Topic 5 – The Art of Significant Safety – Safety Doesn’t Happen By Accident!

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“It’s better to build a fence at the edge of the cliff than to park an ambulance at its base – prevention is the best medicine!” – Dan Clark

Have You Ever Wondered What Would Happen
If You Stopped Making Safety About Safety?

Dan’s unique and powerful approach to safety has positioned him as one of the most in-demand speakers in the world for company ‘Safety Days’ and Association Safety Conferences. Known for his quick wit, unconventional examples of what happens when we lose concentration, get distracted, become complacent and selectively obey, Dan reiterates how safety is the common thread that deeply connects ownership and management with labor.


• It’s better to prepare and prevent than repair and repent!
• Shortcuts cut life short!
• Safety is not a department- it’s a way of life.
• Safety is an inexpensive and effective insurance policy that is priceless.
• The formula for staying focused, increasing concentration, and being consistent.
• The Art of Influencing your ‘band of brothers and sisters’ to police themselves.
• Safety is about Trust, Respect, Love, Obedience and Self Discipline.

Dan’s unforgettable, prospective changing presentation on safety is best described by a reporter who heard him speak for the fifth time as the Opening General Session Keynoter at a National Convention:

In the national publication EHS Today, 2013, the reporter wrote:


“Motivational speaker and international man of mystery Dan Clark gave VPPPA members a 45-minute hug during the opening session of the association’s national conference in Nashville. Clark, a five-time keynoter at VPPPA’s national conference, urged attendees to steer clear of “paralysis by analysis,” at all costs. He punctuated his points with frequent displays of emotion stating, “safety is not about safety, it’s about love and trust. Reason leads to conclusions, but it is emotion that leads to action.”“We are safe based on the relational, right-side, touchy feely, laughing, crying side of the brain,” Clark said. “Not based on the information, rules and regulation side of the brain.” Throughout his presentation – which had attendees roaring at times – Clark was on the verge of tears “You’re all connected to your heart, and you all know that showing emotion is not a sign of weakness – it’s a sign of love and an acknowledgement that I trust you with my heart,” Clark said.

“And it really helps us define, once and for all, who we really are – not who we pretend to be.”

Echoing the thoughts of an earlier keynote speaker – Eastman Chemical Co. CEO James Rogers – Clark said employees are at their best when they personalize safety and health. “I would challenge all of us in this room that your responsibility is to somehow go where workers are physically and emotionally, because only there can you gently encourage them to be safe, to do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do. Clark concluded, “Safety professionals must touch the heart of our colleagues, no matter if they are managers or front line workers. Citing rules and regulations only promotes dependent safety, with the employees only following the procedures because it is expected by their leaders. To achieve a ‘no accident/no recordable’ record while staying compliant with all of the over regulation, the organizational leadership must create a culture of interdependent safety where engaging in redundant safety precautions is demanded of employees themselves.”


Using A.R.T. as his three-step formula, Dan teaches his proven process for revitalizing your company safety culture and eliminating ‘recordable injuries’ through:

dan-safety-imageAWARENESS of what they know

Dan teaches: How to introduce or strengthen an enhanced safety culture based on the beliefs that relationships matter most – it’s always people over profits!

REFINEMENT of what they should do

Dan teaches: Safety is about consistency – being the same on task and off task – the same at home and at work, and how through respect you police your self.

TRANSFORMATION into who they need to be

Dan teaches: Safety is not about catching someone doing something wrong and shaming them with penalties – It’s about catching people doing something right and rewarding them with recognition! JOIN DAN’S RAVING FANS – UNION AND NON-UNION!

• Dan has been the keynote speaker for organized Labor Union Conventions including the Teamsters, American Federation of Teachers, and the California Correctional Peace Officers Association.

• Dan comprehends safety from every perspective – ownership, management, non-Union Labor, and Organized Union Labor. With this understanding Dan makes Safety everybody’s end goal, acknowledging when appropriate, that the mission of our Unions is to ensure they have a voice in the workplace, total participation in the political process so their issues are addressed, and the ability to enforce contracts with employers so that each worker will be treated with dignity, justice and respect. This Sounds Like Safety 101 – where we really are our ‘brothers keepers’ and should make sure every employee returns home safely from work knowing he/she is important, involved, needed and valued as a team member!

Other clients include:

OSHA National Oil and Gas Safety Conference
VPPPA – Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association, National & Regional Conventions – 10xlogos
Huntsman Chemical Corp
Hanford Nuclear Waste Management site in Washington – 3x’s
Idaho National Laboratory – 3x
Ashland Chemical – 3x
Olin Brass – 5x
Westar Energy in Kansas – 6x
Rio Tinto Mining Operations – 9x
Exxon/Mobil – 6x
Valero Refineries – 6x in California and New Jersey – 5x
European Petrochemical Association Safety Convention in Belgium
Williams Northwest Pipeline

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