Privilege of the Platform – The Art and Science of Public Speaking

privilege platformAnytime we are asked to speak to a gathering of people, it is a privilege we should never take lightly. And if you want to make speaking your profession, it is critical to learn the Art and Science of Public Speaking. Learn how to develop your unique factor and identify your “signature story,” how to write a powerful speech, how to use humor and emotion, and deliver a powerful message listeners remember. Throw in platform skills, the use of music, media training, and how to give a captivating interview and you have one of the very best and most comprehensive books ever written on everything you need to know and do to become a polished communicator and/or professional speaker! A must read for every member of the National Speakers Association, Toastmasters International, and any business executive who wants his or her people to listen, learn and take action when they speak! (soft cover)

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