The Art of Significant Sales Training

fidelity advisorsWhen sales professionals obey a specific sales system and engage in a step-by-step process and presentation they increase their chances of closing the sale by 93%!

In the corporate world, the sports and education worlds, and even in the military construct of rank advancement, the one activity all worlds share is selling. Because everybody is hired for preparation, paid for performance, and promoted on potential, you will gain a huge competitive advantage over your fellow sales professionals by learning and implementing this powerful, time-tested system of sales known as:


Professional Performance, Persuasive Perception, Personality Positioning

Our acronym A.R.T. – Awareness, Refinement, Transformation – is the strategic template. “P-6” is the tactical solution: Professional Performance, Persuasive Perception, Personality Positioning. Developing and maintaining our “Skills” is the daily mission.

The dictionary definition of Skills is: specific proficiencies, talents, techniques, abilities and traits that are acquired and improved through training, that help you reach your full potential and set you apart from others.

Awareness is about becoming completely literate in your “Professional Performance skills,” which begins with a relentless commitment to be an expert in every one of your products and services, and understand the reasons your company culture is unique and special.

Refinement is about perfecting your Persuasive Perception skills,” which begins with cultivating the right “Image,” and continues with the constant polishing of your sales skills in asking the right questions that provide a real solution to close every deal.

Transformation comes as you develop and continuously polish your “Personality Positioning skills,” which begins by working very hard on yourself – not by working “on” your job, but working “in” your job, and continues with managing your exposure to the decision making ‘movers and shakers’ who can buy from you and recommend you to others.

Alert! Having significant Professional Performance skills and Persuasive Perception skills do not make you a better person. Therefore, they are never as significant as Personality Positioning skills.

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