Strengthening Families Home-Use DVD

strengthening-families-programThe DVD series features the same research proven skills as the Strengthening Families Program classes. It is a 10-part entertaining series of parenting and youth skills with 10 thirty-minute lessons plus a short Introduction lesson on the benefits of SFP, brain development and family bonding. The package contains two disks and a 16 page Parent Guidebook. Delightful handouts and tracking sheets that go with each lesson can be printed off each DVD disk when placed in a computer.

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Strengthening Families Foundation


The Strengthening Families Foundation is committed to help keep our nation’s youth addiction-free by providing parents with the skills to prevent their children from using alcohol and drugs. Research shows that most adult addiction begins in adolescence, and that if kids don’t abuse alcohol or use tobacco or illegal drugs before age 21, they likely won’t ever do so.

Recognizing the critical need to quickly make these SFP skills available to parents at minimum cost, Dr. Karol Kumpfer, creator of the Strengthening Families Program, Lutra Group, and Jaynie Brown from Utah’s Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD-Utah) teamed up to create a new Home-Use DVD for parents and children ages 8-16 to watch together at home.

The DVD set can be purchased for a minimal cost to help cover production, duplication, and distribution. A preliminary evaluation of 45 viewing families showed they had almost the same positive outcomes from watching the 10 entertaining DVD lessons as attending a 14-week class. These outcomes included a stronger, happier family unit with improved parenting, problem solving, and communication skills, and less child aggression.

Alcohol and drug addiction, which devastates lives, destabilizes communities, and costs our nation $500 billion dollars a year, is thus an adolescent problem that can be prevented. Moreover, research shows that well-trained parents are the key to prevention.

Parents’ ability to influence whether their children drink is well documented… Setting clear rules against drinking, consistently enforcing those rules, and monitoring the child’s behavior all help to reduce the likelihood of underage drinking”(National Institutes of Health, NIAAA Alcohol Alert, January 2006, p.5).

Research has also shown that the Strengthening Families Program (SFP), which are normally group classes that parent and kids attend together, is by far the most effective alcohol and drug prevention program currently available:

The Iowa Strengthening Families Program, delivered when students were in grade 6 has shown long-lasting preventive efforts on alcohol use.” (National Institutes of Health, NIAAA Alcohol Alert, January 2006, p.5).