Topic 4 – Building A Winning Team – Creating a Culture of Excellence

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“It’s not enough to say ‘I will do my best.’ We must succeed in doing that which is necessary.” – Dan Clark

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Building a Winning Team

Is Your Bar High Enough?

Dan draws on his thirteen years as an American football player, his six years coaching championship teams, and his work with many of the National Football League organizations to deliver his unique playbook strategies for developing ‘I’ players who make winning personal. Dan teaches there is no “I” in team, but there are two “I’s” in WINNING. Teams that win have the most ‘I’ players on them who understand:


  • Losing hurts worse than winning feels good.
  • FAMILY means: ‘Forget About Me I Love You’
  • The significant don’t just want to win – they refuse to lose, sustaining intensity knowing there is nothing more insignificant than the half time score!

Using A.R.T. as an acronym, Dan takes your people on a three-step journey through the TEN COMMITMENTS TO BUILDING A WINNING TEAM:

AWARENESS of what they know

Dan teaches: The first ‘I’ in winning represents Independent individual preparation – refusing to be the ‘weak link’ with a commitment to the first three ‘C’ commitments: Clarity, Character, and Competence – Illustrated with Dan’s famous ‘Broomstick’ test on how to raise your bar, exceed expectations and reach your full potential.

REFINEMENT of what we should do

Dan teaches: The next three ‘C’ commitments: Consistency, Competitiveness, and Cause inspiring your people to be self motivated and reminding them that it’s what they do when the coach (manager/leader) is not around that makes them champions.

TRANSFORMATION into who they need to be

Dan teaches: The final four ‘C’ commitments: Chemistry Contribution, Collaboration, and Conclusion turning ME to WE so individual internal expectations are aligned with external organizational accountability.


  • The steps required to strengthen your ‘weak links,’ attract and retain the necessary elite ‘I’ players (employees) to turn an inconsistent, losing ‘group’ into a high performing team.

You Don’t Win The Game On Game Day!

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