Dan Clark Bio at a Glance

University Professor/Speech Writer/Coach

Dan has taught Public Speaking for nine years at three different Division I Universities at the MBA level, and has written speeches for Kareem Abdul Jabbar (five speeches and his TED Talk – National Basketball Association’s All-time Leading Scorer), Hank Haney (Tiger Woods’ Golf Coach during his six most prolific years of winning Major Championships), Derek Hough (5 Time ‘Mirror Ball Trophy’ Champion of Dancing With The Stars), Anthony Robles (NCAA Wrestling Champion born with one leg and recipient of the 2011 ESPY Jimmy V Award of Courage), Danny Mantle (son of Baseball Legend Mickey Mantle), Diamond Dallas Page (3 Time World Wrestling Champion), Donny Osmond, Paula Abdul, Marie Osmond, David Archuleta (Sony Recording Artist/American Idol Superstar), Catt Gravitz (Country Music Songwriter of the Year), Ty Carter (Army War Hero and Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient), and many professional football, basketball, baseball players and Olympic champions.

Extreme Adventurer

Clark’s inspiring adult life includes soaring to the edge of space in a U2 Spy Plane, where for four hours Dan saw the curvature of the earth and gazed into the endless blackness of space with a sixteen mile high perspective on the significance of vision, love, leadership and what truly matters most – which makes him an intriguing expert on redefining ‘what’s possible; flying T-6, T-38, F-4, F-15, F-16, and F-18 fighter jets catching 9.4 Gs, going Mach II at twice the speed of sound, and flying with the Air Force Thunderbirds executing each of their air show maneuvers which qualifies Dan to teach the elements of trust, change management and teamwork; and flying the B-1, B-2 Stealth (Spirit #532), and B-52 bombers, and the C-130, KC-135 and KC-10 Refueling Tankers, and the C-5, and C-17 Airlift Transporters – which taught Dan the critical importance of every airman/employee/team member in their supporting role as maintainers, loadmasters, boom operators, those who armor-up the aircrafts with rockets and bombs, and every other person in the supply chain that makes the mission possible.

On Dan’s first trip ‘down range’ to the ‘AOR’ (Area of Responsibility) to motivate, entertain and thank our combat troops, Dan cruised over Baghdad, Iraq at a 100 feet, going 100 miles-per-hour in a Blackhawk helicopter, spoke to U.N./coalition leaders in the Grand Ballroom in Saddam Hussein’s palace, spent the night in the Palace guest bedroom, visited Father Abraham’s home and climbed the “Ziggurat” in Tallil, Iraq – which reminded Dan of the sense of urgency with which we must preserve our world history (Iraq is Babylon in the Old Testament) and do whatever is required to protect and maintain our God given inalienable rights and freedoms across the globe.

Dan has also served on the Olympic Committee and carried the Olympic Torch in the Winter Games – which makes him an inspirational spokesperson for service before self; raced automobiles at Nurburgring, and won an ‘Americas Cup Class’ sailboat race in the Pacific – which makes him an expert on high performance competition, safety, and knowing how to win; raced dog sleds in the arctic, spending the night in an igloo at 60 degrees below zero, and was attacked by guard dogs in a demonstration at the “Defenders” Training Facility at Dover AFB in Delaware – which taught Dan the importance of facing our fears and doing something every day that we really don’t want to do;

Dan has also played Augusta National Golf Course and the Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland – which reminded him that continuous improvement is about practicing a perfect swing, not buying new clubs; and rode his Harley Davidson motorcycle cross country on the “Ride Home’ with the Willie G. Davidson family to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company – which showcases Dan as an expert in teaching how to network at the highest levels, reaffirming that we can get anywhere in life when we connect with the right people, going in the right direction, one moment, one mile at a time!

Servant Leader

Dan’s philanthropic commitments include serving on the International Board of Governors of the medical/humanitarian organization Operation Smile; serving on the Advisory Board of OK Kids Charities; serving on the Board of Trustees of Sportsman For Warriors; serving on the Board of his local school district Granite Education Foundation; serving on the ‘Crimson Club’ Board as an alumnus of the University of Utah raising scholarship money for student athletes; and receiving a Presidential Appointment from the President of the United States to serve on the Board of Visitors of the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Because of what Dan has learned from the military about living a life committed to service before self, Dan has been honored with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from National 4-H for over twenty years of service, received the National Service Award presented by President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan, is listed in “Who’s Who In America” and in “International Leaders in Achievement,” and even helped coach Skyline High School to the Utah State 5A Football Championship, while coaching his teenage daughter’s “Powder Puff” team to the school championship!

Famous Family

– Dan’s Uncle Ellis Armstrong was an extraordinary civil engineer by training and was appointed by United States President Dwight Eisenhower as the U.S. Commissioner of Roads, who conceived and developed the Interstate System, and then the Commissioner of Reclamation under President Richard Nixon who designed and built the St. Lawrence Seaway and Aswan Dam in Egypt.

– Dan’s Uncle J. Reuben Clark graduated from Columbia Law School and became Solicitor General for the United States State Department under President Calvin Coolidge. In 1930, he was called to serve as U.S. Ambassador to Mexico. Both the J. Rueben Clark Law Society and J. Rueben Clark Law School (Brigham Young University) are named after him.

– Dan’s father S. Wayne Clark was the oldest son of eight children – a cotton farmer, rancher, silver miner, State Legislator, Governor’s State Personnel Director, founder/VP of Security National Life Insurance Co., founder/VP of Security Financial Corp., owner/VP of Memorial Estates Mortuaries and Cemeteries. During World War II he served in the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion flying B-17s that provided the first accurate map of the pacific theater for military intelligence, which garnered an invitation from the Pentagon for Dan’s father to participate in the classified meetings when they conceived and planned the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. Dan’s dad passed away on October 12, 1990 of cancer.

– Dan’s mother Ruby Maughan was the youngest of nine children raised by a single mom, who is an awesome musician and fabulous cook having owned her own catering company for thirty years.

– Dan’s father’s cousin Mervin S. Bennion, was the Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. West Virginia that was attacked and sunk at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. As a result of his gallantry he posthumously received the Congressional Medal of Honor.

– Dan’s father-in-law, Doctor Donald C. Sansom, was shot down on his very first flight in a B-17 over Yugoslavia on June 14, 1944. As a nineteen year-old Second Lieutenant bombardier, Don was captured by the Nazis and incarcerated as a Prisoner of War for twelve months in the Stalig Luft3 and Stalig Luft7 Concentration Camps. Don endured the now famous freezing, treacherous 81 kilometer march from Sagan to Spremberg, where many of his fellow POWs fell over and died from sickness, disease, or exhaustion along the journey. Don was liberated on April 29, 1945 by General George Patton’s 3rd Army on their march into Berlin, and went on to become one of the busiest, most talented and respected dentists in the intermountain western United States. Don passed away after a battle with Alzheimer’s on March , 2004.

Dan’s Personal Stats

Dan was born March 14, 1955 in Mesa, Arizona; two brothers, one sister. As a serial entrepreneur Dan founded, successfully ran and sold Clark/Hawk Landscaping; Clark Media Group; and KC Limousine Company; and is currently CEO of both Dan Clark and Associates (founded in 1982), and The Art of Significance Leadership Development Company (founded in 2013). Dan is married with four amazing children with spouses and a grand baby, living in the mountains of Utah as an addicted golfer, biker and skier, still traveling the world speaking, conducting his two-day speaker schools, writing speeches for celebrities, facilitating his three-day personal development/self-mastery/transformational leadership experiences, writing and recording songs in his studio, raising money for children’s charities through his 501-c3 “ILG Foundation,” and inspiring everyone to live a magnificent life of meaningful significance!

Dan’s Music – Books – Video Series

Dan is a prolific songwriter having written over 350 songs with the biggest names in music. Dan is president of Dan Clark Music Group and managing partner of “Cut My Hit Music Publishing Co.” and DMC Recording Studio. Dan shares a Gold Record with country artist Michael Peterson for his #5 Billboard charting hit, “Drink, Swear, Steal & Lie.” Dan’s famous story of the little boy throwing up a baseball three times, swinging and missing saying, “Man am I a good pitcher” was put to music by hit songwriter Don Schlitz, which became the inspirational hit, “The Greatest” recorded by Kenny Rogers.

Dan has also won huge accolades for other hits including:

  • Real Man
  • Stayed To Help ‘Em Cry
  • I Need A Woman Not A Song
  • So Have I
  • Special Man
  • Back Off Barbies
  • Don’t Let This Chance Go By
  • I Had To Play
  • Love Me Still Tomorrow
  • You’re Number One
  • One In A Billion
  • Always A Reason To Live
  • Quiet Heroes
  • Friends
  • Is It Love
  • Hallelujah Lady
  • Sweet Liberty
  • May You Never Fly Alone

As a recording artist, Dan has released four solo albums, an album of celebrity friends singing Dan’s songs, and an inspirational collection including Climb The Highest Mountain and the timeless tear-jerker I’ll Build You A Rainbow, and the Christian power ballads I Know He Lives, Testify, and Come As You Are. Dan has also written stirring ballads recorded by the young superstar McCall Clark including Dreamin, Daddy’s Little Girl, What Would Jesus Do, Give My Heart To You, Time To Save The World, and the theme song for the Festival of Thinkers in Abu Dhabi, UAE, entitled The Change We Seek, which was made into an epic music video worth watching.

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