Topic 2 – The Art of Significant Sales and Customer Service

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“Those who wonder if the glass is half empty or half full have missed the point. It’s refillable! Thinking positively or negatively doesn’t fill up the glass. The pouring does!” – Dan Clark

What If You Could Network At The Highest Levels, Influence The Affluent, And Create Opportunity Where None Seems To Exist?

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Dan Clark On People First, Service Always - Creating Customer Loyalty
Because the definition of sales is the transference of trust – the sale doesn’t begin until the prospect says ‘no’ – and 85% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th sales calls, Dan teaches how to convert your prospect’s ‘needs’ into ‘wants,’ and their ‘why’ into ‘how’ – so they choose you, not just somebody who does what you do.

Using A.R.T. as his three-step formula, Dan guides your people through:

AWARENESS of what they know

Dan teaches: How to increase frequency of feedback, so your people
will eliminate complacency, increase discipline, and perservere
because they find value in taking one more step towards turning
the sales process into a closing presentation.

REFINEMENT of what we should do

Dan teaches: How your people can accelerate their opportunities
for leadership roles and pay raises by polishing their Performance,
cultivating their Image, and managing their Exposure to the internal and
external customers who can further their career.

TRANSFORMATION into who they need to be

Dan teaches: Powerful, actionable strategies your people can
immediately implement to gain the competitive advantage by doing
what their competition is not willing to do!

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People don’t buy what you sell – they buy why you sell it.
Following a time-tested sales system raises your closing rate to 93%.
When you don’t follow the proven process it defaults to 42%.

Wealth Flows Through You – Not To You. You Can Get Anything In Life You Want, When You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want!



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