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PPDC 52 | Continued Success


One of the biggest attributes of power players is that they don’t ever consider themselves done. To a power player, becoming their best version is an ongoing pursuit, and that’s what fuels them to achieve continued success. That is what Keith Yackey has done throughout his business career and personal life. He has committed to always pushing himself to the limit, whether in his real estate ventures or his other pursuits on life. In this conversation with Dan Clark, Keith teaches us that to take ourselves to the next level, we must be the best version of ourselves. That begins with curiosity, and to that you add discipline and personal integrity. Keith also breaks down what it takes to be a whole human being in body, in mind, and in spirit. Join in and get amazed by some of the most unique pieces of wisdom you will never hear from anyone else.

Keith Yackey Breaks Down His Continued Success And Ongoing Pursuit Of Becoming The Best Version Of Himself

One of the joys in my life as a public speaker, traveling the world, is to meet individuals from my audience who are bigger superstars, bigger names in the coaching and the speaking space than perhaps I am as a keynote speaker. A few years ago, I was speaking at a pretty large event in Phoenix, Arizona, where I met this gentleman, and I watched from afar. I almost felt like I was in Asia. If you’ve ever watched how the Japanese honor their mentors and gurus. They stand at afar and bow in reverence.

Not to that degree but I watched how people listened to what Keith Yackey said. I watched how they illuminated, through their nonverbal communication, this sense of love and admiration. I was intrigued by, “Who is this guy? Why wasn’t he sharing the same platform that I was?” We hit it off and became instantaneous friends. I know you’ve seen him surfing with Garrett White on the great waves of Southern California or perhaps in Central America.

You’ve perhaps seen him share the stage with music superstar Pitbull or the stage with Tony Robbins. He’s great friends with Gary Vee, and the list goes on and on because of his lifelong journey to becoming the best version of himself. Keith Yackey is more than a friend. He’s a mentor, a guide, and a buddy. He’s always pushing himself to the limit. It’s not being a great and successful real estate investor. It’s not enough. He decides, “I don’t want to push myself and learn standup comedy.” I’ve supported him on three occasions where I’m in the audience as a critical, “Come on, you got to pull this off. Being a standup comedian is tougher than being a professional speaker,” and he nailed it.

Naturally funny, so polished. Every time I’m around him, I always wince because I know it’s going to lower my self-esteem. He’s one of those guys. If I could write a song about him, it would be called Stud Muffin Hunka Burden Love. I don’t know what rhymes with that. Keith Yackey is an incredible human being.

Welcome to the show, Power Players with Dan Clark, and you epitomize what that title means. Everybody goes, “What’s a power runner? What’s a power player?” Ladies and gentlemen, strap it on because you are going to finally meet one and hear his wisdom. Keith Yackey, welcome to my show.

Dan Clark, thank you for all those amazing words. We have had a lot of very fun moments together, and you bring a lot of joy to my soul. Let me take one half a second here to say, at that Arizona thing. I remember you getting up and basically summarizing the golden nugget and weaving the golden thread through every speaker’s speech in Arizona when you got up at the very end. It was like, “What did we witness?” Huge respect for you. I have so much fun when we’re around, and I giggle a lot with you. I appreciate you so much.

Let’s cut right to the chase. As I, hopefully, meticulously iterated in that quick personal discussion that has to the formal recorded introduction, you are on a constant journey to be better today than you were yesterday. You are in the gym. You have a chiseled body. You work on your mindset. You are working on your personal relationship where your wife left you a few years ago, and you didn’t throw in the hat. You basically battled back for her affection and attention.

More importantly, battled back for her respect and admiration. You know how much I love and adore your wife and your daughter. It’s an amazing package but I want to go beyond that before that. Let’s take us back to how you grew up and created this curiosity to become a real estate investor, whereas you learned, ladies and gentlemen, his first two years, he knocked it right out of the park. Take us to your youth and how you became courageous enough to take a step and invest in yourself so that you could understand the principles of real estate investing. How you became successful and then decide to create a mission to teach all of us who are curious about the same thing, the practical application and tools required to also invest in real estate?

Here’s the thing. This is, I believe, how almost every story has happened for any Power Player you have on this show, including yourself. What has become my superpower is curiosity. I’ve got to ask a lot of questions. I want to know more about that. Tell me about that. “What did you feel? How did I get there?” I was that way since I was a kid and was made fun of for being that way by adults like, “Keith, you ask so many questions. Can you shut up?”

I started like, “Keith, you talk too much. You are asking too many questions. You are telling too many stories. You are distracting the kids around you.” As a kid, I was the class clown like, “This is pretty boring. Let’s create some fun out of this.” I’ve always had that curiosity. It was pushed down where I was at a point in my life working construction and I’m like, “This is not where I wanted to be at this point in my life,” which was around 27 or so.

“I don’t care what anybody says now. I’m going to speak up, and I’m going to get curious.” That is why I invest in myself to hire a mentor. I don’t even have the money. I literally borrowed it from my sister to say, “Do you trust me that if I do this, I will succeed?” She goes, “Yes, your word means a lot to me. Go for it.” That’s when I went and flipped 200 properties in that first couple of years, went on to raise millions of dollars, then turned around and taught it and all that stuff.

It was the same curiosity when I did all that, made a bunch of money, and was successful in people’s eyes. I still found myself radically unfulfilled and then went through my situation a few years ago where my beloved wife basically said, “You run your business. You come home and talk about your business and fall asleep on the couch. That is not what we signed up for. I’ve asked you to change, and you wouldn’t and didn’t. Your daughter and I are now going to help you move into our dream home but we are not staying.”

The curiosity was like, “Why am I in this situation again?” Now I got to speak up. I went and hired three coaches, “How do I get her back?” Developed that. I got her back, went through these deep dark tunnels of hell, figured it out, and climbed my way out of it again through curiosity. Created this beautiful relationship that you get to experience and see with us, and the world gets to see now.

The curiosity is like, “How come nobody taught me this?” Even the coaches I did learn it from, I didn’t believe they went through it. Why don’t I turn back to the world and say, “You’ve learned real estate? That’s fine, and that’s great.” I want to share this. If you are struggling with this problem which I’ve discovered since then is like 85% of dudes aren’t happy with the quality or quantity of the intimacy within their relationship. I’m like, “I know the answer to that. I have to share it with the world. Let’s get curious about this.” Curiosity has always been the drive. It still leads me to this day and goes, “How far can I take this thing? I’m curious.”

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Of all the folks that we both know, you epitomize the whole man, the real man, with all due respect to everybody’s own body image and insecurities about certain things about us. I want to use you as the poster child for a moment, Keith, because from a distance and from the inside out, as one of your inner circle friends, let’s talk about respect. It’s beginning with self-respect but getting that admiration and respect from others. May I be so bold as to contrast you in your current state with someone who’s not in your current state?

This means we all know people who have made a lot of money but are out-of-shape obese slobs, and their personal relationships suck. We know a lot of folks who are gym rats. They are so buffed and so carved and spend so much time in the gym but they are freaking broke and their personal relationships suck then we know those who have beautiful families. We must honor that no other success can compensate for failure in the home.

We know those who are very spiritual. May I point out something that you and I agree on that religion is for those who are afraid to go to hell? Spirituality is for those of us who have already been there but there’s that spiritual piece that we also have to throw into the pie. We know people who are spiritual beings who have focused. What matters most, which is what lasts the longest, are families but they are broke. They are obese and out of shape. I can’t respect someone who does not focus in to do the best that they know how to do to become the whole person, the mind, spirit, and body constitute the soul of humanity.

One without the other is dead. I know too many folks driving Lambos and have free houses. They have no one to share it with. You have been in that situation, and we all have been in that similar situation. Let’s talk about being the whole person. We are not financial or economic beings. If that were the case, all we would do is focus on making money. We are whole human beings. We seek trust. We seek empowerment. We seek empathy, compassion, real love, and companionship. All the things that we know are good, clean, pure, powerful, and positive goals in life.

Too many times, especially for entrepreneurs, we become shackled. We become married to our business and let everything else fall apart. Quoting a biblical point, which we all understand is, “Too many of us gain the whole world and sell our soul.” It has been on the fringe of that or immersed in that situation. With all due respect to every reader, who’s not a full human being now, who’s not the complete physical, mental, spiritual, social, emotional, financial, family, fun and recreation, charitable giving individual, someone who’s not completely balanced in all nine aspects of life, take us back.

How did you start? Where did you start with your journey of self-respect? Did you start in the gym with your body? Was that the easiest thing to fix? Did you start with your mind? Did you read or did you go right to the spiritual side or did you go right to the, “I love you. I’m so sorry. I have been a bonehead. Take me back, and I’m going to work on this together?” Take us back to step one because, as I promised, ladies and gentlemen, Keith Yackey has been there, done that, and would wear the T-shirt but he can’t find his small enough T-shirt to make him look more buff than he is.

Dan, you’re eloquent. You should start writing books.

You are such a piece. Take us back. You are my hero. You are our guru.

Every one of those aspects is a continual journey. What I’m about ready to say might shock you a little bit but it’s the truth. I feel I lacked true, real love, respect, and belief in myself. That might sound crazy because, as you mentioned, I’ve accomplished a lot of cool things, taken on new tasks like standup comedy, and went and got to perform with good headliners and had a great time. Nobody thought I was the worst comic and had a good time but it happened on October 3rd, 2021.

PPDC 52 | Continued Success

Continued Success: Almost every story that has happened for any power player has involved curiosity.


I sat with my creator once a week for three hours on Sunday night from 6:00 to 9:00 and got this download that said, “Keith, you’ve gotten sloppy. You are a little loose around the edges. Your body isn’t as tight as you think it is. Your business isn’t running as smoothly as it ought to. Your marriage is amazing compared to a lot of other people but you know there’s room to grow in that as well.”

Ultimately, the download was, “You need to pick up that discipline regimen that you followed back a while ago that got you to tell, and it was 75 Hard.” I didn’t want to do it and thought, “That is so much restriction. That is so much discipline. Do I need that?” I looked at my condition and thought to myself, “You are under indexing.” I thought I was going to have to focus on the business because that’s where I knew there was so much opportunity that I wasn’t capitalizing on because of lack of discipline or the lack of level of discipline. I knew that I could take this thing to.

I started 75 hard on October 4th and did it. I literally complete the year in the next couple of weeks. I’ve done the entire program the entire year. What I discovered about 30 days into the program was, “Keeping my word to myself is the only thing that makes me feel like I’m an empowered human being.” Nothing else did. Not having the beautiful wife that truly loved me. Not having amazing friends like you, who I could call to drop of a hand and go, “I’m working through this. What do you think?”

Have I got the best of friends? I have a business that has pumped out a profit. There are things that have happened but I went, “I didn’t do any of that for me. I did it for everybody else. That is shaky ground. I need to find out what I’m capable of for me.” When I went and did 75 hard, I said, “I’m going all in on me. I’m not going to watch any sports. I don’t care about the statistics of any other man because I don’t even know the statistics of me.” I had to get to that point.

I know the exact day that I fell back in love with me, truly. I said it to myself in the mirror for the first time ever in my entire life. It was October 25th in Las Vegas, we had performed that night, and it went well. I got up the next morning to go to a workout, and they wanted me to put a mask on. I said, “I’m not going to do that. No big deal.” I decided I will take it outside.

The problem with going and running outside in Las Vegas at 6:00 AM that morning was that it was 38 degrees. All I had on was my little tennis shorts and a Lululemon top. My mind at that point said, “It doesn’t matter.” I started running. I’m literally in front of the Bellagio, and there are these three homeless dudes, and they go, “It’s freezing out here. Are you crazy?” I turned to them, and I promise you this is not made up. I said, “It’s not cold in here,” and I kept running.

I got back to the hotel room after that run. I got out of the shower, looked myself in the mirror dead in the eyes, and said, “I love you. I trust and believe you.” I meant it for the first time in my life because I had proof. For 3 or 4 weeks that whatever I said I was going to do, big or small, did not matter. I did it without compromise, no matter what cost I had to pay. Sometimes getting up at 6:00 AM after a late show in Vegas because I knew I had to get that on because I had to fly. I had to get calculate about everything and take full responsibility.

When I did it, and nothing would stop me, I didn’t give into any of what we call the lesser voice as opposed to the greater voice. I respected myself again. That’s when I truly realized none of this stuff that everybody thinks is cool about me, that is cool but it’s not. I fell in love with me and started to trust my voice more than anybody else’s.

Whatever your opinion is great but it’s almost radically irrelevant to what mine is now because I now trust myself. It’s a journey. All of those areas have been a radical journey for me but none more important than in 2021. My wife says, “Whatever you say, I know I will come to pass. I know if you tell me you are going to do something, I can bank on it because you don’t miss it.”

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Nothing else matters if we don’t get integrity first. You remind me of something. We get so caught up in people in our lives who say, “You have so much potential. We’ve heard our whole lives.” What they are basically saying is, “You lazy freaking butt. Why don’t you get up and do something?” We must remind ourselves that no one can exceed his or her potential. We misjudge it.

We’ve all quoted Jim Rohn, “We become the average of the five people we associate with the most.” Take us into the journey where you had to escape those who tried to judge you or hold you back and get you to live small instead of living large in finding not your potential but I love the new word capacity. If you look at a glass that’s half empty or half full and you wonder if it’s half empty or half full, you’ve missed the point. It’s refillable.

Thinking positively or thinking negatively doesn’t fill up the glass. The pouring does. It’s easier to act your way into positive thinking than it is to think your way into positive action. When you shifted your mindset from reaching your potential or even wondering what it is to realize you have this capacity that you were born to fulfill, the full measure of your existence.

Did you have to escape current friendships, relationships, and environments or did you use the program? Teach us a little bit about 75, as we call it. Teach us a little bit about the insight, mindset, and regimen of 75 with the belief that it spills over into every aspect of our lives because of what you said. It disciplines you in one mindset, which affects discipline across the board.

I can’t say enough good things about what 75 Hard did to my life and how it reframed my brain and sharpened my ax to where I’m laser razor sharp. Here’s the interesting thing. I thought that 75 Hard was going to make me a more disciplined businessman. I was like, “I’m willing to submit to that,” because there are financial goals I want.

My four horsemen, the true four best friends of mine, all make 10X to 20X or 30X of what I make, and I make a lot of money. I know these guys so well. I’m like, “They are knuckleheads like me. The only difference was their willingness to commit to a protocol, a process, a regimen, a voluntary curriculum of discipline that I was not willing to commit to.”

I became mentally sharp when I did 75 Hard years ago. It’s what moved me back out to California, where I happened to start surfing with Garrett J White, who became my best friend. That all happened. I’m watching him closely. I’m watching Dan Martell closely, Taylor Welch closely, and Pete Vargas closely. I’m watching these men extremely closely and I go, “They have discipline. I don’t.”

When I did 75 Hard, which is the only thing I knew how to have discipline was but I said, “I’m not doing it for Instagram. I’m not telling anybody this time. This isn’t, ‘Guy, look at me.’ This is a, ‘Hey, you. You look at you. You get serious about you. You are 42 and are not where you know you could be deep in the crevices of your soul. You know there’s more, and you are selling yourself short.’”

I then thought, “I need to double down on my business discipline and know my numbers.” That is not what 75 Hard taught me. 75 Hard taught me belief in myself and that it was about me. It was not about anything else. My business coach, a long time ago, said, “Keith, you don’t have a business problem. You have a personal problem showing up in your business because you are the guy running your business.” It became abundantly clear when I smashed 75 Hard. The next phase was 30 days. After that, it added more stuff, then you take 30 days off, and you do another 30 days of craziness.

PPDC 52 | Continued Success

Continued Success Whatever your opinion is great. But it’s almost radically irrelevant to what mine is right now, because I now trust myself.


After that, you have the year to stay disciplined, but now, it’s the last 30 days. It’s got even more craziness. On top of it, random acts of kindness and all this craziness on what you already learned and the mentality that I learned from all of it. This is what changed everything for me in my life. It’s why I speak with almost deep religious conviction at this point. It’s simply this. By saying, “I’m going to do something, you will have to kill me to not finish it.” I knew and believed that on day 12 of the 2nd phase, when I threw my back out doing deadlifts with a friend of mine who likes to lift heavy.

I said, “I can do that.” I went and hurt my back. When I came home and could barely walk, I said, “I will crawl on my hands and knees in my yard on the grass to get these workouts in. You will not stop me from completing what I promised myself I would complete.” What I interestingly found out was that if you submit to the process, let the process shape you. Don’t judge yourself for not wanting to do the process but get curious as to why. That’s what happened. I came out of this, realizing, “I am not capable. I’m exceedingly capable.”

If I say, “I’m going to do something,” pick a plan, pick a process and submit to it as if there is no emotion around it because there isn’t. That’s what happened to me. That’s what 75 Hard did to me. Across my entire life, I go, “I’m going to do this and this. I can’t say if I’m going to do it yet. Let me look at my schedule. I got to find out where I’m going to fit it in.” Literally, the last 30 days of the program, I walk through every single day in the future.

I future-paced every single day and said, “Where am I going to fit all of these activities in on this thing? That way, I can say for sure and to double-check. I already said I was going to do it but let’s plan it so that there is no misstep. There is no miscue. You will not say, ‘That was two days away.’ That will not be me. I will say on the very last day, ‘I did the entire live hard program.’” That is a man you can’t stop.

Therefore, that’s a man who is very bold about if anybody is dragging him down or bringing energy around him. He goes, “Folks, listen, that’s not welcome here.” It happens in my company from time to time. I go, “Is that an excuse? What are you saying? Why weren’t you able to accomplish? I need to know what the reason was.” By the time we work through it, they go, “You are right. My bad. There was no reason for that excuse to be an excuse.” It’s changed everything and everyone around me.

Let’s encapsulate what we’ve learned. If you want to take yourself to the next level, be the best version of yourself. You begin with curiosity. You add to that discipline. You add to that personal integrity, and the results are mutual, respect and support, admiration, and the ultimate explanation of that Law of Attraction. We must be willing to pay any price and travel any distance to associate with extraordinary human beings.

Here’s the challenge. To attract extraordinary human beings, Keith reminds us that we must first be an extraordinary human beings. Here’s the question I’m sure a lot of our readers or viewers are asking. You had the privilege and the option of having some pretty high-level, already disciplined, curious friends and associates.

Pete Vargas, our mutual friend, and Garrett White, we go way back. Maybe before you even met him. I knew this kid who became this incredible human being man. I’m sure some people are going, “Now, I’m surrounded by a bunch of losers. What do I do? How do I break away? I want to be positive in the office but I’m surrounded by negative. I want to be positive in my family but I’m surrounded by dysfunction.”

Give us a little insight. Maybe an intuitive get a response to this question. “How do you find the courage to break away and find those gurus, those positive influences, move to Southern California so you can be surrounded with these individuals whom you don’t have to listen to but you get to watch?” Who will inspire you and maybe even encourage you as an accountability partner, “Keith, we are going to the gym this morning at 6:00. Do you want to join us?” You are like, “This is somebody I have admired, loved, and respected. I can’t say no.”

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You leap into the back seat of their car and come home a newly transformed man. What do we do to break loose of the ball and chain that so many of us are experiencing in personal and professional relationships now to create this new life of curiosity, discipline, and integrity that you share so eloquently?

Everything starts with a decision. I know that sounds like, “Wow. Really? That’s your answer?” You want my intuitive answer. This is what it is, the decision has to be first. I will find this or die trying. If you don’t have that energy in what you put into it, then you will be like, “I went here, and it wasn’t that good. I went here, so I might as well curl back in my ball.” That will not work. It will work but it will work so little that you won’t do it. You have to decide, “I understand that I will only live.”

The saddest thing about our society now is we are so individualistic and isolated from one another. Even before whatever happened, we had our home. We barely know our neighbor. We all have our individual. What that has created is the ability not to be accountable to anybody in reality because I can go to my house and hide. I can order food, and it can be dropped off on my doorstep, whatever. That tribal mentality that we used to have, what has happened now is we are starting to say, “What our features are our flaws.”

I’m going to give you three of them that are features that are being sold as flaws, and people are buying them. Number 1) Competition. Number 2) Comparison. Number 3) Shame. These are features built into men to make them better. Do I compete with my best friends? Why do I know that they make more money than me? Do I compete? You are darn right, I compete, and I will tell you why men should compete with one another. It makes us both better. The second-string quarterback is getting as much reps and as much work as he can because he knows he’s one broken kneecap away or a 1-3 game bad streak away. It’s your chance. You don’t get to decide the morning they pick you. You have to pick yourself way before that.

What happens is this competition, “You are making $25 million. You are making $35 million. You did $90 million. I’m making about a tenth of that.” I compete because I know I’m capable because these guys are capable but I see it with my eyes. That is a feature. The next feature comparison. People go, “Comparison is a thief of joy.” If you are a weak human being, comparison brings me joy because I go, “If you can do that and I know how silly you are, I can do that.” I want to compare. I want to contrast because it makes me better.

For the human species, we need this because we haven’t always lived in a nerf world. We haven’t always lived in beautiful little man caves in podcast studios. We used to have to say, “Keep an eye out that way. We’ve seen a grizzly bear over there. We would hate for him to come in and use us as lunch.” There was alertness. They had to be better, so they were comparing, “You can run a 4-minute mile, and I can only run a 6-minute mile. That’s going to be a real problem if I’m out on the battlefield.”

A lot of people are hoping to get on the team. Very few men say, “I have to be captain.” These are features, not flaws. The shame, you should feel shame that if you step into a tribe and that tribe is depending on you to defend us as a tribe and hunt for us for food, if you show up to camp 40 pounds overweight, you can’t run, hunt, and defect. You now are a liability. You should feel so much shame over that.

We don’t have to say anything. We can look at you and go, “What the ever love and hockey puck happened to you?” You are now a liability. We are dragging you, and that is unacceptable. You have to say, “I’m deciding to find men like that,” so that I can now open my soul, bear up and go, “I got some deficiencies but you guys know how to fix some. I don’t care if I’m embarrassed about them because I’m supposed to be embarrassed about them.” I take care of it.

That is the most profound wisdom I’ve heard on my show in history. I listen to so many podcasts. We have mutual friends who are podcasters. Ladies and gentlemen, you need to reread that. You need to share this show with everyone. That was so amazing. In fact, you should create a little booklet and stick it out there. That’s unbelievable.

PPDC 52 | Continued Success

Continued Success Learn to trust yourself because you have the proof by doing everything you say. If you can do that, there is not a man in the world that could ever conquer you inside your brain and conquer you in your soul. And if you follow that advice, no one can stop you.


This is the stuff I teach at Married Game for all of my men. This is literally because of what I have here in Dana Point with Jeremy and Sammy and Parker and Garrett. We’ve got this little enclave of guys that I surf with or hang out with or see. Frankly, all my friends fly in because I live in paradise. I got Taylor coming out for a week and Dan coming out for a week or month. We spend a lot of time watching each other. Things that are caught are way more powerful than things that are taught.

I said, “I created this man cave.” I can’t wait for you to come down. We will play the guitar, drum, and some songs but we will play pool. We have a blast in here. I created this thing called the Ascend Brotherhood. It’s not a mastermind. It’s brothers that are saying, “I want to be held accountable. I’m tired of buying my own BS. I’m tired of trying to sell it to you.” I want to be around guys that won’t buy it. They won’t buy it.

They go, “If you want to think that way, you don’t get to hang with us because we don’t allow that in our circle.” The only way you will ever be let in is because you have built yourself by simply starting with this, do everything you say when you say you are going to do it. Did you tell your wife you are going to take it the trash out? She doesn’t want to hear you come back and go, “I forgot. I’m sorry.” She doesn’t want to hear that. She’s tired of hearing that because now, she thinks she’s your mom. No mom wants to have sex with their kids.

We are going to end on that note. We are at the end. Put you on the hot seat. I want episode two, public promise you will come back on. I’m coming to Dana Point. I’m going to take advantage of that opportunity. Two things at the end. How do we join your tribe? How do we find out about your coaching programs, your amazing programs? Before you end on that last note, the hot seat, what would you drive 5 hours, 1 way to say to somebody for free?

The tip of the spear this the real question that quantifies and answers. What is a Power Player, the personal power you’ve taught us? If you had one hour to live, Keith, what would you say what is your quantified message? Not what would you do but what would you say to the world in your last lecture?

The sentence would be the same thing I would drive five hours for and would love to expand it for an hour. I would probably take the position of telling this to my sons. It would be this. This world has told you what they think you can become. I want you to become radically uninterested in their opinion. I want you to do one thing and promise me that you will do this for the rest of your life and that is do what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it without fail because there is no other way to truly feel power from within.

Everything else is built on external validation from others and is a sand trap. You will eventually sink into it. No matter how beautiful the castle you think it is, it will all be made out of the sand, and I’m begging you, sons, to learn to trust you because you have the proof by doing everything you say. If you can do that, there is not a man in the world that could ever conquer you inside your brain and your soul. If you follow that advice, no one can stop you. The capacity is unlimited, and you will conquer things that you never thought conquerable because these are skills and traits, not characteristics or personalities you were born with.

Interesting how some of my favorite people hanging out with are Navy SEALs and Special Operators who have been down range eight times in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m hanging out with these superstars who have ordinary miracles. They do what Keith has been talking about as an ordinary State of Affairs mindset, a military mindset. Keith has never served in the military and understands these universal truths that all of us need to subscribe to, especially if you want to be a real man, which is one of your favorite passions on this planet.

You remind me of three quotes before I let you share how we join your tribe. Number one, “An armored-up warrior never has to get ready. He stays ready, Keith Yackey.” “Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion. You fall to your level of training. That’s why we train and practice and prepare so hard, Keith Yackey.” “It’s not enough to say I will do my best. We must succeed in doing that, which is necessary.” Keith Yackey, my brother, my mentor, my friend. I love you. I honor you. I admire you. How can we invite multitudes of us men in search of the real heroes, the real warrior men that we needed in our lives as examples? How can we join your tribe? How can we follow you? How can we keep in touch?

Do everything you say when you say you're going to do it. Click To Tweet

To be up in my world, the best place would probably be to follow me on Instagram. I share more personal moments in the stories and things about my family, my kids, my wife or whatever. Everything else and the only thing I do, the only thing I have given away businesses, sold things to clear my entire energy on one thing, and that’s MarriedGame.com.

Our tagline is, I teach guys how to get their wives to want to be with them again in the bedroom. That’s the fruit. Every man wants to feel wanted by his woman. Every man wants to feel desired. He doesn’t want to have to beg to be wanted and loved. He wants to be honored, respected, and appreciated. While that is the fruit, and that’s what every guy’s like, “That’s interesting.” To get that fruit, you have to become a certain type of guy. A tree doesn’t go, “I hope I can get apples one day.” No. An apple tree is like, “I’m an apple tree. Here’s what I do. I sprout apples. You put water and sunshine,” which is what we get to do.

We get to water and sunshine ourselves. If you go to MarriedGame.com, that’s the specific focus, “How do you get this thing back in your life?” The answer and the coaching, training, and curriculum are all based on you becoming the most attractive version of you for you, nobody else. That’s where they can go or follow me @KeithYackey on Instagram, and there’s all craziness there.

Ladies and gentlemen, Keith Yackey is synonymous with a real man. Real men want to be around and be with you. Thanks so much for your friendship. Thanks for this time. We will have episode 2 or 3 to extract his ongoing, never-ending wisdom. This is Dan Clark of Power Players. You heard one of the most powerful players on our planet. Thanks to you. I love you and can’t wait to see you belly-to-belly at Dana Point.

Amen. Thank you so much for having me. It’s a pleasure and honor to be your friend.


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PPDC 52 | Continued SuccessAs Keith Yakey’s mother was lying on her deathbed riddled with cancer, she told him to live a life of no regrets. Keith moved forward to conquer his fears and do just that. Having always wanted to do real estate so he set out to learn how. With only the most baseline guidance within 2 years he had flipped 185 properties and grew to do over 700 Deals, Own 300 rentals and raise over 45 millions dollars in his career. Which he is still actively doing to this day.

Having had his life changed so much through the vehicle of real estate he wanted to help others change their lives as well. Looking around he only saw people from late night television selling dated programs for astronomical prices with no real care if the person who had just invested a small fortune got the results they were hoping for. This didn’t sit well with him and He wanted to change that. This is his mission to this day.

To get the life changing principles and tactics of real estate investing into the hands of the people who need it. He has been asked to speak on the biggest stages with the biggest names, ranging from Music Super Star Pitbull, Motivational Legend Tony Robbins and his own personal friends Gary Vee, Russell Brunson and Lewis Howes. People want to hear his inspirational story, going from a carpenter banging nails to successful real estate investor banging out deals.



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