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Our lives will ultimately end one day. How do we make sure that we spend the balance of our lives in optimal health instead of slowly withering away? In this episode, Gary Brecka shares his life and 20 years of experience in biohacking and functional medicine. He gives us an inside glimpse into his passion to customize peak performance protocols for individuals to achieve optimal health. Known as the Celebrity Biohacker, Gary is a professional human biologist and founder of Grant Cardone’s 10X Health Systems. Everything that Gary shares here is grounded in solid, evidence-backed science that practitioners of conventional medicine don’t want you to know about. Join in and learn what we have been taught wrong when it comes to our health and how we can set it right.

Gary Brecka Gives A Glimpse Into His Passion To Customize Peak Performance Protocols For Individuals To Achieve Optimal Health

This is an interview with human biologist and Founder of Grant Cardone’s 10X Health, Gary Brecka.

Welcome to the show. Thank you so much for spending some time with me. In this episode, my friend, mentor, health and wellness guide, human biologist and Founder of Grant Cardone’s 10X Health Systems, who sits on the board of the NFL Alumni Association as a Health Services Director, nicknamed the Celebrity Biohacker shares his life and many years of experience in biohacking and functional medicine, driven by his passion to customize peak performance protocols for individuals to achieve optimal health.

In this episode, Gary gives us an inside glimpse into his expertise in serum blood and genetic biomarkers that literally optimize human performance through nutrition, evidence-based science and innovative technology. In fact, every morning, my wife and I wake up extra early, exercise hard, and take a 12-minute cold plunge at 47 degrees because of Gary’s tutoring and impactful exemplary friendship.

It is a great honor and privilege to have Gary on the show. I want to cut right to the chase because most of us don’t understand what a human biologist is. We don’t understand the significance of DNA in a gene pool, infrared and everything that goes into the cold plunge. I’ve been on the program with Gary a few times.

Gary, I want you to know that right out of the shoots that the second we left your mastermind where we participated together as keynote speakers, you’re challenged to start doing a cold plunge every day was begun by my wife the very day we left Sundance. I’m proudly reporting that I’m also aboard 2 to 4 bags of ice to lower the bathtub temperature to 47 degrees, and immersing our body for 12 minutes minimum.

It has changed our life and our day. That’s only one bit of wisdom that you imparted believing that you truly are the guru, oracle, and sage of the 20th century. Welcome to my program. Take us back to your beginning. How did you become a human biologist? What did you do in the insurance industry? Give us the backstory that takes us up to starting the Gary Brecka method of human transformation that we’ll definitely talk about.

I went to undergraduate for Biology. I got my first four-year degree in Biology, and then I went to graduate school. I got a post-graduate degree in Human Biology, which is the study of Biology of Human Beings. I don’t have a lot of pharmacology, chemical experience or pharmaceutical background, but I have an enormous depth of expertise in the human body, the physiology of human beings and what deficiencies lead to certain conditions that we call disease and pathology nowadays. Shortly after getting out of grad school, I went to work for the life insurance industry in a very specialized area of life insurance, where if we’ve got 5 years of medical records on you and 5 years of demographic data, we could tell the insurance company how long you had to live to the month.

When I say that to people, they’re like, “How is that possible? If you’re 82 years old and terminally ill, that’s one thing. What if you’re 28 years old and you’re perfectly healthy, have perfect blood work, have never been to the doctor, have no pathology or disease to speak of and you’re not on any pharmaceuticals? How many more months does that person have left on Earth?” The way that we did it was we started at the end. All human beings leave this Earth the same way. The definition of death is hypoxia. Hypoxia is a lack of oxygen in the brain. When you can’t sustain brain activity any longer, that’s the end of the road. We used to think of hypoxia as an event, gunshot wound, heart attack, or stroke.

We know now that hypoxia is a predictable curve. Either you are managing oxygen well, and they’re therefore going to live a long, healthy and happy life or you are managing oxygen poorly, which is bringing the onset of disease and pathology closer to the present day. It’s not only increasing the severity but how quickly you will succumb to it. I coin to phrase to summarize my entire of your career in the mortality industry.

It has so much meaning. It will be the most impactful sentence that your readers’ read for the balance of their lifetime in terms of how many more healthy years they have left on Earth, whether or not they will live with clean, clear waking energy, healthy cognitive function, healthy short-term recall, deep delta wave, sleep, hormone balance, healthy response to exercise, weight gain or water retention or a lack of brain fog. The sentence is this, “The presence of oxygen is the absence of disease.” Nothing is more true than that statement.

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For many years, we did not find a single disease ideological pathway from a viral attack to an autoimmune disorder, Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and dementia, to all kinds of psychiatric conditions that did not have their roots in a lack of blood oxygen. We are slowly suffocating ourselves to death because aging is our aggressive pursuit of comfort. We’ve got far away from the basics and mother nature grounded, raw, bare feet touching the Earth, getting adequate amounts of sunlight, breathing and activity. Sitting is the new smoking in terms of its impact on early passing. Sitting and a sedentary lifestyle is now the leading cause of all-cause mortality.

This is because we don’t get enough oxygen into the system to sustain healthy cellular activity. Inside every cell in every human being, 32 trillion of these is a very special organelle. It’s called the mitochondria. A lot of your readers read of the mitochondria as the powerhouse of the cell, but what we may or may not know about it is the mitochondria of which there are 110 trillion in the human body. Ten percent of your body weight is mitochondria. Contrary to popular belief, human beings are not powered by carbohydrates, fats, amino acids, vitamins and nutrients. At the end of the day, all of these things become one single source of energy. At a cellular level, all the nutrients we put into our body turn into something called ATP. These beautiful little mitochondria inside of every cell in the body are what create this ATP.

Imagine this. Inside the mitochondria, there’s a motor. It’s spinning around like a car motor or an engine in a vehicle. This motor makes one revolution, it’s called the Krebs cycle. Every time this Krebs cycle makes a single revolution, it has two choices. It can either create 2 or 32 units of energy. In other words, it’s either sixteen times more or less efficient. What determines whether or not it’s sixteen times more or less efficient is the presence of oxygen. If oxygen enters that mitochondria, you get a sixteen-fold step-up in energy. If oxygen doesn’t enter that mitochondria, you get a sixteen-step down. Understanding that you could get sixteen times the power in the human body by properly oxygenating it.

Now the question becomes, “How do I get more oxygen into the body, not just through breathwork, but what supplements can I take? What modalities things as photobiomodulation, red light therapy, Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field or PEMF and oxygen therapy so that I can not only stave off the aging process but reverse the aging process?” There are hoards of sound published clinical data, peer-reviewed clinical studies, published in major research publications, and I’m happy to share these with you, that have proven that we have a chronological and biological age. The biological age is not how many years you’ve been here on Earth, but how old you truly are. You can be a 50-year-old man, but be biologically 40 years old. You can be a 64-year-old man and biologically be 45 years old or female.

When we understand this idea of age reversal, we can’t change the clock, but we can change the bio physiology of the human body. In the next decades, 90 will be the new 40. There are people walking this Earth nowadays that will easily live to 140 years old. The advent of stem-cell therapies, exosomes and the discovery of gene mutations that lead to deficiencies in the body, and these advances in regenerative medicine are going to keep the body functioning in a youthful way for decades longer than we ever thought.

Talk to us about the significance of how your breathing and the breathing exercises that you conducted on the hike to the waterfall and what you’re famous for to make sure we itemize the breathing techniques that you teach before we move on to your second point.

Breathwork is one of the easiest and one of the more affordable because it’s available for the low cost of $0. It’s in everybody’s budget. All you need is a chair and some fresh air. Essentially, Wim Hof breathwork is arguably the world’s leading pioneer in breathwork because he has put himself through a battery of clinical studies to prove that through breathwork, we can not only modulate the immune system, meaning improve our immune system’s response to protecting the human body, but we can regulate our body temperature.

We can regulate the autonomic nervous system, the nervous system that you don’t think about that keeps your heart beating and lungs breathing when you’re not thinking about breathing or your heart beating. We can change the oxygen tension in our tissues. There’s an amazing show called The Iceman on Netflix. It’s a whole documentary on Wim Hof. I’m at the tail end of my Wim Hof Certification. Of all the things that I’ve done in my entire scientific career, nothing has been more impactful on my life than breathwork.

I do an eight-minute breathwork routine. I will miss a flight to not miss breathwork. I use breathwork like a drug when I need energy. I use it like caffeine, Adderall, to wake up in the morning, to put myself to bed at night and to modulate pain when I’m in the cold water. Breathwork is one of the most phenomenal journeys that you can go on as a human being because you can discover it right in your own bedroom. You can do it in a hotel room when you’re traveling. I promise you, it will make a material difference in your life. The breathwork that I do is a very simple one. I sit comfortably, put my hands on my knees and do 30 deep, obnoxious breathing in and exhaling out. I do this 30 times. At the end of 30 breaths, I hold my breath as long as I can.

PPDC 54 | Peak Performance Protocols

Peak Performance Protocols: Breathwork is one of the most phenomenal journeys that you can go on as a human being because you can discover it right in your own bedroom.


“Why would you hold your breath after deep breathing for such a long period of time?” Remember, in the human body, we need to create a demand for nutrients to be used. You can’t just eat calcium and have strong bones. You need to load a bone and then have calcium there to strengthen it. You can’t just eat protein and build strong muscles. You have to go to the gym and tear a muscle, and then have protein there to repair it. The same is true with oxygen. We can’t just hyperventilate and expect oxygen to magically enter the tissue. What we do is a breath hold at the end of these 30 breaths. We reset the carbohydrate receptor and the tissue begs for that oxygen. As you go into your second round of breathwork that oxygen floods those tissues and changes the oxygen tension.

You taught us that the largest part of the lung is the bottom and not the top. You breathe in through your nose and make sure that your belly expands as you fill your lungs, not just the top.

Think about taking your belly button and trying to hit the wall in front of you. Push your belly button. Get it into the lobes of the lungs, not the apex of the lungs. Do you know that you can take your finger between your collarbone and shoulder right in front of your trap muscle, and touch the top of your lung? It comes to a nice little point. Where we want to get air is down into the base of the lung, right above the diaphragm. By breathing this way, the diaphragm massages the intestinal tract because right below the diaphragm is your small intestine and beneath that is your large intestine, your colon. By massaging the small intestine, we hope contents return to regular motility.

We breathe, massage the intestine, hold it ourselves in a nice posture and wake up the emotional system. Remember that emotions and moods are nothing more than a collection of neurotransmitters combined with oxygen. Do you know that every elevated emotional state that a human being can experience requires the presence of oxygen? Without oxygen, you cannot experience passion, elation, joy, arousal, libido or all the, “I won the lottery,” emotions. This is why no human being has ever woken up laughing. You don’t have the oxidate state to experience laughter out of deep sleep.

Emotions and moods are nothing more than a collection of neurotransmitters combined with oxygen. Every elevated emotional state that a human being can experience requires the presence of oxygen. Without oxygen, you cannot experience passion, elation,… Click To Tweet

Can you wake up angry? You sure can. If you want to do an experiment, but I don’t recommend it, pinch your spouse while she or he is dead asleep, and watch how they wake up. Listen to the expletive supply. Why can I experience anger in deep sleep and not happiness? It’s because anger does not require any oxygen. The emotional state of anger, the catecholamine cascade that causes anger to be the emotional state does not require the presence of oxygen, but an elevated emotional state to do so.

Why not start your morning by breathing, raising your emotional state, elevating your mood and hyper-oxygenating the brain because this is a way to mimic deep sleep. What happens in deep sleep is there’s a secondary oxygen transfer. We take oxygen from primary systems like the muscles and feed it to secondary systems like the brain, liver, lungs, pancreas and heart. Breathwork is important. Remember, our brain is what we call a non-metabolic organ. Meaning the harder the brain works, it does not get any additional nutrients.

The brain gets the same oxygen, nutrients and blood supply whether or not it is in a dead sprint solving the most complicated issues working on the most thorough legal contract for the biggest business deal of your life, or whether you are chilling on the couch watching The Simpsons. It’s the same amount of blood flow and resources. Unlike a muscle, if I pick up a weight and start to curl a weight, the harder my muscle works, the more blood flow and nutrients I send it, the more amino acid, proteins and oxygen it gets. The brain doesn’t have the same luxury. If you can feed it oxygen at rest, you are mimicking deep delta wave sleep.

One of the interesting comments you always make is, “How do you deal with jet lag? How it never affects you, and that you willingly get up out of your airplane seat?” Take us out there because I can only visualize it. I flew in from San Antonio and Dallas to do this show. Being on an airplane is fresh on my mind and everyone else’s mind. Tell us what you do when you’re flying.

I travel a lot. Sometimes I’ll do 6 cities in 6 days. One time, I did 11 cities in 3 countries in 11 days. I was in eleven different cities, some of them in multiple time zones in multiple countries over an eleven-day period of time. I felt so fresh at the end of eleven days, I could barely stand myself. I have some hard and fast rules for flying. My rules are that I never miss a breathwork session ever. I fast on airplanes. That’s a hard one for some people. The only exception to that are water, black coffee and raw nuts on airplanes. Sitting, flying, eating and especially drinking alcohol is a disaster for your circadian rhythm and an absolute menace to your energetic state.

Remember that the more oxygen I have in the blood, the higher might energetic state is. Everything that a human being feels about energy is nothing more than oxygen in their blood. If you said to me, “I had a lot of energy today.” Physiologically what you’re saying is, “I had a lot of oxygen in my blood today.” If oxygen equals energy, which it does, then if I want to raise my energetic state, I need to raise the amount of oxygen. The amount of blood in your system is fixed. If you drive it to your gut because you ate a heavy meal, it cannot be in your brain and gut at the same time. You decide if you want to be hungry, awake, alert, focused and energetic or if you want to be tired, exhausted, sleepy, foggy and fed. It’s a very easy choice for me. I fast on airplanes. The more often I travel, the more often I’m fasting.

PPDC 54 | Peak Performance Protocols

Peak Performance Protocols: Everything that a human being feels about energy is nothing more than oxygen in their blood.


There’s a second thing that I’ll share with you about jet lag. I’m astounded that nobody talks about this because there are hundreds of tips and tricks for how to adjust to a time zone and get over jet lag. If you go from New York to London or New York to Dubai and all of a sudden, your entire day has shifted 8 or 6 hours, I will give you the one trick that will never fail to adjust it to a new time zone. I will give you the one trick you’ve probably never read. It has the largest impact on the physiology of your circadian rhythm. For some reason, no one talks about it. It is this, “Do not eat during your feeding window for the first 24 hours in a new location.”

Let me explain what I mean. If you normally go to bed at 10:00 PM and you get up at 6:00 AM, that’s roughly your time of sleep or you go to bed at midnight and you get up at 6:00 AM. You’re not eating between midnight and 6:00 AM. All of a sudden, you go to London. You’re six hours ahead and all of a sudden, you’re having steak, eggs and a champagne martini at 2:30 in the morning your time, nothing will wreck your circadian or bio arrhythmic clock. Nothing will throw your circadian off rhythm off more than eating during your sleeping window. You want to preserve your sleeping window. Find out whatever time midnight to 6:00 AM is in your new destination and only have liquids during that period of time.

The second you eat during your normal sleeping window, you’re screwed. No amount of breathwork or getting up in the morning, getting first light, watching the shades go down or trying to take a sleeping pill will fix that circadian rhythm. When your body says, “What in the heck are you doing feeding me steak and eggs at 2:45 in the morning? Why are we having a Manhattan at 2:45 in the morning? This is not what we do.” It will wreck your circadian rhythm. If you preserve your sleeping window by not ingesting food during that time in a new time zone, watch how the magic works. It’s phenomenal.

Let’s get to the chase. What was your transfer from the insurance industry to creating what you now are famous for? The Gary Brecka way, method, or philosophy. Teach us about that realization and what the mind and heart shift were to not predict someone’s death, but spending the rest of your life increasing someone’s longevity of life.

I’m a huge student of science. At the end of the day, I’m just a giant geek. I read peer review literature on sports. If there’s a peer-reviewed article on biohacking, oxygen therapy and most modalities that are available in the biohacking world, I’ve probably read and memorized that. I’m a big fan of data and a lot of these research publications. For years, I was convinced that these life expectancies that I was predicting were data. I had no impact on this person. I didn’t make these choices for them. It wasn’t my responsibility to care for them. It became glaringly apparent to me that there were human beings or human life on the other side of these spreadsheets.

One of the most impactful things for me was at the tail end of my career, I started looking at what we call modifiable risk factors. Meaning I would hypothesize, “What if I could just contact this patient, which I was prohibited by law from doing, and tell them to take vitamin D3, how to fix the anemia that’s in their bloodstream and how to lower their blood pressure because their homocysteine was too high? What if I could contact them, have one conversation with them and I could delete these risk factors?”

What I realized was that the three leading causes of mortality in nearly every person that we studied were things called modifiable risk factors. Meaning if they made some subtle supplement changes in subtle changes to their lifestyle and diet, I could have added almost seven years on average to their life. It ate at me like a burning stone through my heart.

PPDC 54 | Peak Performance Protocols

Peak Performance Protocols: The three leading causes of mortality in nearly every person were things called “modifiable risk factors,” Meaning if they just made some subtle changes to their lifestyle and diet, they could have added almost seven years on average to their life.


I realized that if I wasn’t able to get out from behind this big thick glass window where I felt like I was just watching blind people walk into traffic all day and get to the other side of the window where I could contact the patient and say, “You don’t have rheumatoid arthritis, even though you feel like you do. You have a clinical deficiency in vitamin D3. Let’s supplement you so that you can lose the pain and aches that you wake up in the morning.

The reason why your anemia is chronic is because you have a gene mutation that doesn’t allow you to process folic acid. You need to take methyl folate and fix this anemic condition.” I could go on and on, “You are hypertensive because you have high homocysteine.” There were all of these conditions that were easy to modify. We realized that there’s not a sync compound, no in mankind, not one, that we put into the human body that is used in the format that you put it in.

Nothing that enters the human body is used in the format that we put it in. No protein, amino acid, mineral, nutrient or vitamin. Everything that enters the body is converted into its usable form. I use the analogy that we pull crude oil out of the ground, but you can’t put crude oil into your gas tank because the car doesn’t understand that fuel source. Crude oil has to be refined into gasoline. If you couldn’t refine crude oil into gasoline, the car would never run.

Human beings are no different. We put raw materials into the human body, vitamins, amino acids, proteins and carbohydrates, but what if we cannot convert them into a usable form? This is called methylation. It is the most important process that every human goes through. If you have breaks in your methylation, you need to supplement for their deficiency because when you create a deficiency in the human body, it eventually leads to pathology and disease. We used to think that things that ran in families were genetic, “You’ve got genetically inherited hypertension, hypothyroid, anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, or OCD. Your grandmother and I both had poor gut health and now you have poor gut health.”

Also, high blood pressure, cholesterol and all the things that we hear.

The truth is we’ve now mapped the entire human genome. We know every gene in the human body, yet no physician can tell you what gene is being passed from generation to generation to cause these diseases because that gene doesn’t exist. What exists is the inability to refine a raw material that the body needs to do its job. What you inherited was a deficiency in a raw material, which leads to that disease or that condition. Most of your reads are walking around at about 55% to 60% of their true state of normal. We have accepted such an erosion of our baseline sense of normalcy as human beings. It is absurd.

Many people say, “That’s part of aging. I’ve got brain fog. I wake up sore and achy in the morning like I had a workout the night before. My feet and ankles are tender when I get out of bed in the morning to walk to the bathroom and take my first pee. I feel like my short-term memory is not there. I track my sleep on an Oura Ring and I look like a bouncing rubber ball going down a hallway. I don’t have the same response to exercise that I have. I’m dieting and exercising, but I’ve got all this water weight around my belly.”

All of these things are related to simple nutrient deficiencies in the human body. That’s why I encourage every single person with that I come in contact, to do a test that they do once in their lifetime that looks at the five actionable genes in the human body. It’s a gene test. You’ll never repeat this test for the balance of your lifetime. You’ll do it once and never guess for the balance of your lifetime what you need to supplement with because most of us are just supplementing for the sake of supplementing.

Let people know how they can contact you to get this test. My wife and I immediately reached out. We paid $600 each for the test. We’ve sent it in. We’re going to pull a few strings and get a little VIP treatment from Gary Brecka.

I’ll read your test personally.

The test is so extraordinary. It was simple as a saliva test inside your cheek. I want to have you tell the story about how you were introduced to Grant Cordone and how by the results of this test you and your beloved sage can read the poem. You become this terror card expert, guru or voodoo that’s unbelievable, but 100% accurate. Take the time and take us there.

He’s my partner in 10X Health. When I was first introduced to Grant Cardone at the time, I’d heard of him and a mutual friend of ours had gone through this test with me and was making an investment in his fund. He said, “My gift to you is I’m buying you this test. I want you to do this test.” Grant is like, “I got doctors hanging on trees.” He convinced him to do the test. About a week and a half later, Grant called our office. I picked up the phone and he said, “This is Grant Cardone.” I said, “How are you?” “I’m great. Before you get started, I got to tell you, I don’t even know what you do, but I’ve got doctors hanging on trees and I got personal trainers coming out of my a**.” Those are his exact words.

He said, “I’ve got about eight minutes. Why don’t you give me your spiel?” “That was rude.” I didn’t say it, but I was thinking of it like, “Aren’t you rude?” I said, “Why don’t we start by you telling me how you feel?” He said, “I feel great. I’m running around the world. I’m building my empire. I feel amazing.” I said, “Do you mind if I tell you what I see in your labs?” He said, “Go ahead.”

I said, “I see a man that goes to bed exhausted, but his mind keeps him up until the wee hours of the morning so that by the time you wake up in the morning, you’re more exhausted than when you went to bed. I can see that you wake up sore and achy in the morning like you had a workout the night before when you haven’t. I bet it bothers you when you get out of bed in the morning. The sores of your feet and ankles are tender. I know nothing about your love life, but libido left the building about nine months ago. If I was to guess, the thing that bothers you most right now is brain fog.”

He goes, “What do you mean? Dementia?” I said, “Not dementia, but brain fog. You get a great idea in the bedroom and by the time you walk to the kitchen, you wonder what you are doing in the kitchen.” He was dead silent. I heard him get up and shut the office door. He took the speaker phone. He picked it up and goes, “Who told you to say that to me?” I said, “Nobody.” He goes, “Did Elena, Jared or Ryan give you that information?” At the time, I didn’t know who they were. I said, “No. It would be a crime for me to talk to them about your medical records without your permission.”

He goes, “You can tell all that from this test?” I said, “Yes.” He goes, “I feel like crap.” I said, “I know.” He said, “Can you fix it?” I said, “I sure can.” I memorized this line because it was funny. He goes, “I’ll do whatever you say, lotions, potions, creams, jellies or injections. Here’s my credit card number. Ship it to me. I’ll do whatever you say for eight weeks,” and he literally hung up the phone. I put a treatment protocol together for him, amino acids, vitamins, nutrients and missing raw materials in his body based on this test and shipped it to his front door. About three and a half weeks later, he called back.

Now I know who Grant Cardone is. I’m nervous as heck. I still remember when they transferred the phone call back to my office, I started cleaning my desk before I picked off the phone. The light bulb went off and I go, “What am I doing? It’s a phone call.” I pick up the phone. He goes, “What do you have me on?” I was like, “It’s over.” He goes, “I feel great. I’m running around the world. I’ve got the energy of ten men. The brain fog you talked about is gone. I haven’t slept in ten years. I sleep seven hours a night now. I have no joint pain, aches or pains. I’m the cleanest, most awake I’ve ever been in my life. Thank you so much. If you could be in my office at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, I’ll make you a rich man.”

Now you know where I was at 2:00 the next day. About two and a half years later, he bought my company. It’s been like being strapped to a rocket ship ever since. His business genius partner, Brandon Dawson, who is to an operating company like I am to the human body is mind-numbingly intelligent with how he built teams to scale a business. When Grant bought the business, he turned it over to Brandon Dawson’s team, and now we’re bringing this to the masses. It’s an absolute dream come true.

Making it accessible to every single person on this show and in the world is so noble and awesome. It fulfills your mission to change the world one test at a time.

When I resigned from that industry, I said, “I’m not going to spend one more day predicting people’s deaths. I’m going to spend the balance of my lifetime helping people live longer, healthier and happier life.”

Let’s jump right to the ingredients in what we think as consumers we’re ingesting into our bodies that are poisonous. Most B12 as soon as we got home we have lots of vitamins and supplements, we cleaned out all of our cupboards in both our house in Utah and Arizona threw away all vitamin B12 because it contains cyanide. Teach us about other things flag waving the manufacturer Thorne. As I wrote down in our keynote speeches together when we shared the platform, Thorne manufacture is a very high-quality vitamin D3 as you shared.

Take us on that journey because once you get the evaluation of our test, then we get an actual protocol that includes vitamins, minerals, supplements and nutrients. What do we get once we get the results back from the tests that we get from you? Tell us how we access your test and how we fulfill the fulfillment of that recommendation, diagnosis and prescription to start consuming these high-quality vitamins, minerals, nutrients and the things that you provide.

You can get the test by going to 10XHealthTest.com. It’s also on my Instagram @GaryBrecka__. There’s a link there and you can order the test. They will ship you these two Q-tips in the mail. You’ll swab your cheek 10 times on one side, 10 times on the other side and put it back in the FedEx envelope. It will go to the lab. A few days after it arrives at the lab, your results will populate our system and we will push out a notice to you that your results are in with a sequence of videos that I put together describing exactly what’s going on and then a list of supplements that you need to take. You can get them from us or from other high-quality manufacturers like Pure Encapsulations or Thorne.

We also manufacture our own supplement and we’ll drop it right at your front door so that you will never guess what your body is deficient again for the balance of your lifetime. Two of the big ones that I harp on all the time and I get a lot of flack for this on social media so I’m going to do a little bit more of an explanation, are folic acid and cyanocobalamin. These are two manmade forms. One is a B vitamin or B12 and the other one is a form of folate. Folic acid and folate are very different things. Folic acid is a manmade chemical. It doesn’t occur anywhere naturally on the surface of the Earth. You cannot find folic acid anywhere in nature. We make it in a laboratory.

Unfortunately, our entire grain supply, all white flour, rice, pasta, and all grains are sprayed with folic acid only. We don’t call it sprayed with folic acid. We call it fortified or enriched. Foods that are fortified or enriched are sprayed with the chemical folic acid. For people that have the most common gene mutation in the world, which is called MTHFR, this is a disaster for cognitive function, waking energy, mood, emotional state, focus and concentration, deep sleep, anxiety or depression. Folic acid and MTHFR are linked to all of these conditions.

There are hoards of published clinical research. This is not my opinion. These are factual data points. If you have a gene mutation that doesn’t allow you to convert folic acid into the usable form methyl folate, then you’re deficient in this very necessary raw material. There are people reading that have ADD or ADHD, which is not an attention deficit disorder at all. It’s an attention overload disorder. It’s too many windows open at the same time. We call it attention deficit, but it’s not a deficit of attention. It’s an inability to pay attention to so many things because we not only create thought in our mind, but we also dismantle thought. It is as important to be able to create thought as it is to be able to dismantle it.

If you do not degrade thought at the rate that you created, the mind gets clouded. This is called attention deficit disorder. Modern medicine says, “If the mind is racing, let’s pump an amphetamine into the central nervous system to race the central nervous system to match the pace of the mind.” That is a very poor choice, or we could use amino acids to quiet the mind and allow people to focus. It is especially evident in children. You give me a six-year-old child that has this gene mutation and you pump that child full of folic acid in the morning, standard American breakfast, a Pop-Tarts, a white bagel and a bowl of cereal. You wonder why it’s a full-contact sport to get this kid in the car to go to school in the morning.

Not only that, but now when he or she gets to school, the phone call comes home and says, “Little Johnny doesn’t pay attention. He’s restless, disruptive, doesn’t follow directions and not finishing his assignments. I think he has ADD or ADHD. Let’s bring in a Ritalin to fix this situation.” I bet you pull folic acid out of their diet, supplement that child with methyl folate and you will see a completely different human being in the house.

The second one is cyanocobalamin. It is hydrogen cyanide linked to the cobalt molecule which is B12. It’s called cyano, which stands for cyanide-cobalamin. This is a cyanide-based form of B12. While it is not toxic in small doses, it is not true that the dose determines toxicity. The dose can accumulate. We are allowed to eat small amounts of mercury, which in small doses is not toxic, but cumulative dosing of mercury causes mercury poisoning. When you have cyanide-based B12, you’re feeding this to the body. Your body’s having to convert it to the real form of B12 anyway before it can use it. We’re putting a cyanide-based B12 into the body. This is robbing the cell of oxygen, light metals and a ton of supplements. It’s in Flintstones vitamins and in the number one selling vitamin in the world. It’s an off-the-shelf vitamin. It’s in a lot of our protein powders.

It’s in Costco. It is Centrum.

It’s sad because it’s a cheap form of B12 that we make in a lab. We do it to save a couple of cents on the capsule when we’re selling billions of capsules. Sadly, cumulative doses can be toxic. I look for methylcobalamin that form of B12 and any of the supplements that we would recommend to you would never have something like that. A lot of supplement manufacturers focus on the quality of the manufacturing, not the caliber of the ingredient ingredients matter.

Let’s itemize some common myths that I have because my dad was an alcoholic, which is not the case. I’m using this as an example. When your parent is an alcoholic, you’re more susceptible to that disease, that genetic propensity to also be an alcoholic. Put that to rest.

It’s not the alcoholism or the addiction that’s being transferred. The reason why you have a propensity for addiction is because you have a propensity for low dopamine. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that drives behavior. Serotonin is the main neurotransmitter that drives mood. As I start to deplete the body of serotonin, I have a massive effect on my mood. If you look at the molecular structure, the recipe of an elevated emotion, you will see that serotonin is in all of these recipes. It’s in passion, elation, joy and arousal. If I start to deplete serotonin, I cannot manufacture the moods that require that neuro transmit. The same thing is true if I begin to deplete dopamine.

We used to say in the mortality space, “The absence of dopamine is the presence of addiction.” Nothing is more true than that statement. This is why addiction has a tendency to shift. Alcoholics become drug addicts. Drug addicts become sexaholics. Sexaholics become gamblers. Gamblers become work alcoholics. The addiction shifts because they’re searching for dopamine. In most cases of addiction, the addict didn’t just wake up one day and go, “I want to get banged up.” They woke up one day and say, “I want to feel normal.” It was the search for normalcy. Whatever it was, the nicotine, alcohol, drugs, promiscuous behavior, adrenaline rushes or whatever that was the intense workouts, it made them feel normal.

PPDC 54 | Peak Performance Protocols

Peak Performance Protocols: The absence of dopamine is the presence of addiction.


In their search for normalcy, they developed an addiction. Now they are running from a low, not towards a high. The difference here is this dopamine deficit. When you get this genetic test done, we see whether or not you have a propensity for low dopamine. While we can’t fix the gene, we supplement it for its function. You turn the dopamine factory back on, dopamine is made from three amino acids. Serotonin is made for one. You turn the dopamine factory back on. You raise this neurotransmitter in the body now you’re not driven to these types of behaviors.

We can take a capsule or eat a specific organic food that fulfills that lack of amino acid or whatever the case may be.

Very often you need to supplement with a specific type of nutrient like thiamine, trimethylglycine, b-complex and methylfolate. When you give the body this raw material, it begins to methylate dopa. Remember I said, “We convert things into a usable form?” Dopamine is three amino acids that are converted into a neurotransmitter. Tryptophan which is the sleepy amino acid that’s found in Turkey is converted into serotonin.

What if you can’t make this conversion? We need to fix that so that you don’t have a deficiency in neurotransmitters. When you have a deficiency in neurotransmitters, this is where you get, aberrant behavior. The exciting thing is there’s a whole lot less wrong with us than we think. Most of us have gut issues or poor sleep patterns. These are deficiencies in raw materials not allowing the mind to quiet or the gut to move at the right speed. Most of us that have depression or anxiety have had it on and off our entire lifetime. We can’t even point to the specific trigger that causes it. We know it’s not coming from our outside environment or cluster of symptoms. It’s coming from a deficiency in the human body that is leading to these states. By replacing this raw material, you can eviscerate those things.

There’s a whole lot less wrong with us than we think. Click To Tweet

PTSD is no longer a disorder or a syndrome. As I’ve worked so often with the military, the best common sensical attack of PTS, Post-Traumatic Stresss, is to look at it as an injury. I’ve injured my body for many times and had many surgeries. I know from personal experience that if I go through every step, proper steps, sequential steps of rehabilitation if I go through every one of those steps, the injured part of my body becomes stronger than it was before I injured it. The PTS or a mindset shift is if you look at it as an injury, there’s still hope and faith. You can overcome it because PTS is our inability to stop remembering. Talk to us about your methodology and supplemental cure for everything, especially post-traumatic stress.

Post-traumatic stress is exactly that traumatic stress. You don’t have to have been in wartime to experience traumatic stress. Divorce, bankruptcy, litigation and all kinds of financial conditions cause people to be under emotional stress. We think of PTSD as an event, “I was next to a roadside bomb. I witnessed a horrific event. I participated in the loss of somebody very close to me.” While those are very specific events and can cause PTSD, we put ourselves into a post-traumatic state sometimes because we don’t have a way of dealing with stress in our life. We don’t manage our emotional state. We wake up in the past and drag the past forward with us. These frequencies or emotional states have long-term negative consequences on the process of methylation. What happens in traumatic stress and post-traumatic stress disorder is you’ve sent your methylation process into a tailspin.

Your body is not converting raw materials into their usable form and not making neurotransmitters at the right rate or converting amino acids at the right rate. Deficiencies are starting to appear in the body, and it’s leading to aberrant behavior, mood disorders, emotional disorders, and physical implications in the body that are based upon you having sent this methylation cycle into a tailspin. Imagine if you knew what you were susceptible to and you could supplement for that deficiency, return neurotransmitter balances to normal, feed the brain and amino acids it needs to quiet the mind, repair the tissue that is damaged, and go back to feeling like a normal human being again. I can’t even tell you how many patients come to me and like, “I feel amazing after I started supplementing for some of these genetic breaks.”

I remind them, “You don’t feel amazing. I hate to bust your bubble. You feel normal. This is how normal is supposed to feel. You accepted such an erosion of your baseline sense of normalcy that I brought you back to normal and now you think you feel amazing.” It’s no different from getting the stomach flu and spending six hours on the bathroom floor, then when you sleep it off, the next morning you think you feel amazing. You’re just back to where you were. It’s like finding your wallet. You didn’t gain anything, but back to a normal feeling.

My mission is to restore the true state of normalcy to humanity because we were meant to thrive. God put us on this Earth to thrive, to have the libido of a lion, clean waking energy, deep sleep, positive aggression towards life or working out strong, healthy, emotional energy, and so many of us have had this collapse because we have missing raw materials in our body.

As we wind down, I want you to itemize the benefits of cold plunge, infrared your mat and breathing 1% oxygen while you’re exercising, all the little secret bells and whistles that you have going that all of us can invest in if we’re willing to. Itemizing one at a time. For cold plunge, what does that do? What’s the benefit?

Cold plunge, in my recommendation, is 50 degrees for no less than 3 to 6-minute target. If you’re doing it for twelve, that’s fine.

If I increase the length of time, will it extract more fat from my body? Will it give me more or stronger health? I’ll sit in there for three hours if I don’t have to go on a diet.

I give all kinds of reasons to get into a cold plunge. I get 90% of my females on this one, not to pick on the women, but for some reason, this fact that I’m about to say about cold plunging snares the female community like none other. Think about what a calorie is. A calorie is a measure of heat. It’s the amount of heat that it takes to raise 1 gram of water and 1 degree centigrade. If a calorie is the measure of heat, then what do you think is leaving our body when heat leaves our body? Calories. There is nothing on the surface of the Earth, no amount of exercise, HIIT cardio or dangling upside down in a yoga class that will even come remotely close to the amount of weight or fat loss that you will experience by getting into cold water, by activating brown fat, because nothing causes this kind of thermogenic loss.

Water is 29 times more thermogenic than air, which means it removes heat from the body at 29 times the rate of air. You can die in 72-degree water but not in the 72-degree air. Knowing that when I submersed myself in cold water, this massive expenditure of calories is gone. If you’ve ever read about Michael Phelps during the Olympics, his caloric intake went to 10,000 calories a day because the pool he was training in was 4 degrees colder than the one he was used to.

When I get into cold water, four major things happen. One, I get massive peripheral vasospasm. What does this do? It forces all the oxygen from my extremities into the core, brain, liver, lungs, pancreas, heart, kidneys, and all the vital organs. The second thing that happens is your liver panics. Your liver dumps a valuable protein called a cold shock protein into your bloodstream. It floods the bloodstream with cold shock proteins, scours the body of free radical oxidation and quadrupoles the rate of protein synthesis, meaning four times the muscle repair. The third thing it does is it elevates your mood and your emotional state because it forces oxygen into the brain. The final thing that it does is what we talked about. It activates brown fat and causes your body to go into what’s called a thermogenic state to save your life, which is a massive amount of caloric expenses.

Also, the inflammation in our bodies. My inflammation completely secedes when I get it. It’s gone when I get out of the cold plunge.

It’s insane how much it’s gone. We used to think that putting athletes into cold water after intense exercise was benefiting them because of the reduction of inflammation. We know now that’s only 15% of the benefit. The rest of the benefit comes from this hyperoxygenation and cold shock proteins. If we can access these, they’re free. They’re in your liver. You can’t even buy them if you want to. They’re already there. You have to force them to be released by dumping your body into cold water. Nobody likes getting in cold water. I don’t like getting cold water, but it is my drug of choice because I love how I feel for the next 7 hours after getting out of cold water, 50 degrees, 3 minutes minimum, and 6 minutes maximum, you will absolutely change the trajectory of your life.

As a singer, the first two cold punches, I hit high notes I never knew I had inside of me. It was awesome. The neighbors called 911.

The last one is a sequence of modalities that we call Superhuman. If you want to go next level or if you want to be as biometrically, perfect as you can be and money is still an object. These are expensive modalities, which is why we’re putting 1,000 centers around the country so the average person can access these. There is a protocol called Superhuman. The entire protocol is about $140,000 but it consists of a PEMF Mat.

What does that do?

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field runs low gas current through the body. This is like a low gas current that repolarizes all of the cells in the body and it makes the body alkaline. It’s a complete fallacy that you can get alkaline by drinking alkaline water. Alkaline is a charge. pH stands for potential hydrogen. If you take the surface of a cell and you change its charge, it’s attracted to other cells. Imagine your red blood cells all clumping up and sticking together like too many cars taking the same exit. You lay on a PEMF Mat for sixteen minutes. You will not only increase your circulation and reduce inflammation, but you will cause all of these beautiful red blood cells to separate and be ready to accept oxygen.

We don’t have to buy our own mat. We can find a center as they are continuously introduced to our communities.

You can wait until there’s a center near you, and there’ll be a very inexpensive subscription model. You come in and use it whenever you want. The second part is called HyperMax. It’s where we take 900 liters of 95% O2. We give you an oxygen concentrator. It takes 21% air and turns it into 95% oxygen, or 21% oxygen and turns into 95% oxygen. You put a mask on. You breathe this during exercise for ten minutes, flood the bloodstream with oxygen, and then you move into a red light therapy bed. If you want to blow your mind, google ‘photo biomodulation.’ This is the term for Red Light Therapy and its impact on human physiology.

Collagen, elastic and fibrin are giving you a more youthful appearance, circulation, inflammation, microcapillary dilation in your eyes, brain and all your organ systems. Red light also forces 910 nanometers will force oxygen into the mitochondria. That powerhouse of the cell that we talked about at the beginning of the show is the essence of all energy for human beings. Imagine if you could take oxygen and drive it into the mitochondria and get a sixteen-fold increase in cellular energy times 32 trillion cells. That’s why I’m on fire. I can barely even sift through this show because I did Superhuman.

When we climbed to the waterfall, you took off your shirt, and lowered every one of our self-esteems because you’re so buffed in shape and you practice what you preach, but more importantly, you preach only what you practice. Thank you so much for your time again. I’m going to put you on the hot seat for one last comment. If you had one hour to live, what’s your message to the world? Give us how we get ahold of you and how we join your tribe. Promise publicly that I can have you back on to talk about more or what you’re doing here. You are one of my great friends, dearest mentors, and superheroes in my life. Tell us how to get the tests, and then let it perkelt for a second. Give us your last-hour wisdom.

The way to get a hold of me is on Instagram, @GaryBrecka__. I do nothing but teach on Instagram. There’s a lot of what we talked about. I do lots of short videos that I try to be inspiring and give people health tips every day that are science-fact. I do supplement reviews and all kinds of things on Instagram. There’s also a link there to 10XHealthTest.com where you can order that gene test. You can order the Superhuman Protocol if you’re interested. I would recommend that every human being on the surface of the Earth do this test once in their lifetime. Stop guessing what it is that is deficient in your body and understand it factually so you know exactly what to supplement with. I answer all my own DMs. If you’re interested in working with me or doing a private consult, you can send me a DM, and I’ll get you on the schedule.

Do the 10X health test at least once in your lifetime. Stop guessing what it is. Know what is deficient in your body and understand it factually, so you know exactly what to supplement with. Click To Tweet

If I had one hour to live, my comment would be, “What kind of legacy would I want to leave?” For me, I’m leaving that legacy through my children. I’m blessed to have my kids working in the business with me. Both my son and my daughter are young assistants are accomplished artists. My oldest two are both in nursing school together. They’ve caught the bug. They’re passionate about medicine and helping people.

My son more than anything has been begging me for a cold plunge. My daughter has been begging me for a red light therapy bed. I’m like, “How well did I do that? My kids are begging me for these modalities. They don’t want to go out, drink and party.” It’s a very humbling experience and they keep me in check. They’re my best friends.

The greatest blessing in life is I feel like I’m going to continue to live on through them and touch the face of humanity. If I had one hour left, it would be to solidify that legacy to make certain my kids knew that we’re only on this Earth for a brief period of time. We start to die the moment we’re born. They say, “Life is short and death is certain,” so make good use of your time here.

I love, admire, and honor you. I can’t wait to see you face-to-face. Safe travels as you change the world. We’ll catch each other on the fly and happy trails.

Thank you for the kind words. I hope you enjoyed the show. We’ll talk soon.

Thank you.


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