalance, and who need medication and there are those just flippantly and irresponsibly using the word as a popular catch-all phrase to describe their disappointment and discouragement.” - Dan Clark
(Perception, Disappointment, Wisdom)

“Depression medication flattens out one's emotions, eliminating the highs and lows, which numbs and nullifies one's natural human spirit of resiliency. When you are disappointed or discouraged you simply need to associate with loved ones and friends who will remind you that if you get knocked down seven times, get up eight.” - Dan Clark
(Determination, Willpower, Strength)

“Circumstances have no power to destroy your dreams. You do not stop dreaming because you are old - you grow old because you stop dreaming. Your dreams either live in your mind and heart, or they die there - it is your choice.” - Dan Clark
(Choice, Passion, Motivation)

“Practice doesn't make perfect - perfect practice makes perfect! And even though we may never reach perfection, in the process we attain excellence!” - Dan Clark
(Learning, Hard work, Success)

“Accept others beyond judging them.” - Dan Clark

“To be fully seen by somebody and be loved anyhow is the most miraculous outcome of our human experience.” - Dan Clark
(Love, Happiness, Joy)

“Every time a man is tempted to react in the same old way, he must ask himself if he wants to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future. The answer is only found in the place inside him where nothing is impossible.” - Dan Clark

“Every man's heart one day beats its final beat. If what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others, makes them believe deeper in something, then his essence and his spirit, will be immortalized by the loyalty and memory of those who honor him, and who carry on the inspired legacy he created and left behind.” - Dan Clark
(Success, Legacy, Knowledge, Faith)

“You cannot exceed your potential. You and someone else have just misjudged it.” - Dan Clark
(Wisdom, Limitations)

“Discipline is to teach, not to punish. You cannot increase a person’s performance by making that person feel worse. Humiliation immobilizes our behavior. Which means in life there are no mistakes, only lessons.” - Dan Clark
(Learning, Leadership, Discipline)

“A broken clock is right twice a day. Never give up on anyone - especially yourself.” - Dan Clark
(Perseverance, Resolve, Love, Kindness)

“Love and be needed beyond being romanced and used.” - Dan Clark
(Love, Self-worth)

“The purpose of life is not to be happy but to matter, to be productive, to be useful - to make a difference in the world.” - Dan Clark
(Making a difference, Empowering, Enlightening)

“Love is a commitment, not a way of feeling. Romance is not love. Romance comes from a Greek word that means erotic. If I love you because you’re beautiful, that’s romance. If you’re beautiful because I love you, that’s real love - a value creating love that inspires you to become the best you can be.” - Dan Clark

“Through the Law of Attraction you are not looking for someone perfect, you are looking for someone who is perfect for you, so when you are apart you say, 'I like me best when I'm with you I want to see you again.' ” - Dan Clark
(Love, Friendship, Joy)

“Never measure yourself by what you have accomplished but rather by what you should have accomplished with your abilities.” - Dan Clark
(Self-reflection, Personal development)

“When you work to leave behind a legacy of love and service, happiness will take care of itself. Remember, caring, kindness and leaving your family, friends, and co-workers in better shape than you found them is something the blind can see and the deaf can clearly hear.”- Dan Clark
(Love, Joy, Happiness, Success)

“If money becomes the topic of conversation it means the presentation is weak and the relationship is non-existent.” - Dan Clark

“Another human being was not created to satisfy your needs or my needs, just to make us feel complete in our “humanness” and become everything we were born to be. We were not “split-apart” and exiled by the gods to spend our entire lives searching for our missing Mr., Ms. Right/better half to make us whole.” - Dan Clark
(Drive, Love, Self-love)

“Soul Mates Are Not Born - They Are Made.” - Dan Clark
(Love, Kindness, Friendship)

“Although it’s not possible to be a Soul Mate, becoming someone’s Soul Mate is still an extraordinary romantic experience that is worth pursuing, where you share your devotion to the love of your life.”- Dan Clark
(Love, Joy, Success, Wealth)

“Don't Fear obstacles! It's no fun to run across an empty field. The excitement and growth come when there are eleven guys out there trying to knock you out!” - Dan Clark
(Overcoming obstacles)

“Establish covenants beyond making commitments.” - Dan Clark
(Success, Courage, Determination)

“The lives of both the giver and receiver of service are positively and simultaneously transformed.”
(Kindness, Thoughtfulness, Understanding)

“A Commitment is a two-way contract born out of suspicion. You make a list of your responsibilities and I make a list of my responsibilities. You hold me accountable and I hold you accountable. If either one of us violate any one of the line item responsibilities, the commitment contract is broken and void.” - Dan Clark
(Suspicion, Negativity, Judgement)

“A Covenant is a one-way promise born out of love and respect. No matter what you say or whether or not you keep your word and honor our commitment contract, I will remain the same ethical human being full of unshakable integrity, who will never violate any line item in our contractual agreement regardless of how you treat me.” - Dan Clark
(Understanding, Wisdom, Love, Respect)

“What you think, say, or do does not change the principles and core values by which I govern my life, nor does it change the way I treat you ethically and morally.” - Dan Clark

“There is a continuous decay in our contemporary Western society where we stay connected to people only as long as they are meeting our particular needs at an acceptable cost to us.” - Dan Clark
(Limitations, Deception)

“When we cease to make a profit - when the relationship appears to require more love and affirmation from us than we are getting back - we "cut our loses" and drop the relationship - a process by which even our most important relationships are reduced to economic exchange relationships.” - Dan Clark

“According to the Bible and other holy books, the essence of marriage is a sacrificial commitment to the good of the other. Which means love is more fundamentally action than emotion, and definitely a one-way covenant to serve and unconditionally love and support the other, regardless of a mutual commitment.” - Dan Clark

“While the masses want to make the individual's happiness the ultimate value, which makes the 21st century new school definition of marriage primarily an experience of romantic fulfilment, we old school traditionalists still believe that marriage intimately unites feelings AND duty, passion AND promise.” - Dan Clark
(Commitment, Love, Passion, Happiness, Togetherness)

“I don’t love and respect you as a human being because of what you have done or who you are. I love and respect you because of who I am, knowing those wrapped up in themselves make a small package.” - Dan Clark
(Respect, Love, Wisdom)

“The Constitution of the United States was never meant to prevent people from praying – its declared purpose was to protect our freedom to pray.” - Dan Clark

“Religion is for those who are afraid to go to hell, and spirituality is for those of us who have already been there, the combination of the two as supporting elements in our personal development is what will carry on throughout the eternities as we realize we are more than mere mortal beings, living on a small planet, for a short season.” - Dan Clark
(Personal development, Growth)

“Forgive beyond apologizing.” - Dan Clark
(Love, Kindness, Understanding)

“Most of the difficulties in which we find ourselves are of our own making; failure is a state of mind and something we can control; failure is an event, not a person; and we will recognize our own weaknesses in others and therefore, cut them some slack.” - Dan Clark
(Failure, Perseverance, State of mind, Difficulties)

“Forgiveness is at the heart and soul of life and love. Remaining angry is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Holding a grudge is like being stung to death by a single bee.”

(Anger, Love, Forgiveness)

“Never mix bad words with your bad mood.” - Dan Clark
(Anger, Thoughtfulness)

“Forgiveness is not an occasional act but a constant attitude of 'thank you for that experience.'” - Dan Clark
(Forgiveness, Understanding, Love)

“Forgiveness is me giving up my right to hurt you for hurting me, which is the greatest manifestation of love.” - Dan Clark
(Forgiveness, Kindness, Love)

“I think it is intriguing that people find it far easier to forgive others for being wrong than for being right. Forgiveness is the ultimate expression of love.” - Dan Clark
(Forgiveness, Love)

“What you’ve been in the past does not make you who you are today as much as what you plan to become in the future makes you who you are today.” - Dan Clark
(Perseverance, Faith, Looking forward)

“Repentance takes as long as it takes for you to say, “I’m going to change” - and mean it.” - Dan Clark
(Repentance, Change)

“You can if you think you can!” - Dan Clark
(Willpower, Dedication, Resolve)

“When your attitude is right, your abilities will always catch up.” - Dan Clark
(Positive thinking, Passion, Pursuit, Dedication)

“It takes rare courage to leap into an abyss, whether for the thrill of adventure or to dispense with a situation that no longer works. It’s easier to hesitate, holding on to the familiar, clinging to people, positions, programs, and possessions that are no longer sustaining, because we fear the unknown.” - Dan Clark
(Courage, Adversity, Strength)

“We seek a renaissance of spirit, a return to understanding that being is more important than having, and yet we lose our vitality by resisting the very steps that could help us create a dynamic and fulfilling life.” - Dan Clark

“When we minimize our hope for success and maximize the effort required to become significant, by focusing not on what’s impressive, but on what’s important, we see that if the things we think about are different than the things we do we will never be happy.” - Dan Clark
(Progress, Discipline, Self-reflection)

“Make a list of things that make you genuinely happy. Make a list of things you do every day. Compare the lists. Adjust accordingly.” - Dan Clark
(Self-reflection, Personal development)

“When you do the things you need to do when you need to do them, you will be able to do the things you want to do when you want to do them.” - Dan Clark
(Motivation, Willpower, Determination)

“Decide to get up thirty minutes earlier than usual in the morning. Do this for a year, and you will add seven and one-half days to your waking world. It’s better to wear out than to rust out.” - Dan Clark
(Drive, Passion, Pursuit)

“If you don't know what direction to take, you haven't acknowledged where you are. You have to see who you are and say what you are, before you can leave where you are and go where you want to be.” - Dan Clark
(Acknowledgement, Self-reflection)

“When you choose not to continuously train and push yourself to your ultimate capacity and potential as a human being, someone else, somewhere else, will. When you meet him, he will win.”
(Drive, Passion, Learning, Resolve)

“You've got to have a dream. If you don't have a dream, how are you going to make a dream come true?” - Dan Clark
(Motivation, Drive, Passion, Journey)

“When you lose your dreams you die. That's why we have so many people walking the halls of life who are dead and they don't even know it.” - Dan Clark
(Indifference, Complacency, Emptiness)

“Too many drag their dreams down to the level of their income, when we should be using our passion, creativity, imagination, and work ethic to elevate our income up to the level of our dreams.” - Dan Clark
(Ambition, Motivation, Drive)

“It’s been said that life is not measured by the number of breaths we take - but by the number of mo-ments that take our breath away.” - Dan Clark
(Life, Journey, Living)

“We do not remember days, we remember moments. For this reason, the main thing is to make the main thing the main thing, and never major in minor things or get caught up in the thick of thin things.” - Dan Clark
(Pursuit, Vision)

“There is a giant difference between inspiration and motivation. Inspiration affects attitude—the way we think. Motivation affects behavior—the way we act.” - Dan Clark
(Motivation, Inspiration)

“No one person can motivate another person. We can only inspire others to want to motivate themselves. True motivation comes from within., based 100% on our personal perspective.”
(Motivation, Inspiration, Personal development)

“You cannot discipline the wrong person to do the right thing. There is no right way to do something wrong.” - Dan Clark

“You must learn to do something exactly right slowly, before you can learn to do it exactly right quickly.” - Dan Clark
(Focus, Determination)

“Don’t get discouraged; it is often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.” - Dan Clark
(Faith, Willpower, Determination, Success)

“The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.” - Dan Clark
(Wisdom, Planning)

“You must stretch before you can strength¬en, and all the strengthening occurs in the area past the point of discomfort.” - Dan Clark
(Process, Pursuit)

“Everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives. Dream big. When you lose your dreams, you die. So many people walk dead through the halls of life, and they don’t even know it.” - Dan Clark
(Ambition, Emptiness, Obstacles)

“Dreams come one or two sizes too big so we can grow into them.” - Dan Clark
(Personal development, Success, Pursuit)

“Circumstances never destroy dreams. Dreams live in your mind and heart. Only there can they die.” - Dan Clark
(Obstacles, Pursuit, Determination)

“You are the message. Some people would rather be popular for the moment than respected for a lifetime. Popularity is other people liking you. Happiness is you liking yourself.” - Dan Clark
(True happiness, Respect, Success, Opportunities)

“Our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves—to break our own records and to improve our tomorrow through the lessons of yesterday and the actions of today.”
(Self-development, Self-improvement, Challenges)

“Learning is a process we can’t skip. Doing is a process of proving that it was worth learning. Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”
(Learning, Drive, Passion, Determination)

“Quality of life means more than new furniture. The quality of our judgement precisely determines the quality of life.” - Dan Clark
(Wisdom, Knowledge, Enlightenment)

“We ultimately have no choice but to feel what we are feeling. Authenticity only comes when we compare ourselves with ourselves. The meaning of success and failure emerges only in comparison to something or someone else.” - Dan Clark

“A young woman alone on an island with no fashion magazines to look at and no one else around to compare herself against would not know if she was tall or short, skinny or overweight. She would simply be her real, beautiful, unique self.” - Dan Clark
(Self-worth, Love, Happiness)

“You don’t have to be positive; you just have to be yourself. But being yourself is a choice, so you should be positive.” - Dan Clark
(Positive thinking, Self-love)

“We can do only what we think we can do. We can be only what we think we can be. We can have only what we think we can have. What we do, what we are, and what we have all depend upon what we think.” - Dan Clark
(Understanding, Wisdom, Character)

“We do not stop playing because we are old - we grow old because we stop playing.” - Dan Clark
(Journey, Happiness, Joy, Strength, Creativity)

“Love people for where they are in their lives.” - Dan Clark
(Unconditional love)

“Find a physical therapist of the mind and heart, knowing you must stretch before you can strengthen the soul.” - Dan Clark
(Inspiration, Empowerment, Spirituality)

“Live on purpose. Where did you come from? Why are you here? Where are you going?” - Dan Clark
(Purpose, Pursuit, Drive)

“Focus on fundamentals. Become brilliant at the basics.” - Dan Clark
(Learning, Perseverance, Success)

“Establish mutual respect and support. Celebrate people’s differences.” - Dan Clark
(Unconditional love, Kindness, Respect, Support)

“Find the opportunity in change. When your horse dies, dismount.” - Dan Clark
(Change, Opportunities)

“Act “as if.” If you do the thing, you will have the power.” - Dan Clark
(Determination, Ambition, Success)

“Communicate. Don’t just take turns talking.” - Dan Clark

“Come to grips with death, then life. We are all going to die—deal with it.” - Dan Clark
(Life, Death, Spirituality)

“Be true to yourself.” - Dan Clark

“Keep swinging. You can’t quit; it’s a league rule.” - Dan Clark

“Increase feedback.” - Dan Clark
(Personal development, Growth)

“No matter what your past has been, you have a spotless future.” - Dan Clark
(Faith, Pursuit, Challenges, Opportunities)

“Follow the final formula. Significance is never final.” - Dan Clark
(Success, Learning, Perseverance)

“Most of the time, peak performance - taking ourselves to the next level, stretching and becoming everything we were born to be - is inspired only from without until we see it, want it, buy into it, and own it to the degree that it comes from within.” - Dan Clark
(Inspiration, Motivation, Goals)

“It has been said, ‘There are no heroes - only ordinary men and women caught in extraordinary circumstance who place service before self.’ ” - Dan Clark

“It’s been said that you can’t lead where you won’t go, and you can’t teach what you don’t know.”
(Leadership, Teaching)

“Inspiring people preach only what they practice. Inspiration implies that you know something and do something with what you know.” - Dan Clark
(Inspiration, Leadership)

“Webster’s Dictionary defines a hero as ‘a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability; leading by example, inspiring with character, facing all fear, self sacrificing and exhibiting or marked by daring.’” - Dan Clark
(Leadership, Inspiration, Hero)

“A celebrity is a big name - a hero is a big man.” - Dan Clark
(Humility, Leadership, Inspiration)

“If you are not rich, notice how you make yourself poor. We do not live to make money; we make money to fully live.” - Dan Clark
(Success, Wealth)

“Quality of life is more than new furniture.” - Dan Clark
(Goals, Priorities)

“We must see who we are and say who we are before we can be who we are.” - Dan Clark

“It’s harder to find right answers to the wrong questions than to ask the right questions.” - Dan Clark
(Enlightenment, Wisdom)

“Success in life is not determined by our abilities; it is determined by our choices. Choices are made based on correct knowledge, correct attitude, correct perspective, and unquenchable curiosity.” - Dan Clark
(Success, Learning, Knowledge)

“Success is never final.” - Dan Clark
(Success, Learning, Motivation, Determination)

“Real success, self-fulfilment, and peace of mind can only come through living on purpose with someone to love, something to do, and some place to go in order to feel wanted, important, loved, and capable.” - Dan Clark
(Purpose, Success, Love, Happiness)

“Whatever is sufficient to get us to this point is insufficient to get us further.” - Dan Clark
(Personal development, Drive, Pursuit)

“Computer memory is getting so powerful that it could eventually hold grudges! In our high-tech world we must seek more truth and then apply it with high touch.” - Dan Clark
(Wisdom, Truth, Resolve)

“High tech is the hardware, mainframe, hard drive, letter-of-the-law side of success where the answers are 100 percent accurate but totally useless. High touch is the software, spirit-of-the-law, intangible qualities side of success where the emotional application of the high-tech knowledge creates wisdom, empathy, compassion, urgency, and action.” - Dan Clark
(Wisdom, Compassion, Action, Results)

“Common sense is no longer common. Neither is common courtesy or common knowledge.”
(Sense, Kindness, Respect)

“Our initial success in life is about saying 'yes,' but significance and balance are usually about saying 'no.'” - Dan Clark

“Competition is good, healthy, and productive; comparison is destructive. Knowing the difference between competition and comparison is paramount. Comparing brings arrogance, disappointment, and discouragement - and all three are bad.” - Dan Clark
(Competition, Comparison, Challenges, Wisdom)

“Competition can bring disappointment, but that’s okay - you learn more from failure than success. Success and failure mean nothing by themselves. The meaning of both emerges only in comparison to something or someone else, and this is bad.” - Dan Clark
(Competition, Success, Failure, Obstacles)

“Giving half effort doesn’t get you half results - it gets you no results.” - Dan Clark
(Effort, Results, Success, Ambition)

“Unless you try something beyond what you have mastered, you will never grow.” - Dan Clark
(Personal development, Self-improvement)

“It’s not how much you make, but how much you spend - nickels make dollars.” - Dan Clark

“We get what we inspect, not what we expect.” - Dan Clark

“Knowledge is awareness of the fact that fire will burn - wisdom is remembrance.” - Dan Clark
(Knowledge, Wisdom)

“Clear conscience with pure joy comes only when we choose to fill our minds with truth, fill our hearts with love, and fill our lives with service.” - Dan Clark
(Love, Joy, Happiness, Wisdom)

“What you are today is the result of what you have thought up to this moment. What you will be tomorrow depends upon the thoughts you think from now on.” - Dan Clark
(Self-worth, Strength, Faith)

“Always have family prayer—the family that prays together stays together.” - Dan Clark

“It’s not where you serve but how you serve that matters.” - Dan Clark
(Accomplishment, Success)

“Pay a full 10 percent tithe, seek for the Spirit, and stay true to you!” - Dan Clark

“Anyone who has had the privilege of living a magnificent life filled with extraordinary people and significant emotional events has no right to keep it to himself.” - Dan Clark
(Inspiration, Motivation, Encouragement)

“Leadership at the lowest level is about presence, programs and people; leadership at the highest level is about passion, principles and people.” - Dan Clark
(Leadership, Motivation, Teaching)

“To be an effective manager requires character. To be an effective leader requires credibility. To be inspirational in another person’s life requires both character and credibility.” - Dan Clark
(Leadership, Character, Inspiration)

“Leadership is an analog job in a digital world. Leaders have courage to adjust mis¬takes, vision to welcome change, and confidence to stay out of step when everyone else is marching to the wrong tune.” - Dan Clark
(Leadership, Inspiration, Encouragement)

“The purpose of leaders is to breed more leaders. We rise higher and see farther when we stand on the strong shoulders of those who have gone before us and those who continually support us and follow our lead.” - Dan Clark
(Leadership, Encouragement, Strength)

“Too many powerful people leading major organizations and even teaching in prestigious educational institutions know the price of everything and the value of nothing; they don’t know what they are talking about and make us feel that it’s our fault. The scary thing is, they don’t know that they don’t know.” - Dan Clark
(Teaching, Success, Leadership, Wealth)

“A celebrity is a big name; a hero is a big person. The masses define celebrities, but heroes define themselves.” - Dan Clark
(Self-worth, Self-reflection)

“Heroes are successful because they are willing to do what others are not willing to do. They do not want to do the hard things in life, either, but they do them anyway. They understand that courage is the mastery – not the absence of fear.” - Dan Clark
(Success, Wisdom, Courage)

“When everybody thinks alike, nobody thinks very much.” - Dan Clark

“Growth is good, but growth without good growth is no growth.” - Dan Clark
(Growth, Personal development)

“People first, mission always. You recruit the individual, but you must retain the family.”
(Family, Leadership, Success)

“We enter the armed forces to serve our country, but we fight for our teammates, for each other, for our buddies fighting beside us.” - Dan Clark
(Teamwork, Adversity, Respect)

“L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P – Loyalty, Ethics, Ambition, Duty, Excellence, Respect, Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage.” - Dan Clark

“Ethics: knowing hard work pays - a code of conduct to always do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do.” - Dan Clark
(Ethics, Wisdom)

“Ambition: self starter, relentlessly seeking to know more, be more, and do more today than you did yesterday.” - Dan Clark
(Ambition, Success, Determination)

“Excellence in all you do: knowing it's not enough to say 'I will do my best.' You must succeed in doing that which is necessary.” - Dan Clark
(Wisdom, Knowledge, Success)

“Respect: for yourself – your mind, body and spirit – for property, authority and for others.”
(Respect, Compassion, Kindness)

“Service before self: being empathetic and sensitive to the physical and emotional need of others and putting their needs before your own.” - Dan Clark
(Kindness, Understanding, Love, Compassion)

“Personal courage: being scared to death and saddling up anyway -facing your fears and running towards the sound of the guns. ” - Dan Clark
(Courage, Fears, Obstacles)

“We resent in others what we don't like about ourselves. Therefore, we must be the change and improvement we seek in our relationships at home and at work.” - Dan Clark
(Improvement, Change, Self-reflection)

“When we stop growing we put others down out of insecurity to make ourselves feel better about who we are. Remember, green things keep growing - ripe things go rotten.” - Dan Clark
(Learning, Growth, Confidence)

“If someone says something unkind about me, I must live so that no one will believe it.” - Dan Clark
(Motivation, Determination, Success)

“If I was accused of being a spiritual, religious, honest, ethical man of God, would they have enough evidence to convict me?” - Dan Clark

“I've learned that silent company is often more healing than words of advice. 'I didn't know how to fix the doll, I just stayed to help her cry.'” - Dan Clark
(Thoughtfulness, Kindness, Understanding)

“There are only twenty-four hours in a day, and we can’t do two things at once. If we say yes to the positive instead of worrying about how to say no to the negative, we won’t have time to be negative.” - Dan Clark
(Positive thinking, Drive, Success)

“Our positives will say no for us. Instead of telling others what they can’t do, we should focus on the positive and show them what they can do.” - Dan Clark
(Positive encouragement)

“A best friend is one who brings out the best in you.” - Dan Clark
(Love, Friendship, Happiness)

“Failure is an event, not a person. In life there are no mistakes, only lessons. Therefore, praise in public and criticize in private.” - Dan Clark
(Learning, Failure, Success)

“Don’t expect others to listen to your advice while ignoring your example. I’d rather see a sermon than hear one any day. I’d rather you would walk with me than merely point the way.” - Dan Clark
(Teaching, Motivation, Understanding)

“If the things we think about are different than the things we do, we will never be happy.” - Dan Clark
(Vision, Comparison, Self-reflection)

“Use your wit to amuse, not to abuse.” - Dan Clark
(Kindness, Happiness)

“What you say is exactly what you intend to say.” - Dan Clark
(Thoughtfulness, Understanding, Contemplation)

“There are none so self-righteous as the newly converted.” - Dan Clark

“Sales is everybody’s business. Customer service is not a department—it’s an attitude. Customers are not outsiders, but a part of the company. Customers do not interrupt the company’s work; they are the purpose for it.” - Dan Clark
(Pride, Anger, Judgement)

“Sales and customer service cannot be taught and trained. It’s a natural way of thinking and living—a natural tendency and desire to make everybody else around us better. Classic sales and service people strive to bring out the best in everyone.” - Dan Clark
(Sharing, Teaching, Motivation, Inspiration)

“Good, effective communication is more than two people taking turns talking. Stop, make eye contact, understand, and respond. Don’t just hear—listen!” - Dan Clark
(Listening, Communication)

“When we set high expectations and work hard to meet them, we call it accomplish¬ment. We had to come early, study more, and stay late; we had to withstand temp¬tation and take the high road, but it was worth it.” - Dan Clark
(Accomplishment, Success, Perseverance)

“When we set low expectations and allow our behavior to slide down to meet them, we call it rationalization. Rationalization kills our families, neighborhoods, and schools and can de¬stroy the world. It’s better to shoot for the stars and miss than to aim for a pile of manure and hit.”
(Failure, Expectations, Adversity)

“The person with big dreams, passion, and desire is more powerful than the person with all the facts.” - Dan Clark
(Passion, Desire, Drive)

“We should never drag our dreams down to the level of our income - we should elevate our income up to the level of our dreams.” - Dan Clark

“Imagination is the strongest nation on earth.” - Dan Clark
(Imagination, Inspiration)

“It’s hard to describe the ocean to a land-based creature, and ice to a summer bug.” - Dan Clark
(Opposites, Understanding, Perception)

“If you find life is empty, try putting something into it. Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” - Dan Clark
(Kindness, Love, Thoughtfulness)

“Too often we forget that you can surgically remove the stripes from a tiger, and it’s still a tiger. A geographic relocation doesn’t change much. No matter where you go, there you are.” - Dan Clark
(Community, Limitations)

“The mountain seems high only from the valley.” - Dan Clark
(Limitations, Determination)

“Being burned out means that you were once lit! To rekindle the flame, focus on purposes instead of just setting goals.” - Dan Clark
(Purpose, Drive, Passion)

“Failure is the opportunity to begin again with more knowledge.” - Dan Clark
(Failure, Knowledge, Skill)

“Some men have thousands of excuses why they cannot do what they want, when all they need is one reason why they can.” - Dan Clark
(Success, Limitations, Obstacles)

“Passion will ensure success, for the desire of the end will point out the means. Desire cre¬ates the power. Wherever the mind goes, the energy flows.” - Dan Clark
(Passion, Desire, Goals, Success)

“You are not a failure if you don’t win; you are a failure if you don’t participate. It’s better to fail with honor than to succeed by fraud.” - Dan Clark
(Failure, Success)

“There’s no lesson in the second kick of a donkey.” - Dan Clark

“Do not make easy hard.” - Dan Clark

“Do one thing each and every day that scares you.” - Dan Clark
(Overcoming fear, Success, Passion)

“Surround yourself with light; it brightens you and everything you’re about.” - Dan Clark
(Positive thinking)

“If you do the things you need to do when you need to do them, you will be able to do the things you want to do when you want to do them.” - Dan Clark
(Passion, Motivation, Success)

“Purchase gas from the neighborhood gas station even if it costs more. Next winter when it’s freezing and your car won’t start, you’ll be glad they know you and want to help.” - Dan Clark

“Buy whatever kids are selling on card tables in their front yards.” - Dan Clark

“Buy vegetables from farmers on the side of the highway.” - Dan Clark
(Support, Encouragement, Motivation)

“Let people pull in front of you when you’re stopped in traffic. And be prepared: those you let in flip you a “peace sign,” but those you hold up flip you a “half-a-peace” sign!” - Dan Clark
(Patience, Kindness)

“I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back.” - Dan Clark

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave foot¬prints in your heart.” - Dan Clark
(Friendship, Love, Happiness)

“Conscience is what hurts so bad when everything else feels so good.” - Dan Clark
(Consciousness, Self-improvement, Self-worth)

“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” - Dan Clark
(Leadership, Love, Kindness)

“If a man betrays you once, it is his fault; if he betrays you twice, it is your fault.” - Dan Clark
(Predictability, Expectations, Betrayal)

“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art. I’ve learned that silent company is often more healing than words of advice.” - Dan Clark
(Beauty, Age, Wisdom)

“Only when the student is ready to learn will the teacher appear.” - Dan Clark
(Learning, Leadership, Motivation)

“I’ve learned that if someone says something unkind about me, I must live so that no one will believe it. We shouldn’t let someone else’s words or actions change who we are and what we say and do.” - Dan Clark
(Self-worth, Self-confidence)

“I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a man by the way he handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.” - Dan Clark
(Patience, Understanding, Kindness)

“I’ve learned that even when I have pains, I don’t have to be one.” - Dan Clark
(Kindness, Thoughtfulness, Understanding)

“I’ve learned that if you pursue happiness, it will elude you. But if you focus on your family, the needs of others, your work, meeting new people, and doing the very best you can, happiness will find you.” - Dan Clark
(Happiness, Family, Community, Encouragement)

“Remember to hold hands and cherish the moment, for someday that person will not be there.” - Dan Clark
(Love, Respect, Support)

“We resent in others what we don’t like about ourselves. We must be the change we seek in our relationships, at home and at work. When we stop growing, we put others down out of insecurity to make ourselves feel better about who we are. Remember, green things keep growing, but ripe things go rotten.” - Dan Clark
(Insecurity, Failure, Personal growth)

“The best gift you can give a loved one is your time.” - Dan Clark
(Love, Sharing, Joy)

“We become like the company we keep.” - Dan Clark
(Companionship, Aspiration, Self-worth)

“If the grass looks greener on the other side, it’s time to fertilize!” - Dan Clark

“People who use themselves up are the happiest.” - Dan Clark
(Success, Accomplishment, Challenges, Obstacles)

“You can make a living with knowledge, but you can make a life with wisdom.” - Dan Clark
(Knowledge, Wisdom, Acknowledgement)

“Good manners will take you where money cannot.” - Dan Clark
(Manners, Success)

“Those who help others feel good about them selves are always in demand.” - Dan Clark
(Leadership, Inspiration, Motivation)

“Do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do.” - Dan Clark

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” - Dan Clark
(Perseverance, Motivation, Determination)

“You’ve gotta be before you can do. You’ve gotta do before you can have. You’ve gotta have before you can give. You’ve gotta give before you can take.” - Dan Clark
(Success, Wealth, Purpose)

“To endure is greater than to dare - To tire out hostile fortune - To be daunted by no difficulty - To keep heart when all have lost it - - Who can say this is not greatness?” - Dan Clark
(Success, Respect, Accomplishment)

“Tiny things make a giant difference” - Dan Clark

“Count your blessings and write “thank you” notes promptly.” - Dan Clark
(Blessings, Gratitude)

“Be someone’s hero, inspiration, and role model.” - Dan Clark
(Inspiration, Leader, Role model)

“Remember people’s names, and respect everyone who works for a living, re¬gardless of their jobs.”
(Respect, Encouragement, Empowerment)

“Don’t ever be called out on strikes. Go down swinging, and swing for the fence!” - Dan Clark

“If you cut your own firewood, it warms you twice.” - Dan Clark
(Respect, Challenge, Obstacles)

“Never cut what can be untied.” - Dan Clark
(Wisdom, Understanding)

“Return borrowed vehicles with a full tank of gas.” - Dan Clark
(Consideration, Kindness, Gratitude)

“Don’t burn bridges; you’ll be surprised how many times you have to cross the river.” - Dan Clark
(Thoughtfulness, Opportunities, Wisdom)

“When someone hugs you, let her/him be the first to let go.” - Dan Clark
(Thoughtfulness, Love, Kindness)

“Songwriters and their songs help us ‘remember when,’ and teach and tutor us in a deep and soulful way about time, life, peace, country, love, and leaving no regrets” - Dan Clark
(Peace, Love, Happiness, Respect)

“At 70,000 feet above the surface of the earth you can see two-thirds of the state of California. At 80,000 feet you can see mapped outlines of America. And at 90,000 feet you tear up and feel like you can reach out and touch the face God.” - Dan Clark
(Courage, Motivation, Perspective)

“Education - whatever degree of intelligence and knowledge we attained in this life will rise with us in the next, and give us the advantage in the world to come.” - Dan Clark
(Education, Motivation)

“Convictions - our deepest beliefs and covenants to give our time, talents and resources to a cause larger than ourselves.” - Dan Clark
(Success, Community, Leadership)

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. what we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” - Dan Clark

“Having success is no longer a substitute for being significant. Now is the time to minimize our hope for success and maximize the effort required to become significant by focusing not on what’s impressive but on what’s important.” - Dan Clark
(Success, Drive, Determination)

“I never say 'I can’t' - I always say 'I can, I will'”- Dan Clark
(Determination, Perseverance, Resolve, Willpower)

“If I fall down or fail, I just get back up and go again. If I spill or make a mistake, I learn why, clean it up, and say 'no big deal.'” - Dan Clark
(Learning, Patience, Determination)

“I treat others as I want to be treated.” - Dan Clark
(Love, Kindness, Understanding)