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“When I see the CSP designation, I recognize it as the hallmark of a speaking professional who has met the impressive and high expectations required to earn the certification.” Nancy A. Woolever, PHR, Society of HR Management


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Dan Clark

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Meeting Planners Endorse Dan

ester-eagles“The comprehensive criteria and stringent scrutiny a presenter is put through in order to be named to the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, gives me the confidence of knowing that I am recommending a true professional who is at the very top of his or her game.”
Esther Eagles, Eagles Talent Connection



“According to the evaluations from our top 350 Financial Planners, Elite Investment Advisors and corporate executives at our 2011 Investment Sales Conference, Dan Clark not only received high marks, but a long lasting standing ovation! Dan’s mission was to emotionally connect our top sales people with the why’s and how’s of creating customer loyalty. Not easy to do with a room full of highly successful ‘A’ type sales personalities – but he did it!!”
Alex Petrini, Event Planning, BMO Bank of Montreal

How Does Dan Do It?

Dan is currently the CEO of an international leadership training company. His business intelligence has helped transform the mindsets of associations and world-class organizations around the globe.

dan-top-tenAs an All-American athlete whose thirteen-year football career was cut short by a paralyzing injury, Dan truly understands resiliency. He’s a credible expert on personal motivation and how to take ourselves to the next level. Consequently, Dan has worked with Super Bowl Champions and many professional and NCAA teams to help them raise their bar and build them into winning organizations.

Dan is the speaker meeting planners call on when their organization is facing an economic down turn, loss of market share, down-sizing, slumping sales, low morale, or in a merger/acquisition where you need to amalgamate two cultures into one united team focused on the same visionary dream.

What If Your Speaker Guaranteed That His Message Would Impact Your Organization For Years?

Known as the ‘Master Storyteller’ and ‘Consummate Customizer,’ Dan always combines your meeting theme with his quick wit, proven processes and inspirational tales to deliver an entertaining, thought provoking, emotionally stirring experience, so your people leave with:

  • A clearer sense of purpose
  • A greater sense of urgency
  • A deeper sense of connection
  • A higher level of trust and loyalty
  • A burning desire to do more than they’re expected to do
  • Equipped with the tools to take themselves to the next level and execute as a high performing team!

As a Hall of Fame professional speaker and 30-year veteran in the speaking business, Dan has become an expert in the generational differences between the Millennials, GenXers and Baby Boomers, realizing that what we have in common is a craving for work with purpose, a workplace that is aligned with our values, a culture of excellence that stimulates passion and creativity, and an organization that increases profitability by taking care of its people.

Dan’s time-tested formula for achieving this level beyond success comes from his best selling book, The Art of Significance, where he turned A.R.T. into an acronym to take your people on a three-step journey through:

  • AWARENESS of what they know (pure authenticity/discernment/enlightenment of current reality)
  • REFINEMENT of what they should do (polished improved version of your best self)
  • TRANSFORMATION into who they need to be (permanent change in nature, character and performance)


Your People May Not Know Who Dan Is Now,
But After 60 To 90 Minutes They Will Never Forget
Who He Inspired Them To Become!


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“I believe we must be willing to pay any price and travel any distance to associate with extraordinary human beings. I also believe we become the average of the five people we associate with the most. This is why I’ve dedicated my life to teaming up with professionals like you to give your people an extraordinary experience they can’t get at home, work or play, and take them to an intellectual and emotional place they cannot take themselves!”
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