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Anthony Robles’ Poem Written For The ESPYS
In 2011, Anthony Robles won the NCAA National Wrestling Championship. Born with only one leg, Anthony was honored at the ESPY’s with the “Jimmy V Award For Courage.” Dan was asked to write Anthony’s acceptance speech, which included this poem, “Unstoppable” that has become a signature of Anthony’s brand.

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Every soul who comes to earth
With a leg or two at birth
Must wrestle his opponents knowing
It’s not what is, it’s what can be, that measures worth

Make it hard, just make it possible
And through pain. I’ll not complain,
My spirit is unconquerable
Fearless I will face each foe

For I know I am capable,
I don’t care what’s probable
Through blood, sweat and tears,

I am Unstoppable!
Written by Dan Clark for Anthony Robles
Copyright 2011

Executive Coaching

There are way too many corporate executives and organizational leaders who are great communicators in the boardroom, but horrible public speakers when it counts the most, up in front of a large audience.

They truly are smart, sharp and engaging, but because they haven’t taken the time to polish their presentation skills, they come across as dull and stiff. Exposing a sense of insecurity and nervousness is no way for a leader to inspire employees. A powerful speech delivered with confidence and style is the quickest and most long-lasting way for a leader to demonstrate strength in the organization and stability in the direction he/she is taking them.

Leadership effectiveness is largely determined by perception and our ability to articulate is the first and last impression we make and leave in every meeting. It’s easy to listen to and follow someone who speaks fluently, with passion and energy, using voice inflection and gestures, and absolutely uttering no “uhs” in between his or her thoughts.

Dan is available before a convention, after his keynote in a seminar, or at a less hectic time off-sight, to work individually or collectively with the leaders/ managers of your organization to help them polish their presentation skills and be a little more humorous, emotional and engaging, and a lot more professional!!
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“Thanks Dan. Our time together has enabled me to really make a breakthrough. Your words have been life changing and your approach enabled me to understand the technical and spiritual side of public speaking.”
~ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar



“My man Dan Clark is a friend, mentor and the heavyweight champion of the world when it comes to how to write and deliver a speech. Not only has Dan helped me get in touch with who I really am and in tune with my message and why I want to share it with the world, but through the principles, techniques and insights taught in this book, Dan has helped me transition from professional entertainment athlete to professional speaker. I recommend this book and Dan’s public speaking program to every celebrity who has achieved success. No longer is it acceptable for athletes to come across as ‘dumb jocks.’ One’s speaking ability should match one’s performance ability in sports, film and music. Dan Clark is the guru and, until he can fit you into his schedule, this book can be your trainer.”
~ Diamond Dallas Page Three Time World Champion WCW/WWE Professional Wrestler

As you know, I am a former athlete and current entertainer. I think like a champion athlete, corporate executive, and celebrity thinks. It takes a unique kind of person to deeply connect with someone like this (you) and I am that someone. You obviously are wondering what this private coaching program will cost. Like good advertising, it doesn’t cost, it pays! Money should never be the issue in any business transaction. If cost is a stumbling block it means the presentation is weak and the relationship is not important. This Executive Coaching/Speech Writing experience is a program of investing in ones self, which is the toughest thing for any of us to justify. However, self development is the most important thing we can and must do at certain times in our lives to make sure we are still becoming everything we were born to be, and making the positive impact on the world that people in our positions of influence have been called to make.

Value is not about money. Value is a function of worth. If wearing custom made clothing, a Rolex watch, $500 dollar shoes and driving the right posh automobile are worth their cost because they help you project a specific sense of class, distinction, sophistication and level of success expected in your industry, so likewise, it is necessary and worth it to pay the price to become an excellent speaker.

Outside elegance without verbal articulation creates a subconscious disconnect that weakens trust and credibility between leaders and their subordinates. Something as simple as using proper grammar, a charismatic contagious communication style, and being able to clearly, passionately and persuasively present your ideas in front of a crowd creates an aura of respect, authority and power which sets you apart from most in and out of your profession.

Being a powerful public speaker is the differentiating factor between good and great business execs, managers, coaches, sales professionals, preachers, and educators.

For this complete intense, one of a kind, customized, emotionally draining program (for you and/or your entire leadership team), call Laura in my office at 800-676-1121 to discuss honorarium, expense details and the time frame that will best suit your busy schedule.

It will be an honor to help you create the polished public persona that someone of your status deserves and needs to have in order to command the respect of those whom you lead, sell and serve. I can’t wait to talk to you and get started!

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Dan Clark
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