Up Close And Personal


Dan Clark politicsI don’t like to make political jokes. Too many get elected! Bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t vote. I am a registered Republican, although I have occasionally voted Democrat when the candidate was a better human being. My Uncle J. Reuben Clark was Ambassador to Mexico and Solicitor General for the United States State Department. My Uncle Ellis Armstrong was United States Commissioner of Roads under President Eisenhower, who developed the Interstate system, and later served as United States Commissioner of Reclamation under President Nixon. Uncle Ellis was the Chief Engineer in charge of building the St. Lawrence Seaway in North America and the Aswan Dam on the Nile River in Egypt. My dad was a State Legislator and State Personnel Director before the age of 30. Me, run for office? Nah! I don’t want anyone to know what my GPA was in the fourth grade! Besides, not many would vote for me because among other strong convictions, I believe every young man in America after high school graduation should volunteer two years to public service – Peace Corps, Military, Church Mission, etc., and every female high school graduate to serve at least one year! Think what this would do to strengthen the backbone of our great America, reduce arrogance and selfishness, develop character and discipline and teach that living in America doesn’t make you an American. America is an ideal, an ongoing experiment in self-government, a values based society dependent on individual responsibility to do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do!

Relationship Advice

Clear, open, honest, tactful and empathetic communication is the key to strong healthy relationships. Both parties need to learn to listen in order to understand, respect and support each other’s individual dreams, ambitions and space, and agree on faith, family expectations and values. Success is never about who is right, but what is right. We should never go to bed in a fight. The exponential consequences are long-term as the subconscious mind repeats the last thing we saw or said 14 times while we sleep.

Marriage? Off the record, hold out for a 90-year-old billionaire with a cough. You can marry more money in five minutes than you can earn in three lifetimes! On the record, I know ultimate fulfillment and happiness in marriage comes when we marry the right person, for the right reasons, at the right time, in the right place, by the right authority, not just until “death do us part” but for “Time and All Eternity!”


“No other success can compensate for failure in the home. If families aren’t forever, then what’s forever for?” I have a beautiful and talented family whom I protect through privacy.”


“Love is a commitment, not a way of feeling. Romance is not love. It comes from a Greek word meaning ‘erotic.’ When I love you because you’re beautiful, that’s romance. If you’re beautiful because I love you, that’s real love. It’s a value creating love that inspires us to be the best we can be!”


“I used to be in great shape, but now I bend over to pull up my socks and think, ‘What else can I accomplish while I’m down here?’ Nowadays, Diet Coke and chocolate are two of my four food groups. I don’t think anyone should run if nobody is chasing them and nothing should be lifted if it doesn’t have to be moved! I’m saving my money up for botox, liposuction and a tummy tuck! My cholesterol count is higher than my SAT scores, so seriously, I’m getting in better shape through exercise, healthy diet and have started to look better since I removed all the mirrors in my house!”

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