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“Conference speaker Dan Clark inspires being fully engaged. Dan is larger than life because he lives large. What has your speaker done lately?”

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“Dan lives his life purposefully. He seeks out adventure to fully engage with your people on an experiential level. When you look into his life, you will see why people who meet him call him the “most interesting guy in the world”

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“World leaders, celebrities, athletes, military officers, our troops, politicians, students, American idols, legendary musicians, corporate executives… the list goes on.”

It’s no accident that Dan associates with leaders from every area of life. Business, Government, Family, Religion, Media, Education, Entertainment. These are the seven mountains of our culture Dan inspires to take it to the next level, changing the world one story at a time.

Larger Than Life

How does Dan experience so much life? As author of “The Art Of Significance”, Dan challenges the old adage by saying “it is not enough to practice what you preach, we must preach only what we practice.”

But the overlying purpose for living life large is so he can be one of the world’s top ten inspirational speakers. This is Dan’s “Bottom Line”, knowing that there is one more inspiring speech to give, one more life to change, one more company to transform.

Dan Clark
In The News

Among the many articles written about Dan, you should read the cover story in Millionaire Magazine, and the feature articles in Mayo Clinic Medical Magazine, in the Deseret News, and in military publications in San Antonio, Texas and Baghdad, Iraq.

Dan Clark's
Military Connection

Dan serves with the United States Secretary of the Air Force and with Air Force Four Star General Chief of Staff on their National Civic Leaders Board. Dan is a graduate of Air University National Security Forum 2002 Maxwell Air Force Base Montgomery, Alabama.

Books & More

Dan has written New York Times Best Selling Books and has developed a leadership training based on "The Art of Significance". Dan is a primary contributing author to our Chicken Soup For The Soul series. Dan is also an accomplished muscian.

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CEO •International Consultant •University Professor •Adventurer/Journalist •Screen Writer •NY Times Best Seller •Athlete •Gold Record •Songwriter •Recording Artist •Husband/Father •Philanthropist •Community Leader •American Patriot!

Dan's Personal History

Our purpose is to create value everywhere we go by seizing each moment to better our skill sets, to live a lifetime every day so we leave no regrets, and to positively impact everyone we meet so they leave us saying, “I like me best when I’m with you, I want to see you again!”

We must always remember: the more we give, the more we get. “Cause Marketing” breeds a more service oriented organizational culture and deepens employee loyalty as it gives everybody an opportunity to believe in something larger than themselves and prove to themselves they are needed!

Dan Up Close
and personal

Plato taught "all knowledge is recollection"; so when I speak and listeners nod their heads in agreement, I am not teaching them something new – they are simply recalling a truth they already learned in a previous experience.

Dan Clark
Official Bio

On July 11, 2005, Dan was one of five elected inductees into the National Speakers Association Speakers Hall of Fame, joining Ronald Reagan, Colin Powell, Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, Art Linkletter, Norman Vincent Peale...

Dan Clark
Through The Years

Born March 14, 1955 in Mesa, Arizona to a family extremely successful in insurance, real estate and investment banking; church leaders, coaches, community volunteers, very patriotic and huge football/basketball fans!

Dan Clark
Scrolling history

Scrolling timeline of Dan's life from birth all the way through to his induction into the National Speaker's Hall of Fame in 2005. In pursuit of excellence, Dan begins each day striving to put service to others above himself.