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Dan Clark On People First, Service Always - Creating Customer Loyalty
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“Wealth flows through you, not to you. You can get anything in life you want, if you are willing to help enough other people get what they want.”

Dan Teaches

sales speaker“Wealth flows through you, not to you. You can get anything in life you want, if you are willing to help enough other people get what they want.”

“We become the average of the five people we associate with the most. Therefore, we must be willing to pay any price, and travel any distance to associate with extraordinary human beings.”

“The only place from which a person can grow is where he or she is. We must go where they are physically and emotionally. Only there can we gently invite them to buy or improve.”

“The sale does not begin until the customer says no. 44% of sales professionals quit after the first sales call; 24% quit after the second call; 14% quit after the third call; 12% quit after the fourth call. 94% of sales professionals quit after the fourth call, and 60% of all sales are made on the fifth call. If money becomes the topic of conversation, the presentation is weak and the relationship is non-existent.”

“Customer Service is not a department, it’s a philosophy of life based on what you are willing to do that no one else will do.”

Dan’s Takeaways

Sales Speaker | Perfecting the Law of Attraction

Have you ever bought candy from a child you don’t know, or purchased something from late night television that you didn’t need, or subscribed to a magazine you will never read, or gone out of your way to fit something into your already crammed schedule? Specific techniques were used to get us to say yes! Becoming familiar with the how, why, when, and where these principles and methods can be most effectively used, will not only make you a master sales speaker and champion, but you will become a master motivator, master communicator, and major influencer in your world.

Therefore, Creating Customer Service Delight is a series of activities shared by everyone in the organization designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction before, during and after a purchase, by creating the feeling that a product or service has exceeded the customer expectation.

customer serviceSales Speaker Covers Four Levels Of Expertise

  • Being Brilliant at the Basics
  • The Difference Between The Sales Process & A Sales Presentation
  • The Seven Deadly Sins That Sabotage Closing A Sale
  • The Seventeen Principles & Methods Of Influence
  1. Create Value and Flow – we don’t find value, we bring it, create it, share it & use it
  2. Questions – he who asks the questions is in complete control of every conversation
  3. Authority – about obedience and the pecking order of titles & maintaining control
  4. Leadership – about allegiance and providing inspirational opportunities for success
  5. Psychological Reciprocity – serve to be served – what goes around comes around
  6. Social Proof – strength in numbers – if she can I can, naturally following the masses
  7. Similarity – we like, trust, listen to, agree with, love & follow those who are like us
  8. Scarcity – creating a sense of ‘never-again’ urgency that opportunity is running out
  9. Abundance – there are enough resources & opportunities for everyone to succeed
  10. Respect – being true to our own values and ideals when we think no one’s watching
  11. Atmosphere – a state of mind we create and control with sight, aroma, and sounds
  12. Music – is part of our atmosphere that alters our mood which changes our behavior
  13. Attitude – when your attitude and desire are right, your abilities will always catch up
  14. Conscience – won’t fail us-our desire to follow it decreases as we keep doing wrong
  15. Delegate Responsibility – teach correct principles and let others govern themselves
  16. Networking – it’s not what we know or what we do, but why and with whom we do it
  17. Public Speaking/Presentation Skills – it’s not what we say but why and how we say it