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Larry King Introduces Dan Clark
Larry King Are you a meeting planner and need a video introduction for Dan? Click on the image to go to a page where you can view or download the video recorded by Larry King himself.
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Space flight Click here to see a 15 minute YouTube video of Dan’s 4-hour adventure in space.
Meet the most interesting guy in the world
Conference speaker Dan Clark inspires being fully engaged. Dan is larger than life because he lives large.

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If you are still wondering why Dan is considered to be the best keynote speaker today, check out this video and learn about the unmatched combination of life experiences that make Dan the most interesting man alive, and the only choice for you and your audience.
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Dan Clark at a glance Learn more about the New York Times bestselling author, master motivator, and a Hall-of-Famer Dan Clark - his career highlights and life altering experiences are all on this page
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Celebrity gallery Over the years, Dan has met with and interviewed countless overachievers in all areas of business, life and media. View the gallery of some of those encounters on this page
Video through the years in pictures
Dan’s life achievements presented in a video slideshow
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Newswroom Media Room – read and download press materials about Dan Clark
Dan's military service
Dan Clark military Over the years, Dan has volunteered countless hours in service to our country, which gives him a unique perspective on what it truly means to be an American patriot
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Celebrity gallery Some of the things known names in business and life have said about Dan
Dan Clark music
music In addition to being one of the most sought after speakers in the world, Dan is also a prolific songwriter, having written over 300 songs with some of the biggest names in music!
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MADD Dan is not only a Hall of Fame professional speaker, but he's an extraordinary EmCee who will make your Awards Gala come alive; a highly sought after Television/Radio Show Host; and a credible Virtual Training Course Facilitator featured in this internationally acclaimed parenting program, "Strengthening Families."