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“We don’t see things as they are – we see things as we are. When you get the man and woman right, the world is right! ” – Dan Clark

What If Opportunity Presents Itself And You’re Not Ready?

In his best selling book ‘The Art of Significance’ Dan states that the successful answer their questions – the significant question the answers. Thus, Dan challenges the validity of the twelve most popular principles of success and replaces these limiting beliefs with his Twelve Highest Universal Laws.

To simplify and streamline the practical application of these Twelve Laws, we have created an accompanying 300-page interactive Workbook Study Guide, that guarantees you’ll learn the tools and skill set required to achieve the level beyond success, and attract the highest responsibilities in your organization.

• In this 1, 2 or 3-day format, we facilitate an intense discussion of each Law so you embrace an updated mindset and actually experience a transformation, having acquired the knowledge, refined core values, skill set and tools to be a better person, extraordinary leader, polished communicator and trusted friend.

Focusing on the 12 Laws and using A.R.T. as the three-step formula to lead you from where you are to where you need to be, you will leave having learned:

AWARENESS of what they know (pure authenticity/discernment/enlightenment of current reality)

Dan teaches: Practice Obedience Beyond Freewill, Exercise Perseverance Beyond Patience, Intentionally Stretch Beyond Change, Trust Predictability Beyond Hope/ Faith.

REFINEMENT of what we should do (polished improved version of your best self)

Dan teaches: Seek Whole Truth Beyond Belief, Focus On Winning Beyond Team, Do Right Beyond Being Best, Experience Harmony Beyond Work/Life Balance

TRANSFORMATION into who they need to be (permanent change in nature, character and performance)

Dan teaches: Accept Beyond Tolerance, Love/Be Needed Beyond Being Used, Establish Covenants Beyond Commitments, Forgive Beyond Apologies.


Guarantee: No Matter Where You Are
In Your Personal Development And
Professional Leadership Growth – We
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