Topic 3 – The Art of Significant Leadership

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“Too many live their lives hoping to be happy, but because they only hope, they never really are!” – Dan Clark

Are You A Leader Worth Following?

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Dan Clark On Service Before Self
Successful leaders begin with the ‘end in mind,’ forcing them to focus on a destination that’s impressive, trying to manage people, and rewarding results. Significant leaders begin with the ‘why in mind,’ allowing them to focus on the journey that’s important, manage expectations, and reward effort.

Therefore, Dan teaches you can’t coach results – you can only coach behavior, which is created through a combination of attitude, belief, expectations, spaced repetition and practice to be brilliant at the basics, knowing:

  • Your first goal is to make sure your purpose is what you say it is, your influence is what you need it to be, so leadership is automatic – regardless of the title or not.

Using A.R.T. as his three-step formula, Dan guides your people through:

AWARENESS of what they know

Dan teaches: The mindset/behavior differences between Managers who ‘find’ themselves, have subordinates, and focus on short-term profits; and Leaders who ‘create’ themselves, have followers, and focus on long-term objectives.

REFINEMENT of what we should do

Dan teaches: Managers are obsessed with position, power, politics, and perks – Leaders are motivated by purposes, values, morals, and ethics.

TRANSFORMATION into who they need to be

Dan teaches: Why and how Managers create and maintain a small, exclusive inner ‘circle of safety,’ where they willingly sacrifice others for the benefit of themselves – and why and how Leaders create and maintain a large, all-inclusive ‘circle of safety,’ where they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others.


  • You must learn to lead and follow in every situation, and know how to teach others to do the same so you create a team of leaders, not just a group of followers.

Don’t Just Practice What you Preachdan-clark-significance-formula-books
Preach Only What you Practice


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