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Significance summit

Study GuideDesigned to teach the comprehensive content from Dan’s best-selling book The Art of Significance – Achieving the Level Beyond Success™, using a 400 page study guide that Dan designed specifically for use at the Summit.

This limited, exclusive event is designed for:


Limited to 100 participants


… as well as those who want to transform themselves and their organizations from Successful to Significant by learning the specific leadership techniques that Dan has developed and refined just for this purpose.

This exclusive event is limited to just 100 participants, giving you the chance to interact with Dan and his staff, as well as the others in attendance.

Not Open to General Public (You Must Apply)

This program, held during the first quarter of each year, is the most comprehensive Leadership Education / Personal Development Course offered anywhere in the world, and it’s your chance to spend 3 days with Dan, form relationships with 99 other like-minded individuals, and immerse yourself in the process of developing your significant self.

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